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SB19’s “WYAT (Where You At)” music video has performed well worldwide, amassing over 2M views to date. The new song features the P-Pop boy band taking sonic elements from disco, electronic, and pop music. The visuals also showcases an aesthetic theme that revisits different trends from different decades.

SB19 has just released a new vlog that gives fans an exclusive behind the scenes look at the making of “WYAT (Where You At.)” In the 13-minute video posted on their YouTube page, the group shares footage from the song’s original recording session, various rehearsals, and the music video’s filming. Watch SB19 'WYAT (Where You At)': The Making Film EPISODE 1 below!

Photo Courtesy of SB19’s Instagram

BINI is officially back with a new song! The P-Pop group has just released their debut single “I Feel Good” off of their upcoming “Feel Good” album. The track is a fun and catchy banger about blissful love that is appropriately accompanied by a retro-inspired colorful music video that features the group singing and dancing along to the addicting bop.

“I Feel Good” is the first single from BINI’s upcoming sophomore project, which releases on September 29. The eight member collective will celebrate their album release with another new song and music video dropping on the same day. Additionally, the female stars will be holding a showcase for fans at the SM North EDSA Sky Dome on October 1. Tickets can be purchased here.

The comeback track "Fiyaah" by VXON is the music the fans have been waiting for. The song is a reminder to embrace your passions and unleash your inner star. The song is a collaboration and co-production among the group members paving way for creativity and expression.

Within hours of its release, the track hit No. 3 on the iTunes chart in the Philippines and hit No. 1 in the UAE. When a new track releases, you know it comes with a brand new music video. The colorful visual begins with a warm tone and switches gears with a dark layout that involves fire. To stand out with such a bright background, VXON keeps it simple all in black or white outfits.

Besides being talented performers, the group also proved their versatility by incorporating three different languages into the track from English to Tagalog, and Spanish. Check it all out below!

Cover Photo Credit: VXON Twitter

Comeback season is upon us. The top-tier boy group 1ST.ONE recently released the P- pop road to comeback song entitled "TURN UP." The well-rounded artists of this P-Pop group were all involved in the creative process of the track. Ace, the leader of the group, wrote the lyrics, and Max, one of the main vocalists, did the lyrics proofing. The other members co-wrote the rap parts. This is the follow-up track to their previous hit single, “SHOUT OUT,” which got off to a roaring start with its smash hit music video, getting 1 million views in only a few days.

The road to releasing their comeback single took a lot of hard work and long days in the studio. They give us a glimpse into rehearsal with the newly recent BTS release of their dance practice for the track. See them go through choreography and formations. For rehearsals, this already looks pretty polished and clean. Now time for us to also learn the dance.

"Turn Up" has a catchy dance vibe, but the message of positivity stays with you. "Everyone will go through failing in life, but if you continue to stand up and not give up, all your troubles will eventually turn upside down and turn up for the better. Failing only
happens when you give up. Standing up gives you infinite chances to succeed and overcome all your challenges in life,”
Ace said.

The upbeat and colorful track is a new direction the group is exploring. “Our new song is brighter and more colorful in contrast to our previous tracks, which are dark and a bit aggressive. The track has a high-energy beat that keeps the tempo up throughout the day, so it can be played at any time of the day,” Jayson, the youngest member and one of the rappers, added.

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With the combination of world-class Korean music production and creative Filipino artistry, 1st.ONE’s road to comeback is all the more memorable. TURN UP was produced by First One Entertainment and Warner Music Philippines.

Cover Photo Credit: 1ST.ONE Instagram

Being away from loved ones is always difficult and Alamat portrays the journey in their latest music video for their song, "ILY ILY." According to the group, the song is “an update of a Hiligaynon folk lullaby.” It features another talented artist, Lyca Gairanod in which she sings the chorus in Tagalog, as the members of the boy band deliver their rap verses in Bisaya, Bicolano, Waray, Ilocano and Kapampangan.

The music video portrays the ways we miss family from parents who work overseas or long hours which results in not seeing them too often in hopes of bringing a better life for everyone. The sacrifices in the present goes all towards a better future. Check out the visual behind this folk-lullaby inspired track.

