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Award-winning actress and multidisciplinary artist, known for her role as Keisha on the CW's All American: Homecoming, Netta Walker sits down with MYX to talk about her influences in Filipino culture, her thoughts on seeing her Filipino heritage on mainstream TV, and plays a round of MYX Bag. Netta also gives our MYXers a sneak peek into Season 2 of All American: Homecoming.

Charlie Puth is back with a new album! While the songwriter is known for being one of the biggest hitmakers in the world, “Charlie” follows a different approach than his previous projects. The self-titled release is appropriately the “See You Again” singer’s most personal, vulnerable, and honest LP yet. The 12-track project sonically is inspired by 80s synth pop and follows a break-up theme for the majority of its songs.

Charlie Puth sat down with MYX exclusively and in our interview, he talks about his love for the Philippines, compliments Filipinos and our natural vocal talents, writing one of his biggest hits after performing in Manila, his new album, and much more!  Check out his sit-down with VJ Samm below!

VJ Ai had an exciting day as she joined the press junket for Baz Luhrmann's new cinematic spectacle Elvis. Ai sat down with cast members Austin Butler, Olivia Dejonge, Kelvin Harrison Jr., Yola, and Alton Mason. She asked Austin about his musical background and the cast and how preparations were for playing such iconic, real-life characters.

Check out the full MYXclusive interview below and get hyped for the movie.

MLD Entertainment has officially debuted their second girl group Lapillus. The six-member girl group has a mixture of global Asian talents, including Bessie, Seowon, and Haeun from Korea, Chinese-American Yue, Shana from Japan, and Filipino-Argentinian Chanty. You might remember Chanty, also known as Chantal Videla, a former Kapamilya Actress.

Lapillus is from the same company as hit girl group Momoland. Their debut single music video for "Hit Ya" is currently trending on YouTube and has garnered over half a million views in less than 24 hours. VJ Ai of MYX got to sit down with the freshly debuted group on an episode of MYXclusive. Get to know Lapillus even more and check it out below.

Here it is! Our first face-to-face MYXclusive interview in 2 years! FELIP hits the studio with VJ Ai and talks about his solo ventures and dishes on a P-Pop group chat he helped create with some of your favorite groups in the industry. FELIP and VJ Ai dive into "Palayo" and "Bulan" and so much more. Check it out below and stay tuned for even more FELIP content with our MYXclusive Extras coming soon!

The new Doctor Strange is out and has dominated the box office since its debut two weeks ago. The film has grossed close to $300 million in North America alone and had the 11th biggest opening weekend in history with $187 million. During the press run for the movie, MYX was invited to do a virtual junket with four-time Oscar nominee and iconic composer Danny Elfman.

VJ Ai had the honor of taking a few minutes with the legendary composer (Spider-Man, Men in Black, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) to talk about the music and scoring behind "Marvel's Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness." Check out the MYXclusive interview below and see what it was like working on this project during the pandemic.

The Tu$ Brother$, Al Tus and Rudyrude, are a Filipino hip-hop duo from Rizal, Philippines. Together, they have released more than ten singles, one album, and three EPs working with their mainstay producer, SAINT. They have since joined powerhouse music collective WAYBETTR and the partnership has helped both parties collaborate together to reimagine the local Filipino trap hip hop scene.

Their newest project, 808s & Amats is the Tu$ Brother$ first EP with WAYBETTR and the duo’s first EP since 2019. The project encapsulates a darker, more mature, and transformative sound and aesthetic that the duo has developed, led by the production of Saint and NEXXFRIDAY. 808s & Amats aims to reward old fans and introduce the Tu$ Brother$ to new fans as well.

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We sat down with Tu$ Brother$ to discuss their sound, their influences, their live shows, and more.

Q: Describe your sound in three words:

TB: Three words to describe our sound are: “hard, as, f**k”

Q: Who are your biggest influences as artists?

TB: The biggest influences for us as artists are: Three 6 Mafia, $uicideboy$, GHOSTEMANE, & Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

Q: How does the Tu$ Brother$ plan on reimagining the Filipino trap scene?

TB: We want to change the game and open people’s taste in music. We want to show them that there’s more to trap music than what’s popular in the Filipino scene and that there are actually a lot of talented underground artists that we need to showcase.

Q: Let’s move on to your new project, 808s & Amats.  What was your inspiration behind the six-song EP? 

TB: What we wanted to do for this EP was to try to step out of our comfort zone and be more experimental with our sound. If you think of it, our sound is already experimental and risky, so why not risk more? 

Q: Let’s talk about your lead single. How was working with Because on “False Alarm” and what was the creative process behind the song? What’s the story behind the song?

