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For GMC, his musically journey can be summed up by a series of turning point. Hear how a breakup paved the way for his music and latest single NRGY.

TWELLLY was never formally trained in music. Hear how her gift of music led to releasing her latest single Canvas.

EMAZA DILAN of Ceraadi talks about her latest E- MIXTAPE and her journey as a solo artist.

Here are 5 highlights from the interview:

  1. Emaza's first solo project, The E-MIXTAPE is what she calls raw-thentic
    She was in crunch time during the pandemic to put out new music. Emaza's goal was to put out raw and authentic music just showing who she is as an artist. With what started as an e-mix and Emaza putting out covers, singing over instrumentals turned into the mixtape project.

  2. The silver lining to the group Ceraadi parting ways is giving her time to create her own music
    With many of the tracks being around one and a half minutes long, Emaza hopes that it would leave people wanting more. "I was so intentional to make it not too short and not too long. At the end of the day, these aren't my original songs... and I want people to play it over and over again."

  3. She tapped into experiences and old relationships to get the vibe of the songs
    When conceptualizing the mixtape, Emaza tapped into her feelings whether that be her experiences with relationships to simply telling her truth. Like Broke In a Minute, not necessarily a diss track but she wanted to prove a point and not to mention, she raps in it.

  4. The toughest track to write was Nasty Girl
    Emaza was sitting on the Biggie beat for about 3 months and was waiting to write a cover with her sister. During downtime, she would practice freestyling because "when it comes to rapping. I really don't write...but this is Biggie. I can't come out with weak stuff."

  5. The mixtape is a prelude to a solo album
    Emaza hopes that the next project she works on is a 5-track length EP with full songs. Wee can expect that she'll sing, rap, and definitely provide the dance beats. Since 90s-00s music is a huge inspiration, she wants to back to telling a story that flows with interludes and themes throughout. However, it's definitely going to have that Emaza flare.

  6. She dropped a music video for the Still Your Best x Come Thru remix
    Emaza says that more visuals are coming!

We are 1 episode away from our 100th episode since we brought it back in 2019. Today you’re going to hear new R&B vibes from Ashley Mehta out in the Bay Area, a big collab from Philippine artists Tommy Sauce, Max Dylan, King Promdi, Blaze'n Kane, I-Dren Artstrong, Nik Makino, Kid Teppo, Lion-I, and an amazing track by Arthur Nery from Cagayan De Oro, Philippines. Plus later on the show you’ll hear your Heavy Rotation world premiere by a few heavy hitters - Inigo Pascual, Common Kings, and grammy nominated producer DJ Flict bringing you the new summer anthem. It’s all coming up on Heavy Rotation.

FilCan Music Rap Awards is the first music awards presentation in Canada that recognizes Filipino-Candian music talents. A decade ago there were only a handful of Filipino-Canadian Rap artists creating and putting out music. With the rise of the genre and of social and streaming platforms there has been an exponential growth in the past few years. DJs, producers, dancers, artists, promoters and many others have connected with one another to create and develop a community that they call FilCan Music.

Raygee of Southeast Cartel describes FilCan Music as “not simply a platform or community, it explains the content we make. The topics, the sound, the lingo, the way we think – it all goes into our art. We find that a lot of international Filipinos lean towards either sounding like music back home (Philippines), or towards more of an American sound. Our mentality is “we are who we are”. This means that though we are in Canada, we still remember our roots and embrace both sides openly. We are not afraid to show this in our music. This helps us create art that is unique and totally our own. You can’t make FilCan music without being a FilCan yourself, and to me that’s what makes FilCan Music not only different but authentic”.

FILCAN Music Association and VIBEANT, recognizing artist’s dedication in 2020 and the need to create something positive in these unsettling times, decided to team up and create the first ever FilCan Rap Awards. This show aims to recognize FilCan Rap artist’s hard work and commitment to their craft, and also to show these artists just how valuable their music is to the community.

On June 12, On Philippine Independence Day, VIBEANT and FilCan Music Association will present the winner to the 6 categories, Music Video of the Year, Song of the Year, Solo Artist of the Year, Rap Group of the Year, EP/Album of the Year, and Collaboration of the Year.

Here are the finalists for the 2020 FilCan Music Rap Awards:

Music Video of the Year

• Easy by Gee ft. Siena Marie

• Pera Pera Pera by Dakillaz

• Trenches by Resflo ft. Raygee, Young John Q n Teej

• Blueberry Faygo by RUSSELL!

• Di Sanay by Arkanghel ft. Pau

Song of the Year

• Sarap Mabuhay by NPA Familia

• Easy by Gee ft. Siena Marie

• Dilim by RYDN

• It Was All A Dream by Southeast Cartel

• Hindi Nyo To Kultura by Resflo

Solo Artist of the Year

• Gee

• Resflo

• Lyrique



Rap Group of the Year

• NPA Familia

• Real Dreams Record

• Southeast Cartel

• SLB Productions

• Dakillaz

EP/Album of the Year

• Fauna Flora by Gee

• Isolated by RYDN

• Poetry is my Pleasure by Lyrique

• Flowtaku 4: Star Crusader by Twizzie Ramos

• boy lonely - P.R.Y.D.E

Collaboration of the Year

• Sarap Mabuhay by NPA Familia x Real Dreams Record

• Easy by Gee ft. Siena Marie

• Trenches by Resflo ft. Raygee, Young John Q and TeeJ

• It Was All A Dream by Southeast Cartel ft. Gloc-9

• Homegirl by Timothy Delaghetto X RUSSELL!

