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Catching Up with Careless Music Founders James Reid and KINGwAw

Posted By: Danielle Domingo
Post Date: November 10, 2020

Dannieboi is back with Careless Music in this myxCLUSIVE talking to the creative minds behind the label, James Reid and Bret Jackson. We catch up with them since the release of Careless artist, Nadine Lustre’s Wildest Dreams visual album, talk about the venture toward more international exposure, and find out what’s coming up on the horizon for Team Careless.

The Whole Thing is a Crazy Dream:

Bret and James agree the last 2 weeks have been hectic for the label. Within the first 3 days of its release, the Wildest Dreams visual album reached over 1 million views on Youtube. With this project, they hoped to get people thinking and asking deeper questions about growth and breaking down mental barriers. Bret highlights that it's a wholistic experience.

“It's about the overall message and watching the whole thing gives you the full message we were trying to go for .”

The Wildest Dreams visual album is the first of its kind in OPM (Original Pilipino Music) history and the feedback has been positive. James says, “people’s minds seem to have been blown and that’s the reaction we were going for.” If you’re like us and need more content, Bret and James reveal that merch has dropped with designs inspired by each song on the visual album. You’ll have to cop your gear soon as items are selling out fast!

The guys also hinted to an alternate ending, which they’ll eventually reveal along with more behind-the-scenes footage, podcasts with Nadine, and director’s commentaries about the process of making the music and its videos. BRB, clearing our schedules real quick!

­Great Time to Do Something New and Innovative:

2020 didn’t stop Careless Music from creating and expanding their reach. Moves are being made for 2021! Bret believes that now is the time to step up. “2020 is a cultural reset for people. It leveled the playing field for everyone…gave opportunities to others like Careless to step forward.” Earlier this year, it was a big step when James performed on the IDENTITY: Project Blue Marble global charity music fest hosted by Transparent Arts. We asked James about his signing with Transparent Arts, co-founded by Virman from Far East Movement and what that means for Careless.

“Before quarantine, I spent time in LA with Virman and James Roh, it really was just the people. They see potential in the Philippines and they recognize what we’re trying to achieve with Careless…they want to help us expand into other markets.”

Lots to Look Out for Early Next Year:

Dannie tries to get Bret and James to drop more hints as to who their female signee is, but they wouldn’t budge. However, we can expect an official announcement early next year! Anyone have any guess yet? With that, loads of new stuff are also on the horizon come January. The team has been working hard on music and maybe we can expect James to officially release “I Know You Care” which we’ve all been waiting for.

The guys also answered a few fan questions and filled us in on James’ current agricultural initiative. Besides music, James is also an Ambassador of Food Security for the Philippines’ Department of Agriculture. He tells us about the Re-Terra initiative which is a “design competition that targets architecture students to help come up with ways to solve the problems of food security and integrate agriculture into the city.” Honestly, what can’t they do?

Careless is taking over and we can’t wait to see what they’ll do next. Keep up to date with all things Careless: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and kumu (@carelessph).

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