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SPOTLIGHT by Heavy Rotation - EMAZA DILAN of Ceraadi

Posted By: marlinobitanga
Post Date: June 22, 2021

EMAZA DILAN of Ceraadi talks about her latest E- MIXTAPE and her journey as a solo artist.

Here are 5 highlights from the interview:

  1. Emaza's first solo project, The E-MIXTAPE is what she calls raw-thentic
    She was in crunch time during the pandemic to put out new music. Emaza's goal was to put out raw and authentic music just showing who she is as an artist. With what started as an e-mix and Emaza putting out covers, singing over instrumentals turned into the mixtape project.

  2. The silver lining to the group Ceraadi parting ways is giving her time to create her own music
    With many of the tracks being around one and a half minutes long, Emaza hopes that it would leave people wanting more. "I was so intentional to make it not too short and not too long. At the end of the day, these aren't my original songs... and I want people to play it over and over again."

  3. She tapped into experiences and old relationships to get the vibe of the songs
    When conceptualizing the mixtape, Emaza tapped into her feelings whether that be her experiences with relationships to simply telling her truth. Like Broke In a Minute, not necessarily a diss track but she wanted to prove a point and not to mention, she raps in it.

  4. The toughest track to write was Nasty Girl
    Emaza was sitting on the Biggie beat for about 3 months and was waiting to write a cover with her sister. During downtime, she would practice freestyling because "when it comes to rapping. I really don't write...but this is Biggie. I can't come out with weak stuff."

  5. The mixtape is a prelude to a solo album
    Emaza hopes that the next project she works on is a 5-track length EP with full songs. Wee can expect that she'll sing, rap, and definitely provide the dance beats. Since 90s-00s music is a huge inspiration, she wants to back to telling a story that flows with interludes and themes throughout. However, it's definitely going to have that Emaza flare.

  6. She dropped a music video for the Still Your Best x Come Thru remix
    Emaza says that more visuals are coming!
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