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Filipino singer-songwriter and producer Ace Banzuelo relives the messy and glorious days of high school romance in the music video for his new single “Meron Ba.”

The MV is directed by award-winning filmmaker JP Habac, who is responsible for some of the most iconic romantic dramas in recent years, including 2017’s I’m Drunk, I Love You, 2021’s Dito At Doon and 2023’s Love You Long Time. According to Habac, the concept behind the visual narrative is all about taking risks.

“For people who aren’t born into privilege and don’t have enough resources to take risks, decision-making is tough...They don’t have a choice but to ask the universe for a sign or take a leap of faith, thinking that it would give them a sense of clarity.
Taking risks is good if you have the privilege, but if not, you have to be realistic.”


Ace Banzuelo stars as the dreamy student navigating the most painful and endearing parts of adolescence while getting entangled in a relationship mishap.

“I'm happy to express myself freely, not only as a musician but also as an actor in my music videos,” the prolific artist shares. “I enjoyed collaborating with direk JP as the experience gave me more ways to execute this video authentically.” As for Habac, he appreciates the Muli performer for his valuable inputs on the project. “Ace is very hands-on with the material. It’s refreshing to witness how deeply involved he is, from concept development to the post-production phase. You can tell right away how protective he is with the vision of the song and how collaborative he is as an artist.”

The MV also stars young actors Pauline Quijano, Jack Burgos, and Nour Hooshmand, who also played an important role in the music video of his previously released single, “Tadhana.” Ace Banzuelo’s “Meron Ba” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment.

Cover Photo Credit: Sony Music Entertainment

SOS continues to explore new directions and expand their repertoire with their latest track, “Roses,” the second single from their forthcoming EP. 

“Roses” is the follow-up to last year’s “Seryoso,” the band’s first Filipino-language track which starred award-winning actor Jericho Rosales in the accompanying visual. Both will be part of the upcoming EP, which marks SOS’s first release under local label Careless Music. 

The single dovetails SOS’s renewed approach to songwriting and music production, which they started delving into in 2020’s The Other Side EP after they announced the band’s name change from She’s Only 

Sixteen last year. 

“‘Roses’ is a little more intimate than most of our songs,” explains vocalist Roberto Seña. “It has a feeling of lushness that I always aim for when producing songs lately. It’s rare that we write a love song that is free from the angst and jadedness that I think we have become known for.” Seña adds the production was inspired from the 1980s, incorporating synths and guitar work from the pop-dominated decade, but still grounded on the familiar sound fans have enjoyed from SOS over the years. 

More lyrically optimistic than their pre-pandemic releases, “Roses” also continues to employ new and more varied stylistic choices reflective of the rest of the EP, with each song meticulously going through the band’s “musical cutting board,” shares guitarist Andrew Panopio. 

Titled It Was A Moment, the five-track EP is due on September 29, 2023. The band committed to a two-week production schedule for the project, says drummer King Puentespina. “We set schedules, deadlines and did a proper pre-prod to solidify our intentions for the project. The concept of the songs revolve around the moments and the anxieties of growing up and facing these emotions.”  

Also following last year’s major change to the Manila-based band’s decade-long career is the addition of Ram Alonzo on keys. He has been a session player for SOS since their time in college and has long been considered an unofficial member. 

Alonzo recalls being asked to formally join the band lineup earlier this year. “Seña asked if I was game to join the band. I only had one answer in mind: ‘Hell yeah.’ And then we all drank to it. I’ve been playing with SOS since 2014 and joining the band felt right.”  

“With all the different experimentation with samples, keys and synths, we thought it was about time to add a new member. In the studio, Ram glues in all our musical ideas together because of his knowledge of music theory and vast musical taste,” shares Seña. 

Bassist Anjo Silvoza adds, “There’s so much more depth to how we sound live that I think has been missing all these years.” Especially now that he felt the new EP serves as a transitional era to SOS. “We’re not boxed into categories anymore, we’re taking the good things we’ve learned from our listeners and fans and building off of that and hopefully ‘Roses’ and the rest or our upcoming releases will be able to stand alone.” 

ABS-CBN Global, in partnership with South Korea-based immersive entertainment brand KAMP, brings the inaugural edition of ON MUSIC FESTIVAL on November 3, 2023 to the MOA Arena. ON MUSIC FESTIVAL will deliver a first-of-its-kind live music experience.  

ON MUSIC FESTIVAL, produced by KAMP and ABS-CBN Events, is set to bring a truly ear-blowing lineup to the MOA Arena. The first wave of artists includes SUHO of EXO, the Philippines’ own Moira and Darren, and Korea’s hottest rising band wave to earth. The second wave of the star-studded lineup is set to be announced soon. 