TB: Damn, this song was really not planned and it was all on the spot. It was actually like an unspoken agreement that we had with Because that we had to make a banger. What we can tell you is that we just gave in on our creative instincts, went with the flow, and the rest is history. Working with Because is great, he’s just always ready to make a hit song that people will love! 

Q: Name three other Filipino artists you would like to collaborate with:

TB: There are a lot of artists we definitely wanna work with, but if we have to name three, it would be Al James, Shanti Dope, and Bugoy Na Koykoy.

Q: I’ve seen footage from a Tu$ Brother$ performance, how does it feel performing and receiving that energy from the crowd?

TB: It was pretty overwhelming at first because we never really expected that people were gonna like our music, but as time went by, more gigs came, and more people started singing our songs, we just learned how to use that as a booster to really give our best.

Q: Any shows, music videos, or announcements that we should be looking out for?

TB: Since we talked about False Alarm, the music video is actually in the works already, so people should watch out for that. Of course, listen to our EP, 808s & Amats which is out now on all streaming platforms. Last but not least, we’re making big moves this year so watch out for that as well! Peace out!

Listen to 808 & Amats Below:

DENȲ is one of the fresh new female faces in the Filipino RnB music scene. Repping the WAYBETTR collective, a youth movement composed of promising artists in the Philippines, DENȲ has been making waves in the local industry recently. To date, her hit song “Gusto With Ya” has amassed over 1.7 streams on Spotify! We had a quick conversation with the songbird to discuss her sound, her influences, her latest single featuring Cean Jr., and more.

Q: First and foremost, let’s have those who are meeting you for the first time get to know you more through your music. Send us three links, which can be anything from released songs, music videos, TikTok challenges, covers, etc for our readers to get a glimpse of your sound.

Q: Describe your sound in 3 words:

New, distinct, and versatile! 

Q: Who are your biggest influences as an artist?

Well, it varies over time, but one of the biggest influences I'd say would be BTS. Both as an artist and as a person! I don’t think I'd probably be into RnB and hip-hop (yes, they are RnB and hip-hop artists as well) as much as I am now and I'd probably wouldn’t grow into the artist I am today if they weren't some of my first catalysts. Kinda unexpected, am I right? I have so many more influences though, but I don't wanna go over time.

Q: Your name is very unique, what is the inspiration behind DENȲ?

To be honest, it's really not that deep! Mainly, it just came from my real name - Denise. I decided on using 'DENȲ' when some of my friends and I just finished recording my first independent single "Weakness", and we were brainstorming on stage names that we thought would fit me the most. One of us suggested "Deni, but spelt with a y!" and that sounded best, so I went with it. 

Q: WAYBETTR has been making waves locally. The sound definitely is on a global standard, shout out to all of you. How does being a member of WAYBETTR influence your sound?

They are a HUGE contributor as to why my music sounds the way it does. Quality-wise, I have no words for our work. I am working alongside some of the best producers and ears for hip-hop and RnB in the Philippines, and I couldn't be more grateful. The vision for how the output would be, comes from me, but they are the ones who elevate and materialize the ideas I give. 

Q: “Gusto With Ya” is a certified HIT! What was your inspiration and creative process like behind this song?

I made this song in the middle of the pandemic, probably around May 2020. I was getting really frustrated because we were all stuck at home, as artists not being able to create as much as we would want to. Plus I had little to no resources, so one day I just borrowed my sister's old laptop and tried to make a beat from scratch, even though I had no idea how to.

After it felt kinda satisfactory, like I could write something to it, I decided I was going to do a love song. I just thought of what I really would like to convey as a person when it comes to affection - then a sentence came to mind, which eventually became the catchphrase of the track: "I know I'm independent, but I think I need ya, kayang mag-isa pero mas gusto with ya". Lines and melodies just came and flowed when that idea struck me, so I finished writing the track in no time. 

Months later, I became a part of WAYBETTR. I let them hear my demo, and I didn't expect them to like it as much as they did! So then we elevated it into what the track is now, and the rest was history. 

Q: Now let’s move on to “Still Miss You.” How was it working with Cean Jr. and how did this collaboration come about?

I knew Cean Jr. early on in my career as a musician, so we were already mutuals for at least a year when he approached me for a collab. This track was originally his, and he called me right after he finished writing. I liked what I heard so I hopped in and wrote a verse immediately after he sent the demo. This collab really was just a constant exchange of ideas, so making the song was never hard.

Q: Speaking of collabs, who are your top 3 dream Filipino collabs?

Aside from my WAYBETTR fam, I would really love to collab with these three amazing artists: Al James, Arthur Nery, and Skusta Clee! 

Q: What’s next for DENȲ, anything we should look out for?

