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It was a tough race and we are grateful for everyone that had entered the contest, but we have received the final leaderboard, with the results below. Thank you for entering, please stay tuned for future campaigns!

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Janna Mae is a Buzzfeed digital creator alongside a writer, director & producer from LA.

@solicole made a list below of businesses to support that are Filipino owned, Janna shares the list below in her Instagram linktree.


  1. Solicole
  2. Babeyblou
  3. Tripleichelle
  4. Royalshines
  5. Mattmanalo
  6. Sheselle
  7. Pandesaii
  8. Selineabanto
  9. Louquorice
  10. Kneesandkeysart
  11. Heyyouhai
  12. Inbetweenherlines/ Tsuntsot
  13. Kenesu
  14. Rileesart
  15. Kurboi
  16. Jouache
  17. Bobbypontillas
  18. Bobbyrubio
  19. Yesmaaike
  20. Anushbanush
  21. Ampalayeah
  22. Misoart
  23. Marmastry
  24. OzumiiWizard
  25. Acaballz  
  27. Youkaishain
  28. Birdfrogdraws 
  29. Killjoymal
  30. Alythuh
  31. Single Sploot


  1. The Pandesal Place (Dallas, TX)  
  2. Tita Lorlis (Spring, TX)  
  3. All Things Ube Desserts (San Diego, CA)
  4. Street Treats (Houston, TX)  
  5. Pinoy Mochi Treats Shop (DFW, TX)  
  6. Ensaymada Project (Canoga Park, CA)  
  7. Aleng Nina’s (Houston, TX)  
  8. Marley’s Treats (Hayward, CA)  
  9. Aling Mary’s (Vancouver Canada)  
  10. Something Sweet (Georgia)  
  11. Minasa (Oahu, Hawaii)  
  12. Ubae (Honolulu, HI)  
  13. Batter Days (Carson, CA)  
  14. Creme Caramel LA (Los Angeles, CA)  
  15. Roxsweets (Washington)
  16. Hookt Doughnuts (San Francisco, CA)   
  17. Cafe 86 (Various Locations)
  18. Kaperepublik (Cerritos, CA)
  19. The Purple Jar (Northridge, CA)
  20. Hood Famous Bakeshop (Seattle, WA)  


  1. Not Your Lola’s (Dallas, TX)
  2. Hella Lumpia (Dallas, TX)
  3. Bilao (Dallas, TX)
  4. Shameless Buns (Vancouver Canada)
  5. Rachelle’s Lumpia (Seattle, Washington)
  6. Senpai
  7. Ulam (Dallas, TX)
  8. Marie’s Kitchen (Dallas, TX)
  9. Kuya Ja’s Lechon Belly (Rockville, MD)
  10. Lasa LA (Los Angeles, CA)
  11. Spoon And Pork (Silverlake, CA)
  12. Tatang (Los Angeles, CA)
  13. Lobsterdamus (Downtown LA, CA)
  14. Taste of the Pacific (Downtown LA, CA)
  15. Big Boys Kainan (Seattle, WA)
  16. Big Island Poke (Renton, WA)
  17. Tropical Hut (Kent, WA)
  18. Musang


  1. Solicole & Co.
  2. Abakada
  3. Magayon
  4. Sosyal Gal Boutique
  5. Vinta Gallery
  6. Narra Studio 
  7. Sunkissed Pinay
  8. Yingyall
  9. Alea Fabrics
  10. Hues of Rose
  11. Pinay Collection
  12. A-Crew Apparel 
  13. Sheselle
  14. Mind on Destination
  15. Tadhana Supply Co.
  16. Sarap Tees
  17. Illa Manila
  18. The Soju Softies
  19. Balik Batik
  20. PamanaTreasures
  21. Daily Malong
  22. Shop Syddie


  1. Marharlika
  2. Manuzon 
  3. Kaluwa
  4. Cambio & Co.
  5. The Moon And I
  6. Wounded Healing Art
  7. Honey My Heart
  8. Heart Made Ear Hugs
  9. Amami
  10. Narra Studio
  11. RMR Jewelry
  12. Sunkissed Pinay
  13. Jhas.Clay
  14. Made By Trixie
  15. Brwngrlz
  16. Kumikislap Co.
  17. Made by KCA
  18. Accoutrements Los Angeles
  19. Jewelry by Alex
  20. By Bettina Cecilia
  21. Hinlikha
  22. Studio Aritos


  1. Solicole & Co.
  2. Le Petit Elefant
  3. Danielle’s Papercuts
  4. Persimmon Pals
  5. Desired Stationary
  6. Aki Studio
  7. Moon Crafts Co.
  8. Single Sploot


  1. Lollie Books 


  1. Triplereichelle
  2. Bear It All Shop  
  3. Pabaylan
  4. Crafts By C
  5. Le Petit Elefant
  6. Reppin Pins
  7. Salamat Ceramics
  8. Cuddle Lump Crochet
  9. Reniel Del Rosario 
  10. Astra Meira Crochet
  11. Hanging By A Thread
  12. NariKicks


  1. Baybayindre
  2. Kristian Kabuay
  3. Kaya Style Ko


  1. Kaya Essentials
  2. Keekai Beauty
  3. Mary Elizabeth R
  4. Rosebelle Cosmetics
  5. Thatsmarilyn Cosmetics
  6. JRose Beauty
  7. Skindalous
  8. Lovebeam! Lashes


  1. Sinta Floral (Bay Area)


  1. UniPro
  2. Nafcon
  3. Filipinx Artists of Houston
  4. Sabokahan Unity of Lumad Women
  5. IKAT Voices
  6. Malaya Movement
  7. Damayan Migrant Workers Association
  8. Holistically Dope

Gabby Almazar is apart of the 8 ambassadors chosen to take part in a new doscuseries called "Filgrimage" airing on myx, iwantTFC, The Filipino School & TFC. Watch her do a dance cover of Inigo Pascual's hit, "Catching Feelings."

