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Music Monday: 2021 Year-End Chart Recap

Posted By: Nino Llanera
Post Date: January 3, 2022

Happy New Year, MYXers! As we come into 2022, let's take a peep at our 2021 Year-End Charts and see how well your fave artists and songs did last year. Don't worry if you think some of them should have been higher on the chart because it's a brand new year with more opportunities to vote! Don't forget to get those votes in daily and weekly, and stay tuned to the site for recaps of the charts at the beginning of every week.

PINOY MYX COUNTDOWN (2021 Yearender)

  1. SB19: What?

2. SB19 and Ben&Ben: MAPA

3. Moria: Pabuaya

4. BGYO: The Baddest

5. Felip: Palayo

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MYX INTERNATIONAL TOP 20 (2021 Yearender)

  1. BTS: Butter

2. Olivia Rodrigo: Drivers License

3. BTS: Life Goes On

4. Coldplay and BTS: My Universe

5. Taylor Swift: Willow

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MYX HIT CHART (2021 Yearender)

  1. BTS: Butter

2. SB19: What?

3. SB19 and Ben&Ben: MAPA

4. Olivia Rodrigo: Drivers License

5. Moira: Pabuaya

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