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Nadine Releases Music Video and Latest Track "Wait For Me"

Posted By: Danielle Domingo
Post Date: November 1, 2021

We are gearing up for cuffing season, but we weren't prepared for Nadine's latest song, "Wait For Me." The slow, solemn pop track was released just in time for her 28th birthday and it touches on the bittersweetness that comes with moving on. It’s a heartfelt ballad wrapped in both melancholy and hope — an expression of gratitude and lamentation of letting go. Check out the music video below.

The lyrics describe the difficulty of wanting to hold on, but the best thing, for now, is to let go. Her lyrics are so vivid that it jumps out of the song and paints a picture for listeners. Can you imagine Nadine performing this live, we'll be the first to line up. Take a closer look at these lyrics in her lyric video below.

'Before it all goes up in smoke
Love me hard and let me go
Good things can fall apart
I don’t mean mean to break break your heart

We were not prepared to be all up in our feels, Ms. Nadine! Don't mind us, we'll just have the song on repeat and get all emo along with everyone else. Stream "Wait For Me" here.

Cover Photo Credit: Careless Music Facebook

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