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Markus Paterson Wants to Play Spiderman

Posted By: Danielle Domingo
Post Date: November 4, 2020

Singer/songwriter and actor Markus Paterson joins DJ Marlino in this myxCLUSIVE to talk about his latest released EP, “B-Side,” what its been like since he’s entered show business, and where he sees his music career going. Get to know more about Markus in this interview, here are the 10 things we found out:

1. He was born and raised in England, UK
Growing up, Markus explained he’s your typical English kid. He played football (soccer), hung out with friends, and lived in the countryside. Then after high school, he decided to move to the Philippines to attend college and play football collegiately. Fast forward to now, the career he has isn’t one he expected and didn’t see as something that would be attainable.

2. Markus wanted to be a pilot like his dad
At 16, he leaned towards joining the Marines, but his mom didn’t allow him. Entertaining wasn’t something he thought of doing, he said it sort of “fell into my lap. My dad was a pilot and I wanted to be like him. He’s my best friend.” It took a while for Markus to realize that acting and singer would be a viable goal for him, “I never wanted to be in the spotlight performing in front of cameras.”

3. He doesn’t watch a lot of TV
Although he doesn’t really watch TV while in the Philippines, Markus shared that his mom was a TFC subscriber in England and used to watch the teleseyre, “Tayong Dalawa.” Markus tells myxCLUSIVE that If he had to choose which actors he looks up to it would be Jake Cuenca and Gerald Anderson.

4. Auditioning used to scare him, but now he just has fun
When asked if he would take back any audition Markus responded, “No, I love auditioning now. It’s fun.” He goes on to say that he doesn’t have an extensive ritual when he prepares for an audition. “I read the script and sweat a lot when I’m nervous. I wait until I get there (audition), see the script, and try to understand the character.” We think he nailed his character as the bully Chuck Santos in the thriller mystery Netflix film, "Dead Kids." If you haven't seen it yet, you have to check it out!

5. Markus would want to play Spiderman
If he could replace any leading actor in any movie, Markus chose Tobey McGuire in the Spiderman films. He wouldn’t do anything differently because “Tobey aced it” but would love to be web slinger superhero himself. We can totally get on board with this! Who wants to start #MarkusInSpiderman?

6. He loves to travel
He shared that one of the most memorable trip he’s done with be a camping trip with friends to a local abandoned quarry back in England. It was their last summer before everyone went their own ways after high school. We can’t think of anything better than to sneak in to a beautiful location, cliff jump, and just camp out for the weekend. Markus, can the myxers be your plus one on the next trip?

7. Markus is one of the early signees to Tarsier Records
We find out that he’s one of the original eight artists who signed with Tarsier Records. Other artists like Inigo Pascual, Sam Concepcion, and Kiana V who you may recognize on Heavy Rotation are also part of the same label. So far he’s described the experience as a, “tight knit family and we have great relationships together as artists.” He enjoys how making music with Tarsier isn’t systematic but more organic as it all starts with jam sessions.

8. The only instrument he can play is the guitar
Markus described his sound as mostly acoustic, “I’m the acoustic guy in Tarsier.” In the beginning, he wanted to just release acoustic music as it was just him, his guitar, and his heart written on a piece of paper. However, Tarsier helped broaden the horizon and mixed Markus’ personal sound along with pop and EDM.

9. The “B-Side” EP shows his vulnerable side
Through his latest EP, Markus’ goal was to express himself emotionally. With the acoustic vibe and guitar melodies, we hear the different facets there are to Markus. He said that compared to other projects, “this is so bare and raw.” With tracks like “Best Wishes,” a reliving, honest, and painful song about the post breakup experience, a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders when he finished the writing process. Time for all of us to get in our feels when we listen to this EP!

10. The recently released single, “For J” is about his girlfriend Janella Salvador
Markus explains, “I write music about all the milestones in my life. It’s a song that’s purely for her.” He’s a night owl and tends to write music during the late hours. So how this song came to be was little odd because he wrote it while watching her sleep. He goes on to say that the melody of the song just flowed as it is now and he just knew when it was finished, “It’s everything I feel about you in the most basic song sense.” That’s definitely a sweet moment for sure!

We loved having Markus stop by to chat with us and play a round of Song Roulette! Make sure to follow his socials to stay up to date! Be on the lookout for new music coming as he spills there’s an A-Side EP in the works featuring non-acoustic tracks. In the meantime, check him out in the recently released horror film, "U-Turn" with Kim Chiu now streaming online and on the iWantTFC App.

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