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Midnasty has been a mainstay in the Philippine music scene, making waves and putting on for Dumaguete since 2004. Recently, the famed group released their latest single "Solo Na Lobo," a drill-inspired single about their triumphs through their trials and tribulations, is their first drop under Warner Music's partnership Filipino record label ParaIsla through 7640, a full-scale music and video production subsidiary under AGC Power Holdings Corp. We had sat down with the group and discussed their new partnership, their new single, what it means to them to represent Dumaguete on a global scale, and much more.

Q: First and foremost, let’s have those who are meeting you for the first time get to know you all more through your music. Send us three clips, can be anything from released songs, music videos, live show performances, interviewers, etc. for our readers to get a glimpse of who Midnasty are as artists.

Q: Describe your sound in 3 words?

Destined for greatness

Q: How much does being from Dumaguete City influence you? For example how much does it influence your sound and your passion for breaking barriers from your backyard?

Growing up in the city of gentle people, taught me to be calm and peaceful. Though we grew up in the ghetto, we remain positive. And the same goes for our music, it always tells the story of love, harmony, and triumph.

Q: Solo Na Labo sounds very drill influenced. Drill is a sound that regionally dominates in the UK, Chicago, and New York. What inspired you all when making this hard-hitting single? Is there a distinct regional sound from Dumaguete City that you plan on introducing to the world, similar to how drill has inspired artists worldwide?

We decided to use drill and put our style to it. This project also serves as our contribution to the local hip hop scene, showing our flexibility in any genre. We wanted to express to the fans that it's okay to play and experiment with music styles.

Q: Being from the Philippines, how much does it mean to you to partner with Warner Music and to plan to take your music international?

It's an honor to partner with Warner Music. Remembering those days where you send demos to radio stations and send mixtapes to labels hoping to get the chance to work with them, and now we are here. It is also a good feeling to be given freedom in creating different styles of music with everyone having confidence in our output. Wherever the music will take us, we will represent our roots and of course, the Warner family, who first trusted our group with taking the next step to global heights.

Q: Reading your background story, this wasn’t an overnight success. This is years, decades, 10,000 hours plus of grinding: blood, sweat, and tears. What advice would you share with any up-and-coming artists struggling with the process right now?

Our simple advice to all upcoming artists is - Trust. Take your time, and wait for the right moments. Stay hungry for progress and remember that there is always room for improvement.

Q: What should fans, both old and new, be on the lookout for from Midnasty in 2022 and beyond?

Let's all together celebrate and witness as we elevate our game in the platform, with all the endless possibilities on what we have in store for everyone.

Q: Where can we find you on social media and follow/like/subscribe to you?

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Check out more of Midnasty's Music Here:

Venturing off towards a new path, Bret Jackson established a music and video production company called 7640. Their mission is to bridge culture and innovation in the music industry while producing global content that's relatable and purposeful. With the launch of its official site, 7640 is a powerhouse for production, marketing, and distribution.

"By Infusing our DNA into your projects, you can take advantage of the taste and identity of 7640.  Positioning you as strong advocates of tasteful innovation, authentic talent, and branded creativity. Go beyond the commercial norm and be part of the ever-progressing culture and narrative."

As it looks, Bret Jackson is the Founder and Creatives Head of 7640, Inc., but it was also co-founded alongside Isagani Palabyab, Mic Palabyab, Liz Jao and Archie Carrasco. Bret began his artistic profession in 2011, and since then has piloted major projects. He previously was the co-founder and former A & R of Careless Music, but also worn hats as a creative director, record producer, and songwriter.

7640 aims to bring out the next phase of content creation and marketing to the industry. The team is a mix of underground tastemakers and culture shakers ready to elevate the music scene with cultural relevance.

Cover Photo Credit: 7640

Bret Jackson moved back to his hometown of Dumaguete and is helping spread Filipino talent with his new companies 7640 and Paraisla in partnership with AGC Powerholdings Corp. As he ventures in these new projects, Bret looks to bring the talent from the provinces to the forefront. He sat down with MEGA Man to talk about empowering the youth and risking it all.

The launch of 7640 and Paraisla took a couple of years of brainstorming and preparation before fully forming. Bret teamed up with AGC Powerholdings Corp, the home of the biggest local and international media brands to make it happen. 7640 is a full-scale production house and marketing think tank that focuses on creating meaningful content; Paraisla is a record label created by artists for artists that looks to emphasize culture in the entertainment industry.

Bret made the shift and moved back to Dumaguete to pursue these new ventures and become a creative powerhouse. The homecoming began during the pandemic and made him want to become the best version of himself. He aims to push the culture through local artists and tell a narrative that everyone is worth something no matter what anyone tells you.

The pull to start a production house and record label started because of Bernard, a friend and local artist who recently passed. He was a fellow artist in every sense from being a musician to creating art and poetry. He was someone who Bret looked up to. Although a local celeb himself, Bernard encouraged Bret to bring his own knowledge home and to help the community in Dumaguete.

“ He [Bernard] was the one who made me realize a lot of things. He was the one who kept telling me that I have to come home. ‘You need to bring back what you know and what you do, and you need to help these artists here.’”


Now, Bret's home and ready for his vision to come true. He wants to pay it forward to other creatives and be what Bernard was for him. “I didn’t make it in time to be able to help my friend, but that’s why I’m more driven than ever right now to continue what I’m doing because there’s another Bernard out there. There’s another little me. All these [creative] kids that deserve it."

Catch the Bret's piece on MEGA Man here.

Cover Photo Credit: Mega Magazine Facebook

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