ABS-CBN is honored to partner with KAMP in bringing together the superstars of Korea and the Philippines on one stage

ABS-CBN Global CEO Aldrin M. Cerrado

KAMP CEO Tim Kim says “It’s exciting to finally announce this new one-of-a-kind festival experience that we have been planning with our partners at ABS-CBN Global for a long time. The word 온 (ON) has several meanings including ‘all, entire’, ‘warm’, and ‘100’ in native Korean. We created ON MUSIC FESTIVAL with hopes of launching a new experience that celebrates the diversity of love and music.” 

More information on the event and tickets will be available at

Singer-songwriter Jon Guelas explores the complexity of forgiveness in his new single “Cold” released under Tarsier Records.

"The story behind the song is when you can give someone so many chances but when they take you for granted, you’ll eventually turn cold. Sometimes people take things a little too far, regardless of how much you care for them, there will always be limitations,” Jon shared.

He also revealed that his personal experience became his inspiration to pen the track with Bozidar Ristic and Christopher James Moore Lopez. Meanwhile, Moophs produced the song and is also credited as a featured artist.

“I went through a stage in a relationship where this girl really pushed me to the edge. I tried and I tried to forgive for all that happened but I couldn't. I was telling a friend all about it and within a few hours we had written the core of the song all about my experience,” he added.

Jon started his journey as a hopeful contestant in the “X Factor UK” where he became a part of the boy band “United Vibe.” The band released four singles, headlined multiple tours in Europe, and performed in Hyde Park alongside Robbie Williams.

He kickstarted his solo career in 2021 after releasing his first two singles “Wonderland” and “Out of Love.” In the following year, he dropped the track “Did I Let You Go” which was included in the official soundtrack of the hit series “He’s Into Her.” Earlier this year, his first EP “Always With You” accumulated more than 200,000 streams, while his latest single “Cold” was featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday Philippines playlist.

Listen to Jon’s latest single “Cold” available on various music streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Tarsier Records

"Chaos" is Markus' newest emotive acoustic track that evokes a sense of vulnerability and reflection allowing Markus' raw emotions to shine through. This track beautifully portrays the bittersweet emotions that arise when a door closes and a heart breaks. "Chaos" reflects on missed opportunities and the longing for something truly exceptional, while acknowledging personal shortcomings and reminding us that great things take time. Let Markus captivate you with the heartfelt lyrics of "Chaos".

Markus is a singer, songwriter and actor based in Manila, Philippines. One of the original 8 artists that launched Tarsier Records in 2017, Markus has released several singles with Tarsier Records to date, including “WIWU”, “EASE”, and “Tell Me”, all of which were all positively received by digital streaming platforms, playlists, and fans alike. “Beautiful” (2019) with Inigo Pascual, Moophs, and Kyler placed at the top of local releases on Spotify’s New Music Friday, and has been included in over 600 user-generated and editorial playlists to date.

About Markus

In late December of 2019, Markus gave the world its first peek at an all-acoustic EP called “B-SIDE” with lead single “Best Wishes”, followed by “Poem” (January 2020), with the former charting on Spotify’s Viral 50 Philippines and raced its way to become his most streamed song on the platform recently reaching 1M streams. “WDYG” with Moophs also became one of his fastest-rising tracks with multiple Spotify playlist placements throughout the region, earning them the coveted cover for “OPM Rising” and over 100K streams in less than 4 weeks. At ease in the year of quarantine, Markus has since released his B-SIDE EP in October of 2020 – his first body of work showing nothing but potential to become one of the biggest acoustic acts in Southeast Asia. Since the project's release, the EP garnered over 5 million streams solely on Spotify.

Outside of the recording studio, Markus is a TV and movie actor in high demand, most notably in “Ang Babaeng Allergic sa Wi-Fi” (The Girl Allergic to Wi-Fi), and the highly-acclaimed first original Filipino Netflix Film, “Dead Kids", "Hello Stranger: The Movie", an upcoming digital-to TV series on the first half 2021. He has recently starred in hit TV series “Viral Scandal” and “Teen Clash.” He has upcoming shows in the pipeline, and has been balancing his work with being a first-time father.

Photo Credit: Tarsier Records

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Stephanie Poetri continues her musical evolution with the release of her new single, “Invited,” out today via Infinite Thrills/88Rising. “Invited” follows Stephanie’s most recent single “Astrologically Illogical,” as well as a U.S. tour supporting Lyn Lapid, which saw Poetri winning over packed rooms across the country. While her music has been known for its soft, ethereal qualities, these new songs showcase her continued growth as a songwriter and see Poetri embracing the power of her voice with a bolder and edgier sound inspired by the indie rock she grew up with. “There weren't a lot of female artists in that world back then,” says Poetri, “so I see myself wanting to fulfill that position, and make songs that have a little bit of edge. I want to put some more femininity into indie rock.”