All I'm gonna say is look out for A LOT. I have so much in store for everyone, y'all haven't seen the best of me yet! But I'll give a little EP may come this year, so just wait a while!

Discover DENȲ's music here:

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It’s without a doubt that Lauv is one of the biggest names in the music industry in 2022. The chart-topping hitmaker released his first song of the year in January and is gearing up to release an album sometime later this year. Regarding his latest single “26,” the pop star powerhouse explains: “26 is the first song from my next album. It’s the moment I woke up and realized I needed to do some work to get back to the kid I was before my life and career got so crazy.”

MYX was able to catch up with Lauv and we asked him a question about his upcoming album during a recent press conference where he also previewed an unreleased song. After hearing his latest single and a soon-to-be-released single, it’s clear that his upcoming project follows a similar theme that most in the midst of their mid-20s can relate to.

Q: After hearing “26” and a sneak peek of your latest single, what else can fans expect from your upcoming album?

Lauv: Well, I would say it’s a lot of ups and downs. The album is super energetic, in like the drums, the energy, and the vibe. But, there’s a lot of ups and downs in the emotions. I’m really excited.

We’re also excited to hear more from Lauv! Stay tuned to MYX for more updates regarding his upcoming releases and more. 

Sin Santos has been making waves in Australia recently thanks to his versatility in his lyrical raps and vibey RnB music.  The Warner Philippines artist’s latest song, “Vibe With Me” has been enjoying success in Spotify editorial playlists,  Australian radio stations, and gaining recognition from other culture shifters in his residence. The rapper/singer, who originally moved from the Philippines, has proven to be one of the global names to look out for in 2022. We sat down with Sin Santos to discuss his sound, how living in Australia and the Philippines has influenced his music, his ideal Filipino collaborations, and more.

Q: First and foremost, let’s have those who are meeting you for the first time get to know you more through your music. Send us three clips, which can be anything from released songs, music videos, live show performances, interviews, etc. for our readers to get a glimpse of who Sin Santos is an artist.

Vibe With Me (Live Performance):

No Games (Live Performance):

Boxing Performance: (Second slide of IG Post)

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Q: Describe your sound in 3 words?

My sound ranges from melodic and chill to aggressive and lyrical rap, so this has always been a tough one for me to answer. If I were to choose 3 words, they would be: vibey, aggressive, hype.

Q: You have a very catchy and unique stage name. What is the inspiration behind Sin Santos?

I used to play Final Fantasy on PS2 growing up and in the game, there was a main boss named Sin. I thought that was dope! As for “Santos,” I was really just thinking of a name that would work well with Sin and Santos is a very common surname in the Philippines. Boom! I took it and ran with it.

Q: Here’s a two-part question. How does being Filipino influence your music and how does being Australian influence your music? 

In my opinion, it gives me an advantage. It's hard to explain. Sometimes I feel like I have lived two separate lives. Both have their own struggles and hardships but in different forms as well as times of happiness and joy. These are what I express through my music.

Q: You’ve been making waves in Australia recently. Your management team mentioned you’ve been getting a lot of love on airplay and on editorial playlists. Tagalog on an Australian radio station is super dope! What does it mean to you to represent Filipinos on a global scale? 

It means absolutely everything. I look at all of it now and it's simply just not enough. Vibe With Me is only the beginning. Phils to the World!

Q: Vibe With Me has some Tagalog in it. Is this something we can expect more of in your upcoming releases?

100%. In the very near future.

Q: Who are some global Filipino artists that you want to collaborate with?

I would love to have a track with Manila Grey. These dudes are fire. Ez Mil. Fire.

Q: What’s next for Sin Santos? What should we be on the lookout for?

More shows and more music. I am looking to put out two projects this year, as well as singles in between.

Q: Where can we follow you on social media? Any parting words for your new and existing fans?

I use Instagram the most: @sinsantos3rd! Hey guys! Thank you for having me. My name is Sin Santos. Check out my new single Vibe With Me, out now on all digital streaming platforms. Enjoy!

Def Jam Philippines signee Tommie King celebrates his return to the Philippines with his newest single. “Nights In Manila” details the city’s turned-up nightlife scene from the rapper’s perspective. The smooth and wavy banger is definitely a soundtrack that all can relate to if you have partied in the Philippines.

Tommie King, an Atlanta native, has spent the last two years waiting for his second home country's borders to open up before returning earlier this year. Not only is "Nights In Manila" a feel-good track to add to your late-night playlists, but it's also an ode to the rapper/singer's feeling homesick while reminiscing about the culture and lifestyle in Manila and missing loved ones.

Stream “Nights In Manila” and check out our Q/A with the MC below.

