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Bawal Clan Releases New Album

Posted By: Christian Bonoan
Post Date: May 5, 2022

Bawal Clan is a hip hop/design-oriented collective, composed of hip hop artists, vocalists, music producers, DJs, directors, photographers, videographers, and graphic artists. Some of the hip-hop artists have been in the industry for a decade, showcasing a vast range of experience and knowledge of how to make it as a musician. They have all joined forces to make a supergroup of talented artists to make an imprint in today’s music scene, collaborating worldwide with the intention to be heard globally. Completely independent and without association with any major music labels - they are focused to make music that will resonate throughout and outside of the Philippines, and spotlight the talent that is here in the country.

The collective recently released their latest album, “Tales from tha Crypt, Vol.1.” When asked about the album, Yung Bawal, the lead producer/engineer of the group, explains: “We had a couple of old songs we wanted to release as an EP, but as we were fixing that, we ended up making new songs. So to me, there isn't one specific theme in terms of the song choices in the album. It was a mix of old songs and new ones that all have their own vibe. I guess you can connect the name of the album in that sense, that each song has its own tale to be told."

He added “I just want to let people hear music that we've been making and it's on them to make their own interpretations on it, based on what resonates or what doesn't. I know not everyone is gonna like everything we make as everyone has their own personal taste. Art is art and is supposed to be open for interpretation, everyone hears and sees things differently.”

Check out “Tales from tha Crypt, Vol.1.” below. 

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