Sep 2021 Movies To Enjoy at the MYX Box Office

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Post Date: August 31, 2021

Enjoy great Filipino movies all month long on MYX!

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1. ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE - Tintin’s (Arci Munoz) and Jake’s (Gerald Anderson) paths cross while they are both in the process of getting over their exes. The two immediately strike a friendship and vow to help each other move on. In losing the pain, will they find a love that’s for always in each other? Or will things remain just “maybe”?


SEP 4 7PM PT / 10PM ET
SEP 5 – 10PM PT / 1AM ET
SEP 8 – 12PM PT / 3PM ET
SEP 12 – 6PM PT / 9PM ET
SEP 14 – 2PM PT / 5PM ET
SEP 16 – 12PM PT / 3PM ET
SEP 17 – 7PM PT / 10PM ET
SEP 19 – 4PM PT / 7PM ET
SEP 21 – 12:30PM PT / 3:30PM ET

2. CRAZY BEAUTIFUL YOU - Recorded as the first Filipino movie to hit a huge blockbuster gross on the first day it was released in the Philippines, this 2015 offering from Star Cinema features "Kathniel", the hottest love team of their generation, playing the role of Jackie & Kiko, teenagers who grew up in opposite sides of the world. Kathryn Bernardo plays the role of Jackie, a rebellious young woman who has no sense of responsibility and has become a problem for her father and his new family. In an attempt to make her realize her mistakes and change for the better, her mother Lea (Lorna Tolentino) takes her to a medical mission in a province that is very different from her high-strung life in the city. Lea seeks the help of childhood friend, Ito (Gabby Concepcion) and his son, Kiko (Daniel Padilla) to look after Jackie who seems to enjoy making things difficult for him. The story of two young adults who turn out to be dealing with similar personal battles but decide to handle them differently. In the end, they discover something more than what they hoped for.


SEP 11 7PM PT/ 10PM ET
SEP 12 – 10PM PT / 1AM ET
SEP 15 – 12PM PT / 3PM ET
SEP 19 – 6PM PT / 9PM ET
SEP 21 – 2PM PT / 5PM ET
SEP 23 – 12PM PT / 3PM ET
SEP 26 – 4PM PT / 7PM ET

3. EVERYDAY I LOVE YOU - Audrey (Liza Soberano) is a young woman patiently waiting for her boyfriend, Tristan (Gerald Anderson), to wake up from his comatose state. Amid her struggle, she meets Ethan (Enrique Gil) who gives her a chance to earn more money. Audrey and Ethan soon find themselves developing feelings for one another. Will Audrey choose the man of her dreams of the man that makes her dreams come true?


SEP 18 7PM PT / 10PM ET
SEP 19 – 10PM PT / 1AM ET
SEP 22 – 12PM PT / 3PM ET
SEP 26 – 6PM PT / 9PM ET

4. I’M ELLENYA L. - Ellenya's life revolves around social media just like a typical millennial; seeking validation from the online society. With aspirations of being a big influencer and vlogger, she chases her dreams by creating a persona and content with the help of her family and friends. Will Ellenya earn online fame or will she be an epic fail?


SEP 25 7PM PT / 10PM ET
SEP 26 – 10PM PT / 1AM ET

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