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R&B soul singer jikamarie experienced a successful fan base growth even in lieu of the pandemic. The Warner Music signee has garnered 2.4M monthly Spotify listeners and her latest single "Lutang" has already racked up an astonishing 15.3M streams on Spotify and more than 1.7M views on Youtube.  The vocalist grew up in a musically inclined family and started composing songs at the age of 20.

“I liked the idea that I could keep writing songs and singing them as a career. I also believe in the saying, ‘if you pursue something that you love as a career, you will never have to work a day in your life.’” - jikamarie

According to jikamarie, she has made it her purpose to encourage aspiring Filipino artists to press on with their craft, and for Filipino listeners to amplify our fellow Filipino artists nationally and globally.

jikamarie has just dropped her new single, entitled “aking buwan” in preparation for a roll-out that includes more expected singles leading up to an album.

According to her,  “aking buwan is a track that talks about the pining for someone who doesn't know you exist. It's a parallel of admiring the moon and the moon, not knowing that there's you that exists to admire it. Bittersweet because even then, the pining only grows stronger.”

Check out “aking buwan” and more of jikamarie’s top songs below.

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