Ez Mil Making it in America Trailer, Airing 8/9 on MYX

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Post Date: July 12, 2021

Critically acclaimed artist/musician Ez Mil was born in Olongapo City, Philippines before migrating to the United States as a teenager. He recently went viral, performing “Panalo,” on the Wish USA bus. The memorable performance has garnered over 62 million views on YouTube, and has caught the attention of the Youtuber reaction community worldwide. Since then, he has signed with Virgin Music and continuing to make an impact in the industry with his many talents in writing, producing, directing, dancing and playing several instruments.

Follow along as Ez as well as his mother, Hazel Miller, who is also his FFP Records and Management Co-Manager, give us a behind-the-scenes look into his early life. From his humble beginnings making music in his bedroom, to performing on television with GRAMMY award-winning band 1500 or Nothin, to producing his own virtual concert watched by thousands, discover how EZ Mil is striving in America while never forgetting and always representing where he came from.

Watch Ez's "Making it in America" full episode soon on Monday August 9 at 7P PDT (Tuesday, August 10 at 10A Manila). Register at www.myx.global/livetv to watch it online or check www.myx.global/findmyxontv for your local cable listings.

Making it in America is a new MYX original series that follows the multigenerational, challenging journey of successful Filipino entrepreneurs, artists, celebrities & influencers. The story documents the sacrifice and immigration of their parents & friends from the Philippines that worked hard to help raise them and kickstart their careers. The theme of the show was inspired by Guapdad 4000's "I'm just trying to make it in America," lyric from his song "Chicken Adobo," produced by !llmind.

Making it in America Team:

“Chicken Adobo” by Guapdad 4000 & !llmind is available on all streaming platforms .

For more follow: @ezekielmiller, featured photo by Sthanlee Mirador.


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