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Love, set, and it's a match for Leylah Fernandez. She just announced that she'll be Lululemon's newest brand ambassador. The Grand Slam finalist won't just be serving her game on the court, but Leylah's ready to serve looks in Lululemon gear off the court too.

Lululemon is know for its yoga and athleisure style, but with this new partnership it looks like the they're setting their eyes on adding tennis apparel to their roster. Leylah joins other athletes like fellow Filipino Jordan Clarkson, NHL players, and members of Team Canada. Michelle Davies, Lululemon VP of Global Sports Marketing and Partnerships relays that it's quality over quantity when it comes to sponsorships:

"We want to go deep and intentional with athletes we have shared values and can truly create with...It is really about our shared values and who she [Fernandez] is, the timing of the stars did align for us." 

Leylah is looking forward to helping in the creative process in building the brand's new tennis collection. She'll start sporting the specific collection after its launch in spring, and not to mention that it'll also include footwear. According to Forbes, for the Australian Open Leylah will be wearing Lululemon's core products.

She's already wearing her Lulu's 24/7 and prefers a simple skirt and tank top for her day in the office. Leylah expresses how important comfort is as it allows her to focus on tennis.

"I'm a very colorful person, I love all types of colors. My only problem is I don't know how to match colors together so the Lululemon team can help me with that. We know both of us like to be explosive, different and both of us are going to be working together." 

It's huge move for Leylah and Lululemon and we can't wait to see what they come up with together.

Cover Photo Credit: Leylah Fernandez Twitter

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