Growing up in Indonesia with a former trombonist and marching band instructor for a father, and a pop star for a mother it was the tropical house of Kygo and the melodies of K-pop that cemented Stephanie’s early interest in music. Her initial intention was to
be a tropical house producer, but after discovering and being inspired by K-Pop, Poetri started to take up songwriting. In the middle of her very first producing class, Poetri started releasing songs just for fun, the second release being her 2019 viral hit, "I Love You 3000,” reaching over 365 million streams to date, including 156 million views on the DIY video she and her sister made to accompany it, and a remix version, “I Love You 3000 II,” featuring Jackson Wang. Poetri did not end up finishing the producing class and has been writing and releasing music ever since.

Although her sound continues to evolve, a quality that continues to be ever-present in Poetri’s writing is her authenticity and sensibilities toward sharing relatable experiences with fans. “Invited” is an honest examination of ego and the need for inclusion and is inspired by the yearning to be invited to the party, while knowing you have no desire to attend. “Invited” and “Astrologically Illogical” follow the release of Poetri's collaborative tracks, “No Explanations'' (with Elephante and ZHANG YANQI)” and “Breakfast in Bed” (with gnash).” Next up, Poetri will be performing at Head in the Clouds Festival in
Los Angeles, CA taking place August 5th and 6th.

Cover Photo Credit: blackstar

If you’re in the University Belt area of Manila next Thursday July 27, you can catch a free show featuring some of the hottest acts from Warner Philippines! Free Cut will be going down at 8PM in UBelt at Roof Manila. The event’s jam-packed lineup includes: Sean Archer, Purples n’ Oranges, Jetter, Arthur Miguel, Sugarcane, and PLAYERTWO.

Not only will the event give music fans a chance to see some of the country’s rising acts live, it will also be a free show. In order to secure free entry, interested attendees must follow all of the acts on Spotify. For more details about Free Cut, check out their official website here!

The Rest Is Noise PH, a music curator and events production outfit based in Manila, will be celebrating its 8th anniversary with a show that highlights the rich and diverse backgrounds, cultures, and styles of music artists from the Philippines.

The event serves as the bi-monthly production’s 37th edition, and will take place on Friday, August 12, 2023, at Balcony Music House, Makati City. Headlining the lineup are some of the most notable Filipino acts from the past to the present, including Baguio’s very own Dilaw, who will be performing for the very first time on the TRIN stage, and alt-rock icon Sandwich, who just recently released their anthemic new single “Nyare” over the summer. Indie favorites SOS and Oh, Flamingo! will mark their return as part of the TRIN roster, along with Davao-based hip-hop crew PLAYERTWO and neo-R&B boyband KINDRED.

To keep up with the tradition of presenting a label showcase during highlight events, TRIN will be putting a spotlight to one of the most exciting record labels that came out during the pandemic. ECLECTIC KISS, a new label founded by La Balls Studio’s Nick Lazaro, will feature a special performance featuring its all-women ensemble, including hyper-pop acts such as AMSS, MOONWLK and PIKOY.

Pre-sale tickets are available at PHP 700 for limited quantities only, and regular tickets are priced at PHP 800. Tickets are available on July 19, 2023, at 7pm.

The Rest Is Noise PH (TRIN) is a music curator, events production, and online publication based in Manila, Philippines. Since 2015, TRIN has curated and produced more than 30 shows: ranging from pocket venues to outdoor festival settings. It is home to the annual Summer Noise and All Of The Noise music festivals, which feature critically acclaimed homegrown and international music acts. These shows highlight the rich and diverse backgrounds, cultures, and styles of music artists from home and abroad, championing both emerging and established music-makers. In 2020, TRIN launched a digital platform to cover music by Asian artists from anywhere in the world: publishing in-depth stories, profiles, features, and essays, as well as curating regular playlists, country spotlight, and radio mixes. During the same year, TRIN co-founded the ASEAN Music Showcase Festival, a collaborative regional showcase and conference festival that aims to put the spotlight on music artists and communities from Southeast Asia. TRIN takes pride in fostering a thriving sense of community, culture, and inclusivity—providing a platform that champions the best of Asian music and strengthening regional and global connections, onstage or in the digital space.