Q: First and foremost, let’s have those who are meeting you for the first time get to know you more through your music. Send us three clips, which can be anything from released songs, music videos, TikTok challenges, freestyles, covers, etc for our readers to get a glimpse of your sound. 

Q: Describe your sound in 3 words: 

Passionate. Original. Addictive. 

Q: Who are your biggest influences as an artist? 

Kanye West of course. OutKast. Central Cee 

Q: Name 3 Filipino artists you’d like to collaborate with in the future: 

Skusta Clee


Juan Karlos 

Q: What was your inspiration behind Nights In Manila? What was the creative process behind the song?

It came completely natural. I don’t really enter the studio with a song idea, it’s more of a feeling. That day I had got some bad news about re-entering Manila and started reminiscing on all the fun I had in the nightlife there. When I found a beat that I liked, it was the first natural thing that came out of my mouth “I been missing those Nights In Manila” and the rest really just all came out kinda quickly. 

Q: How does it feel to carry on the Def Jam legacy here in the Philippines?

Most amazing feeling. I’m incredibly proud to be part of the Def Jam team. There’s so much history and hip-hop culture associated with the brand for decades back and I feel chosen to lead it into the future in a way. 

Q: A lot of the lyrics in the song discuss you missing Nights In Manila. How was the experience waiting for the borders to open up?

Painstaking. That’s the best way to describe it. Missing loved ones is definitely the hardest part, especially the uncertainty of when I could come back, and if I ever will. Now, I’m just glad to be back 100%.

Q: As a rapper from America, what made you choose to return to the Philippines? What is it about the culture here that makes you proud to call Manila your second home?

There’s a lot of things, but the ability to be free as an artist in what I choose to make sonically in terms of sound is the biggest thing for me. Here people can appreciate talent in the purest form, I can use all my skills and tools to make all genres more or less. In America, it doesn’t work that way. A rapper is just a rapper, and that extends farther than just music. 

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Q: We saw your song was recently up on an EDSA billboard. How did it feel seeing yourself on the busiest highway in the country?

That was a milestone, but also proof that you can do anything that you set your mind to. I wanted that billboard for years. Literally, since the first day I laid eyes on it. It’s very reassuring and makes me feel like I’m doing what I was truly meant to do! It feeds the strength inside me that fights my inner critic.

Q: Now that you're back in Manila, what's next for Tommie King? Any upcoming releases that we should be on lookout for?

I’m gonna be pushing Nights In Manila for another month or so, but in between now and my next official release, I’m gonna drop something so the billboard moment lives forever for me and my current + future fans. After that, mark my words, I’m gonna drop a song that changes rap in the Philippines FOREVER!

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Gessie has been making waves in the Philippines since her first original release in late 2020. The Tarsier Records signee has since then released three originals, each showing her growth both as a woman and as an artist. In celebration of her latest single, “Callin’ It Quits” - we sat down with the rising RnB act to discuss her sound, her influences, and more.

Calling It Quits tells an intimate story of unreciprocated affection that speaks through pain and wasted love. With laid-back vocals and smooth arrangements from bass lines to looped drum beats, this R&B song captures the doom laden blues of getting back to someone you once loved.

Q: First and foremost, let’s have those who are meeting you for the first time get to know you more through your music. Send us three clips, can be anything from released songs, music videos, TikTok challenges, covers, etc for our readers to get a glimpse of your sound.


Music Video:

Performance Video:

Q: Describe your sound in 3 words:

Raw, emotional, vibey!

Q: Who are your biggest influences as an artist?

My biggest influences would be my mom, Kehlani and Jhené Aiko. Jhené and Kehlani changed how I perceive artists because their music is so honest and unapologetic. My mom, on the other hand, was just there guiding me along the way. She allowed me to explore music and create my own stuff. It took a bit of time, but she is always just supportive and happy whenever I sing.

Q: What was your inspiration behind “Callin’ It Quits”? What was the creative process behind the song?

It stemmed from a past relationship that was going through a tiring cycle. I wrote the song when I was at my breaking point and when I decided to finally end it. I’d like to think “Callin’ It Quits” helped me move past the heartbreak from that relationship. This was a necessary release for me.

Q: Is there any advice you can share with women who are going through a similar experience like the one “Callin’ It Quits” details?

Never settle! You’re allowing better things to come in your life by letting what’s burning you out go.

Q: Name 3 other Filipino artists you’d like to collaborate with in the future:

Curtismith, Kiana V, Jess Connelly!

Q: Any upcoming releases that we should be on lookout for?

“Callin’ It Quits” is out NOW under Tarsier Records. Also, watch out for another one, a collab song coming out real soon!

Check out Gessie's music below:

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