For more information visit:

Today is Heavy Rotation’s 2-year anniversary show. HR turns 2 since relaunching in 2019. So big up to all you day 1 heavies, all our Filipino artists, and everyone who has supported this show throughout the years! From all of us at Heavy Rotation, thank you and we look forward to many more. On the show you’ll hear new music from Vancity’s Manila Grey, fresh new vibes from our girl Twellly based in Los Angeles, the latest from the beautiful ladies of H3rizon out in Sidney, Australia, and your Heavy Rotation World Premiere by Russ Coson, Pretty Pape$ and Rocky Sandoval bringing you a bangin west coast collab.

What up Heavies, welcome to another edition of Heavy Rotation Filipino Hip Hop and R&B. On the show you’re going to hear new music by Dennis Blaze, Russ Coson, and Mike Darole from Daygo to the Bay, new R&B vibes by Albert Posis also out in San Diego, and the latest by Junior vs DJ Pleez. Your Heavy Rotation World Premiere comes from 2 grammy nominated artists who recently released a brand new album, you’re going to hear the lead single by Guapdad 4000 & !llmind. Tap in!

Hey Heavies, after a 3-month break to refresh and reorganize a few things, we are back! This is our first show of the new year, and it’s a big one. Today on the show you’ll hear new music by the ladies of One Vo1ce, the latest by the Bay Area’s R&B Princess, Kiyomi, and another slap from our dude Pretty Pape$ from Orange County, CA. Plus, your Heavy Rotation world premiere comes from a collab by Vancity’s Manila Grey and James Reid from the Philippines. Tune in and enjoy the show!

Back in November 2020, rapper, filmmaker, and multi-instrumentalist, Rocky G debuted on Heavy Rotation Live on MYX for a special live performance and interview showcasing music from his debut album "Filipinos In Space"

This week, Rocky released official music video for the album's title track, "Filipinos In Space". Known for his uprising enigma in the underground hip-hop scene, the D.C. native & current Bay Area resident, brings you an abstract visual compliment to this fire track, with scenes from San Francisco The Bay Area, semi-grunge graphics, fused with dope beats. Check out the video here:

You can hear Rocky G's music on Heavy Rotation Filipino Hip Hop and R&B on MYX.

Filipino-American hip-hop artist Pretty Pape$ is making a name for himself with memorable live performances on the Power 106 stage during the BET experience, the Power 106 High School tour between 2019-2020, along with placements on Elevator and OnthaRize Magazine. His contagious energy comes through in his cadences and witty punch-lines to form a bouncy form of lyrical Kung Fu which is distinct upon first listen. This raspy voiced wordsmith hails from Orange County, California and has rocked over 150 shows in the OC, LA, IE with a 5 show tour in Texas with Inland Empire staple Noa James. This man is a true entertainer and a work-horse of an artist who is constantly evolving and improving with each release (and releasing consistently). Pape$ just released his latest EP "Everything Soundz Better On Paper".

Singer / Songwriter Russell Reyes in Chicago, IL was a special guest on Heavy Rotation this week where he talked about his upcoming MYXTAPE concert and played a game of song roulette LIVE on kumu & Twitch that aired on myxRADIO on Dash Radio. Prior to his interview, he chose his personal frontline healthcare worker of the day as a sign of appreciation for their hard work as apart of the MYX & TFC "Salamat Meals" program. Each frontliner is awarded 5 McDonald's arch cards to be redeemed for a "Thank You" meal for themselves and their family. Russell chose his cousin Cheska, an RN, as the recipient.

Watch the full interview below:

Watch a clip of Russell Reyes & Justin De La Cruz' MYXTAPE LIVE on StageIt below:

Last month, UNDISCOVERED SF brought us a virtual festival, UNDISCOVERED X that celebrated Filipino culture. The festival highlighted artists, change-makers, and entrepreneurs who are not only changing the game but also making an impact in their field.

On the festival lineup was a talent competition, UNDSCVRD Talent sponsored by UNDISCOVERED SF x Kollective Hustle which showcased diverse, talented groups from around the globe. The winner of the event is artist, 20 year old, Kate Delos Santos from San Diego, CA. Get to know her with DJ Marlino, how she created her EP Note to Self, and see her group, Decent People perform all here on Heavy Rotation!

5 Fun Facts about Kate:

1. She's an independent artist
Growing up, her dad DJ'd and she loved music at a young age. With a supportive family, music became her passion. After high school, Kate started to record music seriously and produce out of her room. She's currently independent and releasing music on her own.

2. She's been able to produce more music during the lockdown
Looks like talent runs in the family because her brother is also a producer. Having an upcoming producer so close, Kate tells us that they're always jamming and making music together. She focuses on the lyrics while he focuses on production.

3. Kate is an avid writer
We all find inspiration differently, but for Kate she writes it all down in her journal. "I'm a big diary keeper and journaled for a long time which is therapeutic. I write poetry and guitar melodies or search for samples online." When writing new music, she matches her poems with the beats she finds then meshes them together to find the right combination.

4. Her latest EP, Note to Self was a process to put together
With so much music to choose from, it was difficult to select what would and wouldn't make it. "It came down to what would sound good when you piece it all together." She rearranged potential songs a bunch of times to get the track list that sonically flowed well.

5. Best advice she received is to be true to yourself and values
Kate shares that it's easy to lose yourself in a busy industry like music. "Be true to yourself and your values then hold that close to your heart because you can get lost in the sauce of this industry. And you need to remember where you came from."

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