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James Reid "Hello" Music Video

Posted By: MYX
Post Date: August 14, 2021

Say Hello to James Reid's newest music video. He released the official video on the Careless Music channel. Let's say we see different kinds of personas and James' suave side. Watch the video and let us know your thoughts on Twitter using #JamesReidMYX.

On a special caption under the video, James writes:

"Hello, having spent a lot of my time by myself during the quarantine, I’ve learned to dive into the depths of PERSONAL INTROSPECTION. It’s truly beautiful knowing and experiencing TRUE GROWTH—a growth that’s only birthed within. Our minds are infinite in so many ways, and learning how to tap into that is ULTIMATE FREEDOM. I’ve learned how to translate that to my everyday actions and now I’m 100% always driven to achieve MY GOALS so that the universe can be a BETTER PLACE." ? ?

Sincerely, James Reid

In this video, Reid shows another side of himself—a playful, whimsical side that’s never been seen before. Sporting a striking mustache while donning 80’s-styled, flashy couture, Reid initially portrays the normalcy of daily quarantine life with a lot of tongue in cheek that later escalates into a string of bizarre and extravagant events.

From the initial vision of the Careless team, they bring in Director Gab Valenciano to inject the video with his signature style of using clever film techniques combined with an infectious fast-paced energy to depict the craziness that one finds themselves in when locked indoors for such a long time. This purely collaborative project even finds Reid himself as part of both the pre-production creative process and the post-production editing.

“In the true Careless spirit, I wanted to create something that breaks the stereotype of being an ‘artista’”, Reid explains, “I have serious goals but I don't take myself too seriously. Bottom line is: we were just having fun. Even joking at my own expense.”

The music video features Reid with over ten of his different personas to illustrate how one’s individuality is molded by an infinite number of factors, all pieced and webbed together to be one person. Valenciano points out, “we all have personalities embedded deep within all of us, and sometimes we just need to let go, let loose, and embrace who we really are.”


Director & Editor: Gab Valenciano

Creative Director: Zon Lee


James Reid is the founder of indie record label Careless Music. Making the decision to form his own label and manage himself independently proved worthwhile when his acclaimed album 'Palm Dreams' was featured on Billboard’s Independent Albums chart in 2017. Known as a risk-taker with a decade of experience as an entertainer in the Philippines, James aims to use his platform to empower and grow Philippines' buzzing music industry.

Aside from being an award-winning music artist (MYX Music AwardsMTV EMA), James is well-known for his appearances on television shows and movies, which he has also won several awards for. With a successful career spanning over a decade and millions of streams, video plays, and Instagram followers, James' meteoric rise is definitely not slowing down anytime soon.

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