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Alaina Castillo Spices Up Your Holiday Playlist with "Wishlist"

Posted By: Danielle Domingo
Post Date: December 4, 2020

If you haven’t yet heard of the rising artist, Alaina Castillo you’re missing out. She’s been on the radar the past couple years and you’ll for sure be seeing more of her. With two EPs already under her belt, Antisocial Butterfly and The Voicenotes she recently released a Christmas song. Check out this myxCLUSIVE and get to know Alaina and her music.

1. She began her career on Youtube
Singing from a young age, she always enjoyed it. As she grew up, she created a Youtube channel and was posting covers. Alaina recalls stepping away from singing for a bit, but luckily she was able to find it again after high school. She was going through stuff personally and “singing made me happy.”

2. Alaina get her competitiveness from her brothers
Growing up with three brothers, competition was huge in her family. They were big on sports and gaming, which makes sense because you can find her streaming on Twitch. Just like us she hates losing, but the upside was "knowing someone was always there to back you up.”

3. Her wide taste in music will surprise you
When Dannieboi asked her which artists inspire her, Alaina mentions Whitney Houston, Rhianna, and Elvis Presley. Talk about hitting all the genres. She appreciates the unique power each artist had and how they’re icons in their craft.

4. The latest single, Wishlist has a little spice compared to other Christmas songs
Alaina shares that she always wanted to do a Christmas song and has always been obsessed with it. When she visited New York last year, she was feeling the winter vibes and knew she wanted to create the song. “It’s different because it’s risqué with flirty vibe. Every line has a double meaning.”

5. The concept behind the music video was a collaboration with multiple creators
If you haven’t checked out the video yet, she gives us an Alaina Castillo advent calendar. She wanted to get collaborators who had the same as her and have a “gamer girl vibe.” Filming was kept simple by shooting it from their rooms. That work from home life, right?

At the end of the myxCLUSIVE, Alaina answers some of your myxer questions. She’s looking forward to visiting the Philippines as soon as it’s safe and she looks forward to trying the food. For now, she’s just been going to the studio everyday and creating music. “Touring has been put on hold, but I’m ready to go.” With all the prep work she's put in this year, we're sure she'll be killing it soon! With that, Alaina confirms that big things are coming for 2021 and we are here for it.

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