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Filipina Rapper Peaceful Gemini Drops New Single "Gising Na Gising"

Posted By: Christian Bonoan
Post Date: April 7, 2022

Filipina femcee Peaceful Gemini is back with a new single! “Gising Na Gising” stays true to the spoken word artist’s sound by blending Tagalog and English lyrics with a passion that could be understood by all despite the language barriers.

The audio canvas kicks off with a Tagalog chorus delivered by the artist that repeats the song’s title ‘gising na gising’ which translates to waking up and waking up. Then, the lyricist delivers two powerful verses first in English before splitting the second verse into English and Tagalog.

“Gising Na Gising” focuses on the self-proclaimed old soul speaking real talk about her daily trials and tribulations that can be relatable to all. If you’re a fan of the likes of Ruby Ibarra, you’ll enjoy Peaceful Gemini. Let’s celebrate and promote Filipina women's empowerment in hip-hop!

Check out “Gising Na Gising” and more of Peaceful Gemini’s tracks below. 

About Peaceful Gemini:

She's the girl who you would have a first look at and never have rapper as a thing that comes to mind. You wouldn't even urge to guess- she's more like a mystery novel or a wildcard. But on the down-low, she's been making noise in the scene, earning the recognition of old cats and new ones alike because of her lyricism, rhythmic flow, and soulful intent. Her realness is fresh. It's easy to see that whenever she's holding a mic, she's in her element. She never needed a posse or a hype man- her music does the talking. Seeing it as a transcendental tool to merge the form and formless- to transmute words and sounds into energy, she uses hip-hop as a platform to rep her inner truths, face the duality of life and make meaningful connections.

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