Eyedress is back with a sentimental new song and the track is a tribute to his mother. “Teen Mom” pays homage to his mother, who would do everything for the talented producer. He shared the following statement in a press release: "Lyrically I was trying to revisit my childhood and what it was like for me growing up in America. I wanted to show my mom's perspective because I spent a lot of time with her while my dad would be at work. She would do everything from driving me to school to driving me and my friends to the mall or the skatepark during our free time.

The Filipino artist, who is known for his music videos, understood the assignment with the accompanying videos for “Teen Mom.” In the music video, Eyedress uses both claymation and live-action shots to depict his favorite 90s sitcoms growing up. Watch the music video for “Teen Mom” below!

Fresh off the success of viral hit “Unang Sayaw,” Filipino pop-rock outfit NOBITA continues to smash out of the gate with another song with commercial potential. Their new single “Paruparo Na Walang Hanggan” plays on the band’s musical strengths,
blending deeply personal lyrics with soulful, harmony-laden arrangements. Like their previous releases, NOBITA’s latest song hits home with vulnerability that people can relate to.

“Paruparo Na Walang Hanggan is a song for someone who continues to believe in love, no matter the struggles they may have experienced in the past,” the chart-topping band shares in a statement. “The main hook and most of the melodic lines just came out spontaneously during one of our rehearsals for an event. It felt like we just vomited it subconsciously.” While it’s a love song to the core, “Paruparo Na Walang Hanggan” embraces a more intricate sonic direction, going as far as adding layers of choir-like elements, sparse keyboard textures, and bluesy chords to create something slightly out of the ordinary. Isagani Palabyab, their constant collaborator, co-produced the track and helped redefine its kundiman sensibilities with
a modern flair.

NOBITA adds, “We take pride in making songs that the audience can feel what we feel and remember easily the melody and lyrics of the song when they first hear it. We’re grateful to Isagani for encapsulating this vision into something memorable and subtle, and still giving off that familiar sound of ours.”

The song will be included in the setlist for their upcoming 6-city tour in the US, which kicks off in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 11 and wraps up in Fairfax, Virginia on August 26. Tickets are available at

For more information about the tour, check out the details below:
August 11: Las Vegas, NV (The Usual Place)
August 12: Los Angeles, CA (The Vermont Hollywood)
August 18: Seattle, WA (Substation Seattle)
August 19: San Francisco, CA (The Historic Bal Theater)
August 25: New York, NY (Sounds of Brazil)
August 26: Fairfax, VA (Jammin Java)

NOBITA’s “ Paruparo Na Walang Hanggan ” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment.

Dominic Fike has finally released his sophomore album Sunburn via Columbia Records/Sony Music Entertainment. The album finds him returning to his native Florida, examining the culture and environments in which he was raised that are unique to the Sunshine State. Included in the album's release is the standout track, "Mona Lisa," which Dom created with longtime
collaborator Kenny Beats and was also featured in the box office-topping film Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

Also featured on Sunburn are "Frisky" and "Think Fast," two tracks that have been teased over the past few months and have already become fan favorites online. The latter of those songs features contributions by Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo on guitar and backing vocals -- a full circle moment for Dom given Weezer's influence on him and his history of covering the band's "Say It Ain't So" as part of a medley with his own song "Westcoast Collective" on his first North American tour.

Next week Dom will launch his North American Don't Stare At The Sun tour. The tour marks his first live performances since his breakout set at this year's Coachella, where "his talent jumped out every time he took the mic" according to Rolling Stone. Over the course of the tour, Dom will perform at iconic venues like New York's Prospect Park, Los Angeles' Greek Theater, and Chicago's Huntington Bank Pavilion, making this his largest tour to date.

The album is available digitally as well as on standard CD and vinyl formats (the former with 12-panel folded insert poster and the latter with a 12-page insert booklet), an exclusive CD edition with 60-page photo book on glossy paper stock, as well as deluxe and color vinyl editions (the former of which is on black vinyl with a 24-page insert booklet and the latter of which comes on Florida orange vinyl with a 12-page insert booklet). Digital and CD formats are available for purchase now and vinyl is available for pre-order.

Cover Photo Credit: Sony Music PH

If you haven't heard Olivia Rodrigo's newest single, Vampire yet you're definitely missing out. She'll have you hooked on its catchy chorus in no time.

The singer-songwriter is starting a new chapter in her career as she sets to release her next album, GUTS. Olivia chats with Vogue about experiencing life in New York and what to expect from her album. "There were two wrenching, cinematic ballads, but they were crafted with a new self-​assurance. The other two tracks were playful and insouciant—​indications, Nigro said, of this album’s turn away from melancholy."

She's been writing a lot by herself and now her songs are coming from growth. It's going through the process of life and Olivia's way to let it all go is to keep writing songs for herself or other people. Find out more details with her 73 questions with Vogue.

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