Gabby is 19 years old and from San Diego, she has been dancing hip hop for 4.5 years on a team called iLL Habits for the last 3.  Now that she’s no longer dancing, Gabby has been very involved in the Filipino organization at her school and enjoying all kinds of music which includes OPM.

Watch the trailer for the new Filgrimage series below and tune in to watch 10/22 on iWantTFC & 10/24 on myx & TFC.

Featured myxer & Filgrimage Ambassador, Jocelynne Montehermoso @mp_joce dances to Inigo Pascual's hit single, “Catching Feelings.” Be sure to catch Jocelynne as apart of the @FilgrimageSeries cast when it starts streaming OCT 22 on @iWantTFC, TFC IPTV and on and starting OCT 24 on myxTV & TFC Cable/Satellite.

Filgrimage follows eight young students who chose to spend one summer in the Philippines to nurture their Filipino roots, and to answer the question, “What does it mean to be Filipino?” Watch the trailer below:

The series trailer for Filgrimageopens with a local saying, “Welcome to the Philippines!” The excitement and eagerness of the young travelers reflect the tone of the journey ahead of them: exhilarating sights, a cacophony of sounds, sumptuous cuisine, an experience full of surprises and deep self-reflection.

Meet the founder of The Filipino School and the creator of the annual Filgrimage trip, Tony Orlaes & 6 of 8 of the American ambassadors on the #HeavyRotation special below hosted by DJ Marlino. The group shared their most memorable moments from the trip and also played a fun Tagalog game where they were told to guess words from "My First Book of Tagalog Words: An ABC Rhyming Book of Filipino Language and Culture."

Watch additional videos of "Catching Feelings" on TikTok that went viral with over 150,000 videos!

To be considered to be a feature myxer, tag @myxglobal #myxer & dance covers with #dancemyx to be considered.

Reya Paulos @hellareya is a Bay Area, life loving, viral choreographer apart of the KUMU North America Facebook livestream team that brings her followers joy with dance, music & funny viral videos/livestreams. She's known for her unique dance videos like traditional Filipino folk dancing tinikling remyxed with modern Hip Hop choreography to songs like "My Type" by Saweetie, "Mabuti" by the Black Eyed Peas & the "Catching Feelings" remix by Inigo Pascual, Ruby Ibarra & Dennis Blaze.

Artists like Saweetie & of the Black Eyed Peas, & Inigo have praised Reya for her awesome videos featured on myx. Find her active on her UCLA campus & throughout California.

For Bookings:
Saweetie watching Reya's "My Type" tinikling video

Featured myxers: Thank you for being apart of our myx community, we love sharing our content with you daily! Tag #myxer with your videos of what you are watching & listening to on any of myxRADIO, myxTV or LIVE during our KUMU or Twitch streams for a chance to be featured or be active during our livestreams.

DJ E-Man is the program director for Power 106 (KPWR-FM), 93.5 KDAY — both in Los Angeles — and oversee the initial stages of the new CALI 93.9 (KLLI-FM) Latin Rhythmic format. E-Man talks about his journey working in the US' #2 radio market, traveling the world, artists to look out for and more.

A founding member of the Invisibl Skratch Piklz and Triple Threat DJ crews, Shortkut is one of the West Coast's most respected turntablists. Born Jon Cruz, Shortkut began DJing in 1987 at the age of 12 and soon joined his first DJ crew, Just 2 Hype!, shortly thereafter. At 18 he helped found the Invisibl Skratch Piklz with Mix Master Mike, Q-Bert, and DJ Disk. The Piklz went on to become one of the most influential DJ crews of the '90s, leading Shortkut to a membership in the Beat Junkies and remixes for Ras Kass and Ozomatli. In 2003, Shortkut's other longstanding DJ group, Triple Threat, issued its debut album, Many Styles For more follow @shortkut Subscribe:

Leigh-Anne of LITTLE MIX joined DannieBoi of myxRADIO & Wave 89.1FM Manila to discuss the latest Little Mix TV competition show, visiting the Philippines, what actress she would like to portray her in a movie and much more. 

At the end, she answered Little Mix fan, “Mixer” @jakeaqza’s question of what song she loves to perform and what song she is excited to perform on their upcoming album, she gave a hint that the song starts with a letter “C.” Fans across the world are excited and speculating of what the song name is and could be from “LM6”… We just have to wait and see…

#littlemix #leighannepinnock #myxclusives #mixer #mixers

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