Cover Photo Credit: Alamat Instagram

After teasing fans with a cryptic video last week, SB19 finally announced their new single, "WYAT" [Where You At] and an upcoming world tour. The much-anticipated comeback single is a disco-pop track that highlights these times of disconnection to create a reconnection. Call it a comeback if you like, but the group took a short break to maximize their potential. "WYAT" releases on September 2nd and marks the group's release of new music since the launch of their 2021 EP, Pagisibol.

It’s been a year, the word 'hiatus' may sound negative but we took it from a different perspective. We maximized the opportunity to think more as to what we can improve on, how we can prepare for our comeback.


The award-winning and Billboard nominee Philippine Pop phenom is also set to stage their biggest local and international tour to date. WYAT [Where You At] Tour kicks off on September 17, 2022 at Araneta Coliseum, to be followed by a series of shows in Clark, Cebu, Davao and more. The tour will then go international as SB19 heads to multiple countries like US, UAE, and Singapore to name a few. SB19 Ken mentions, “We are thrilled to be releasing a new song for our fans. Bigger, better. I hope that A'TIN will appreciate at best the work we've done for our upcoming tour.” International A’TIN can expect SB19 to drop by their city starting October 2022.

Besides being a talented group, SB19 will be involved in the creative process behind the upcoming tour from conceptualization to choreography, from promotion strategy to visual ideation. SB19 Josh says, “This will be the first time for us to be going out of the country for our own concert. We’re excited to meet our international fans. If I may put it: we were caterpillars inside cocoons when we were just starting and now, we've turned into butterflies ready to spread our wings!”

When SB19 Pablo told us the meaning of WYAT, the song that he and his brother Josue created, I was able to conceptualize WYAT. From there, our team was able to brainstorm on how to improve my initial concept. One idea led to another. We started plotting everything: from teasers to the actual music video, every post, down to the last detail.

SB19 Justin

SB19 Justin adds, “Josh tweaks a bit of everything, from choreography to the direction of our shoots. He and Pablo has a big role in decision-making. Ken helps with the creative process, from how the dances should look to the set design. Aside from being the main choreographer, Stell also shares ideas on how to promote our comeback. He’s been mentioning if we could play the videos after our recent performances before the tour starts, So we did. It really takes a village and is a healthy collaboration.”

More details about the local and international tour will be announced soon. For more information about SB19’s series of shows, check out the updates on their social media accounts.
Cover Photo Credit: Sony Music Entertainment

FELIP, also known as SB19’s Ken, recently released live renditions of his solo songs: ‘Palayo’ and ‘Bulan’ alongside a full band arrangement. The intimate performance is part of the #SuperiorSessions series that shares exclusive live gigs produced by SUPERIOR SON. Joining FELIP are guitarist Kris Malana, drummer Ken Umahon, keyboardist Ryan Girado, and bassist Sam de Leon. Watch the full performance below!

Wonder what happens to prep for a big performance? Alamat takes you behind the curtain before the Tugatog Concert and show fans how they get ready. See how they color coordinate their outfits for a photoshoot and press conference before hitting the stage.

Can you guess who's the calm one out of the group, who's high-energy, and who's the jokester? Then also see live raw footage from the concert itself, needless to say things got a little spicy. Also, watch first-hand when BINI came on stage for a dope collaboration with the guys. Catch all this and more below!

Cover Photo Credit: Alamat Instagram

The P-pop group, SB 19 just released an intriguing teaser that we're not quite sure yet how to interpret. The video is of a voiceover of a radio announcer saying a new futuristic gadget has arrived in Manila while 5 unidentified men have also been spotted. All we know so far is the five of them have traveled miles in the span of seconds and their location is unknown. What could the big news be?

While we're waiting on that, SB 19 have been keeping busy. Recently they performed at Binibining Pilipinas. Get caught up and go behind the scenes of rehearsals, show day, and more in their new vlog. See how the guys prep for a big show from their pre-show rituals, food they prefer, and how they get hyped up.

