"Looping" with Fern. in New Music Video

Posted By: Danielle Domingo
Post Date: August 27, 2021

Don't mind us, we'll just be "Looping" Fern.'s latest music video. Crazy week? Well relax with his latest song that'll have you wishing for your own getaway. Directed by Jaime San Juan with cinematography by Moses Webb, Fern. takes us on a loop imitating what could be now a normal day during these time.

He's got sticky notes all over (honestly who doesn't?) as reminders of things to do from meditating, to eating with friends, and the thing you don't do...call back your ex. Being stuck in your thoughts or mind gets you a little stir crazy. In the video, Fern. finally snaps out of it as he pulls the "wake up" sticky note and finds all his friends acting all weird. Maybe they're portraying all the emotions we've all had the last couple of years. What do you think?


Fernando Tan a.k.a. Fern. is a singer/songwriter/producer whose self-discovery of his musical talent began at the young age of twelve. He was first a lead vocalist-guitarist for a band but his craft grew wider and deeper with his newfound knowledge of producing. Fern. made his claim to fame when his debut single “Into You” hit No.1 on Spotify. Since then, he has released other singles: “Are You Mine” and “Wanna Dance with You”, both of which landed on digital charts in the Philippines and in other countries. Fern. has grown his reach and his latest singles, "Kagandahan," "Baby Rye," and "Whatever This Is" is proving his growth as an artist.

Cover Photo Credit: Fern. Twitter

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