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Singer/Songwriter Jessica Louise takes the MYX Traks stage to perform her upbeat R&B track "Back to You" live at the MXY Global studios in Los Angeles, California. Check out her performance and bio below and get to know Jessica, who is not just an artist, but also a Vocal Coach. She is also the Creator and Founder of Indie Artists' Studio, an online music school offering vocal programs, social media programs & artist development.

About MYX Traks:

MYX Traks is a part of MYX Global’s new Youtube content line-up. The show features a live in-studio performance from up-and-coming and established artists co-produced with Traklife Media Group.

About Jessica:

Filipino-American R&B Singer & Songwriter Jessica Louise emerged in 2016 with the release of her Debut EP, VOICES, and a handful of highly anticipated cross collaborations in EDM, Pop, and House. After accumulating over 1.7 million streams on Spotify and SoundCloud combined from songs she wrote and was featured in, she began to cultivate a loyal social media following of over 45,000 (and growing). Jessica has been invited to speak as a thought leader on how to leverage live streaming and social media as a musician/entertainer at conferences and other industry events.

As a vocalist, Jessica has overcome personal challenges such as nodules several times and permanent scarring on her throat. She’s used these challenges along with discipline and proper technique to develop her unique tone and sound as an artist. She is inspired to teach other vocalists to encourage and ensure a healthy and authentic voice. Jessica is excited to bring her knowledge of branding, strategic social media marketing, and voice to the artists at Musicians Institute.

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