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"Heights" by INDIRA

Posted By: Danielle Domingo
Post Date: February 6, 2021

Upcoming artist INDIRA released a new single, Heights. She's born and raised in Los Angeles, creating music since she was four years old. Her inspiration comes from her mom who exposed her to art and interesting characters.

INDIRA draws inspiration from her dreams and experiencing beautiful art. Being a daydreamer, her dreams most often take form in songs. Looking to chase the creative energy, she took her talents from the west coast to the east coast. She found the energy in the city that never sleeps, New York.

"I find I'm at my happiest and most centered when I'm learning about and working on music."

INDIRA’S new single ”HEIGHTS”  is a collaborative marketing project which is being released in conjunction with J’AIME’s new scent LOVE POTION 222.  As founder and creator, Jaime Kailani puts her love into creating all natural, organic fragrance oils and apothecary.

The J’AIME line consists of all natural uni-sex, hand-made, organic perfume oils “EARTH, AIR, FIRE, WATER” infused with healing crystals, room and body mists “PEACE, LOVE and HARMONY,” moisturizing soap bars, candles, body balms and massage oils.

J’AIME in French simply means ”I LOVE”. “It all started before 2014 when my mother was still here with us. She was in love with natural fragrance oils as much as I was. One day together, we decided to create a scent that came out to be magical. It became J’AIME’s signature scent called ‘EARTH.’ EARTH is soft and earthy with nodes of amber; it is the base node of my whole line. When I created LOVE POTION 222, I was listening to INDIRA’s music; her voice inspired me—soft, warm, alluring and sensual, exactly how LOVE POTION 222 turned out. It leaves you wanting to leave your nose where you smelled it.”

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