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Listen to KaixAaron & Maki's New Song 'Thinking Bout Your Smile'

Posted By: Christian Bonoan
Post Date: July 5, 2022

Tarsier Records artists KaixAaron and Maki link up for their first ever collaboration on “Thinkin’ Bout Your Smile.” The feel good R&B single expresses the joy and nostalgia of being in love and has lyrics both in Tagalog and English. This track is full of good vibes and is definitely a road trip worthy record! The artists discussed their song below.

"The story behind our release is while Kai and I were about to create a song in my bedroom studio in LA back in 2021, we decided to come up with a feel good type of song which we called “Thinkin’ Bout Your Smile.” After a while, with the help of the talented producer Felipe Buencamino, he helped us create this wonderful track. The last thing we did was ask if we can have someone feature in the song and here is one of talented people Kai and I know in Tarsier, Maki, he agreed to collaborate with us and it was approved by Tarsier Records so when everything was finally finished, the song had always given me the feeling of joy every time I listen to it. It is an adorable song for lovers, and we have had this song in our folder for a long time now. I think this song will fit the season for this release." - Aaron

"It’s been a long process with this song. Many obstacles made us feel so distant to the creation of it; however it allowed us to stay more unified and be able to strive for this masterpiece. This song contains the feeling of being with someone for a while kind of vibe, having the feeling of knowing both people went through so much together but at the end of it all, and through all of it they could say “I love you” with no remorse. The reason for releasing this song now is that since summer has arrived, we wanted to introduce a fun vibe to have our audience feel more joyful and positive during the season of sunshine." - Kai

"A lot of us tend to think a lot. The world is in chaos right now but somehow, being able to have the thought of someone special to you is happy and smiling–it's everything you ever need to try and be more optimistic." - Maki

Check out the lyric video to the track below and stream it here.

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