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Valentine's Day is right around the corner and Inigo Pascual brings us another hit produced by Moophs and Tarsier Records. This time, Inigo takes on a remake on a classic Air Supply song, All Out of Love. The remake bridges the generational gap and introduces a well-known hit to a new audience. Inigo, Moophs, Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell of Air Supply were present at this MediaCon and talk about the song, a possible collaboration, and what's next after this release.

Listen to the track here:

Highlights from the Interview:

1. Air Supply is proud of the remake done by Inigo and Moophs
They were curious about the production of the track and interested in learning about the instruments Moophs used. Moophs says it was all recorded in Manila, using 808 beats and adding in guitars and base. He also mentions it was no small task and something that couldn't be taken lightly because he wanted to do the song justice.

2. Inigo and Moophs wanted keep the essence of the song in the remake
The main goal when creating this reimagined version of All Out of Love was bridging the gap between new and older audiences. There was initially 3 different versions of the song, more with an upbeat sound. However, Moophs kept in mind Inigo's style. They decided to keep the ballad essence to the song because "it's a positive song with a great message."

3. Air Supply is flattered to have their song recorded and have it done well
They had nothing but praise for Moophs' production and Inigo's vocals. With the band performing the song since the 1980s, they're happy to see that their music "could transcend generations." It's also a great testament to the song as they hope the song will continue to be heard even when they're not around anymore.

"We try to be role models for people and Inigo could be a role model for the younger generation."

Graham Russell, Air Supply

4. Great songs will live forever and it's a testament to Air Supply's writing
The song now belongs to the world and they interpret it how they want. Russell and Graham mentions that when their music is covered, it symbolizes the passing of the torch. They're excited to see younger people discovering their catalog for the first time and seeing it as new while hearing it all under a new perspective.

5. Air Supply is part of the Filipino DNA
Their first trip to the Philippines was around 1980 and it's always a treat when they perform. They recognize that they've become famous for their ballads and play other music, but it's the ballads that the Filipino people gravitate to and relate with. They describe Filipinos as very passionate people, natural musicians, and some of the best singers.

"We're into making great music. People listen to our music and we have to be responsible people".

Air Supply

6. Moophs guarantees that there's more Air Supply remakes on the way
The collaboration with Air Supply tracks on this project will span the whole year. Moophs worked with a publisher in Los Angeles and they came up with a plan. The goal is to have different artists pair up with a song from their catalog. The covers will be released individually with a compilation album coming at the end of the year.

7. Inigo was excited to be given All Out of Love
Inigo explains that Moophs assigned him the song and he was excited about it because he grew up listening to Air Supply from his dad and grandpa. He thinks a lot of people could relate to the song especially this Valentine's Day...could myxers be your Valentine, Inigo?

8. Inigo intended to keep the feel of the remake a ballad but more intimate
When the song was recorded back in November, they had options in which direction to take it. Inigo and Moophs still wanted to make it big, but at the same time more intimate. The lower register of the song resulted in Inigo singing softer and the delivery became more intimate.

9. Producing the remake of All Out of Love was like a science project
Moophs explains the production took around 3 weeks to complete in the studio. The intent was keeping in mind the original track, to do it justice, and staying true to the artist's sound. He compares it to a science project because they had to find a balance between new and original while also catering to the fans.

"The remake became more of a conversation in a room, bringing a warm sound."

Inigo Pascual

10. Inigo is receiving the baton from Air Supply
With all the support Inigo has received from Air Supply, he doesn't take it lightly. Inigo says it's big shoes to fill and it's a dream to do a project like this, but it's still crazy for him to hear Graham and Russell's feedback. The legends of Air Supply ravels on about Filipino talent. "They have great talent and voices...No matter where we perform, there’s a large Filipino crowd who can sing so well and so often.”

It was mind blowing to see the legendary band Air Supply still rocking out and doing their thing while having rising talent like Inigo bring a fresh take on classic music. Music that can span generations is good music. We're excited to see what's next for this crossover project. Moophs hints we can hear a remake coming from Idol Philippines alumn, Miguel Odron. For now, listen to All Out of Love everywhere!

Make sure to also catch Air Supply's first digital livestream concert, "Love Letters" happening 2/14! They'll be performing many of their classics and 2 brand new songs no one has heard yet.

Cover Photo Credit: Inigo Pascual Facebook

In the refreshed "All Out Of Love" version, Inigo is set to vulnerably croon about the empty feeling of losing a significant other over a guitar-driven trap ballad setting from Moophs.

First in a series of Air Supply remakes by ABS-CBN’s Tarsier Records

Inigo Pascual, in collaboration with music producer Moophs, will recreate one of Air Supply’s classics, “All Out Of Love,” bringing a pop re-imagination of the 1980 worldwide hit on February 5 (Friday).

In the refreshed version, the Filipino pop star is set to vulnerably croon about the empty feeling of losing a significant other over a guitar-driven trap ballad setting from Moophs.

This release is the first in Tarsier Records’ series of Air Supply remakes the ABS-CBN Music label is doing for 2021. It is also aligned with Air Supply’s Valentine’s Day US campaign.

A song by British-Australian soft rock duo Air Supply, “All Out Of Love” was originally written by Graham Russell and Clive Davis. It ranked no. 2 in the United States’ Hot 100, reached no. 11 in UK’s Top 40, and was one of the “100 Greatest Love Songs” in VH1’s list in 2003.

“All Out Of Love” is the latest collaboration between Inigo and Moophs, who recently released the dancehall-pop tune “Always,” which became part of Apple Music’s “The 100 Best Songs of 2020.” They also joined a band of international artists for “RISE” - a cross-cultural unity track featuring Eric Bellinger (USA), Sam Concepcion (PH), Zee Avi (Malaysia), and Vince Nantes (USA).

The two artists are also behind the island pop track “Catching Feelings,” which has already garnered over 10 million streams on Spotify and over 100K dance challenge entries across various social media platforms.

Inigo continues to make his presence in the global stage especially as his “Options” album, a collection of multiple international collaborations he has done in the past two years, is slated to drop this 2021.

Rediscover the Air Supply classic “All Out Of Love” in the reimagined version of Inigo and Moophs, out on music streaming platforms on February 5 (Friday). For updates, follow Tarsier Records on various social media accounts @tarsierrecords.

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