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Pink Sweat$ has been taking over the charts in Manila with hits like “Honesty” and “17” that gets us all in our feels and has everyone creating their own covers. In this myxCLUSIVE, he takes some time to chat with Dannieboi about his music videos, his writing process and the latest single, “At My Worst.” Here are the highlights with Pink Sweat$:

1. Pink Sweat$ is just as cool as his music
From the start, he greets us with a smile that brings in the good vibes. He tells us how he’s been doing during the pandemic and puts the situation into perspective. “I’ve hit a mental peace to accept this as how things are. I don’t let it influence and deteriorate the inside.”

2. He released “Honesty” as the debut single to bring out something more
Pink Sweat$ is all about “allowing myself to be myself.” He explains that the climate of music with dance, trap, or the rap genre now is so different than the sound of previous generations. He looks to be a voice that paints pictures through music. “I just want to create a story. When I’m listening to music, I want to relate to it.”

3. The “Body Ain’t Me” music video almost didn’t happen
When the music video was released, the song had been out for a while already and his team had to convince him to make the video. The idea came from wanting to “make the process fun and not so serious and spot on with the song.” He also tells Dannieboi that there’s hidden messages within the video. We have to go back and watch it again!

4. All songs come from personal experience
Tracks like “17” and “Lows” come from his own experience or those around him. As he mentioned early in the interview, he wants to create music that is relatable with people and they could see themselves in the lyrics. He says “17” came from a place of wanting something he hasn’t had yet, to be madly in love. “I didn’t see a lot of happy marriages. It’s not normal to get married and break up…give the person you love the old dusty years.”

5. “At My Worst” just makes you feel good
As the baseline plays, we hear the retro influence from the start. From there, producer John Hill added the guitar layer and the song came to be. The song is something that could instantly change your mood. Between the beat, bright colors, and happy moments in the music video, there's no way it isn't going to make you smile.

Pink Sweat$ was down to also answer myxer questions that you have to check out! Find out who’s his favorite artist, odd jobs he had before making music, and shows how much love he has for the Philippines! We can’t wait for him to visit and see him perform!

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