Cover Photo Credit: SB 19 Instagram

P-pop is known for its boy bands, but girl group 4th Impact is looking to shake up the industry. The former X-Factor finalists recently released a new song about moving on and it’s definitely something that all can relate to. The four-member collective’s new single “Tapat Sa’yo” is inspired by their own personal break-up stories and focuses on having to go through pain to rebuild your sense of self from the ground up.

“Tapat Sa’yo” also features contributions from renowned K-Pop producer Lee Oh Won, the man behind some of the biggest hits from SHINee's Taemin, Stray Kids, TVXQ, Wanna One, and SB19. Check out the heartfelt ballad below. 

OPM or Original Pilipino Music has been evolving the last few years with the rise of the P-pop genre. The genre has been making waves not only in the Philippines but globally as well and the Tugatog Filipino Music Festival at SM Mall of Asia Arena was the event to catch as it became the biggest stage to catch your favorite P-pop artists and groups.

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17 acts took the stage with a lineup that included: 1st.One, Alamat, Bini, BGYO, Calista, Daydream, Dione, G22, LITZ, MNL48, P-Pop Generation, Press Hit Play, R-Rules, VXON, Yara, The Juans and Zack Tabudlo, offering over six hours of non-stop music collaboration and celebration. Organizing an event at this scale was no easy task and took an even larger team working behind the scenes to pull it off. ASCEI Chief Executive Officer Sarah Ruth Matias said, “The concert is all that we dreamt of..We were ecstatic with how everything went. Big props to our ever-hardworking team, especially our P-Pop and OPM artists who have been working so hard to put forth a great show.”

One of the highlights of the show were all the collaborations happening between groups, songs, and artists. Bini sang with Alamat for their hits “Na Na Na” and “K bye.” Boy group BGYO joined forces with MNL48 to the tunes of their hit singles “Sabay” and “High Tension.”  While Litz joined Press Hit Play to perform their original song “Tell Me"; 1st.One and The Juans were dubbed as 1st.Juans for their collab performance of “Atin Ang Mundo.”  The triple crossover among boy groups 1st.One, VXON, BGYO, and Alamat for “Shout Out,” “The Beast,” “The Baddest,” and “Kasmala” got the crowd excited.

“It’s the transformative power of music to bring people together that pushed us to produce this concert in the first place. I’m sure I am not alone in saying that the pandemic has made everyone crave for activities like attending concerts.”

SARAH MATIAS, ASCEI Chief Executive Officer

The new crop of P-Pop and OPM talents also brought another layer of funk out of Pinoy hits—both in the present and from the past—including Maymay Entrata’s self-love anthem “Amakabogera” performed by P-Pop Generation, R-Rules, and Calista, the crowd favorite “Dati” as popularized by Quest, Sam Concepcion, and Tippy Dos Santos performed by Press Hit Play and Yara which arranged in a medley with Thyro and Yumi’s powerful collab “Triangulo” performed by Vxon and Daydream, and then Gloc-9’s immortal “Sumayaw Ka” powerfully rendered by G22 and Dione.

Another important aspect of the festival is of course the fans. They hold the power to essentially help make the event happen because of their enthusiasm and support to the respective artists and groups. Anj Heruela, Communications and Strategy Executive Director of ASCEI shares that the fans are crucial for an event like this, “Fans ask for a concert and we respond not just with a concert but a gathering where they will see something more from their idols as they also connect with other fans. Beyond bringing performances to life on a live stage, we want to bring together a whole community that fuels the love for OPM.”

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OPM and P-pop music isn't going anywhere anytime soon, they're here to stay. The genres are only growing as more artists embrace their roots and fanbases grow across the globe. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what's next for Pinoy music and embraced by all.

Cover Photo Credit: Tugatog Filipino Music Festival Instagram

SB19 is back with a new song! The boy band has revamped the ‘Binibining Pilipinas’ theme song “Win Your Heart” and incorporated more modern sonics that include trendy pop and hip-hop elements. The P-Pop ensemble will also perform their rendition during this year’s annual beauty pageant.

Binibining Pilipinas ‘Grand Coronation Night’ will go down later this month on July 31st  at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. SB19 also plans to release an official music video for their rendition of the popular theme song. Stay tuned for more information.

Watch the lyric video below. 

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