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Jesse Barrera is set to make his first live performance at The Peppermint Club in LA tonight and he's taking along friends! Joining him on stage is bestie Albert Posis and special surprise guests. Opening the show is ROYALJAG and That Band Honey which features Booboo Stewart so you know it's going to be a good time!

You may even catch the first ever performance of his newest released song, "Still The One.” It'll be a treat for the audience as they can hear the track live first! Enjoy a night of music and good vibes with Jesse and his crew.

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The man behind many of your favorite songs from artists such as Jeremy Passion, AJ Rafael, and Melissa Polinar, just to name a few, is hitting the stage at the Peppermint Club in Los Angeles for his first Headlining Show on July 15th. Jesse Barrera is taking the stage with Albert Posis and Friends for a jam-packed evening of great vibes and music.

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The Producer and Songwriter announced the show via Instagram and mentioned that he would be bringing up a bunch of surprise guests to the show. If you know Jesse's body of work, then you know the possibilities of "surprise guests" are endless. Opening up for Jesse that night is the ROYALJAG and That Band Honey.

You can get more details and purchase tickets to the show HERE. As we wait for the live show, make sure to stream some of Jesse's latest work below.

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Albert Posis is back with a new track, "Self Love." It's a song about anxiety and feeling weighed down. We all experience that point where we don't feel our best, but it's always important to show ourselves self love. Written by Albert Posis and Patrick Hizon, the R&B ballad encourages listeners to pick ourselves up and reconnect our souls. If you've been feeling down or have the case of the Monday Blues, this will help you keep going. Stream now on any digital platform.

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With the seasons changing, we're feeling a little nostalgic. We're switching up our playlist and adding some of our favorite OG Youtube Songs to the mix. Whether it's an original or a cover, you can't mention OGs without including AJ Rafael, Jeremy Passion, Gabe Bondoc, Melissa Polinar, JR Aquino, and more!

Check out what we listed down and let us know if we nailed it or what else you'd add!

We gotta kick off with AJ Rafael & Jesse Barrera on the original, "She Was Mine." Honesty, who doesn't know the lyrics? We're already singing along!

Okay, JR Aquino's "By Chance (You & I)" immediately gets stuck in you head...*you and I could be like Sonny and Cher* and you know the rest.

Here comes the unofficial Filipino national anthem. Jeremy Passion's "Lemonade." We don't think there's anything else to say.

Melissa Polinar's "Try" is 12 years old! On it's 10-year anniversary, she re-released the song to commemorate not only the debut of the track but also her journey. We're all feeling nostalgic.

Okay so this medley made all of us want to be part of this friend group. How many times have we gone to a family party and all the kids had to perform? Albert Posis originally posted this impromptu moment among friends and it definitely turned into a medley staple circa early 2010s.

We couldn't leave out Gabe Bondoc and "You're It." Watching the video along screams OG. It was before all the fancy set ups, we see a lot now but it's just Gabe, a mic, and his guitar. We couldn't ask for anything more.

So who remembers "Hey Soul Sister" being played everywhere? We do! But Joseph Vincent's acoustic cover showcases his natural talent. This was definitely on repeat when it first came out and it's still on repeat.

We love, love Kina Grannis and although it's not February yet, we have to include "Valentine." The music video is one of the cutest you'll see and the song is one you can't get enough of.

You know we had to include a bonus track! It's another mash up that includes Jeremy Passion, Inigo Pascual, and Gabe Bondoc. They myx it up with their original songs for a medley of "Catching One Lemonade."

Who else is wanting a tour between Jesse Barrera and Albert Posis with Silk Sonic after listing to their newest song "Hold On Tight"? We do! Barrera and Posis have been in the music scene for years blessing us with covers and original music. "Hold On Tight" has us all in our feels and leave us wanting a hug. We all know how talented they are and their voices are just *chef's kiss*, is there anything they can't do? Barrera says it would be the coolest birthday gift to him if we all watched the music video. Lucky for you, it's down below! See them be their multi-talented selves playing all the instruments, looking fly, and creating an aesthetically pleasing video that'll have you grooving along.

Put the track on repeat and two-step along with Jesse Barrera and Albert Posis!

Cover Photo Credit: Albert Posis Twitter

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