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Nadine Graces the Cover of Mega Magazine's 30th Anniversary Issue

Posted By: Danielle Domingo
Post Date: February 9, 2022

Nadine is learning how to flow with life with no fear. She is one of the stars for the various covers of Mega Magazine's 30th anniversary issue. Her issue explores the island life she's been living in Siargao, her new mindset, and new found freedom. Check out a snippet of Nadine's feature here!

Moving to Siargao during the pandemic was a huge move for Nadine. The change of pace to island life was a manifestation in the making. Her life coach reminded Nadine of a talk they had about where she saw herself in a year. Nadine wrote down, "my answer was somewhere close to the beach and the mountains the ocean and the mountains." Although she loves the city, Nadine is drawn to the beach and mountains. After Typhoon Odette, she made the travel back to Siargao to help those affected. Nadine conducted her own relief efforts to help clean up a town, build solar stations, and gather supplies for the locals. She has grown to not only embrace the island but also the way of life.

With a busy schedule as an actor and artist, life moved fast."When I moved to Siargao, that’s the really the time when I got to pause my fast life and just enjoy myself. It’s really different. It’s weird, you really pick up the energy of the place. I noticed that when Im in Siargao, I was really slowing myself down and I was just taking my time. I loved it—I got to savor my life even more.” Nadine needed to hit that restart button and center herself back to where she feels most herself. We can't wait to see what she does next in her fresh new perspective.

Cover Photo Credit: Mega Magazine Twitter

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