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Jolianne is back with her third R&B-pop single that's guaranteed to leave you in a dream state. Her latest song, "Routine" is anything but a banger. It's a different track than her previous work like "Brand New" as it explores letting go of a love that's faded into routine.

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Although Jolianne mentions she hasn't yet been in a relationship, she pulled inspiration for the song from her friends who were going through breakups at the same time. She explains in a recent interview that sometimes people stay in loveless relationship because of the convenience of being with a partner you've know so well. However, sometimes letting go this kind of relationship allows space to reach greater heights personally. The lyrics of the song came from direct bits of advice Jolianne gave her friends at the time. As she continues to grow in her craft and have more experiences, Jolianne is sure to bring new perspectives in her music.

To get a visual of "Routine," check out the accompanied music video. See how routines can get mundane and sometimes get people down until they have the courage to venture out. Let us know what you think of the video on @myxnews.

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Newcomer, Jolianne drops her second single, "Brand New" under Careless Music. This comes after her debut with "Sublime" back in early March of this year! She's bringing her silky vocals to this lo-fi pop track.

The song was written by Marcus Davis and Jolianne while Timothy Run & Isagani Palabyab were producers. It talks about being a brand new person and leaving behind what doesn't align with her and the negativity. She's breaking the mold and becoming her own.

I swear you’ve been doing me wrong
Watch me from there
Gonna do what i want

So far behind
You’re out of sight
On something new and i’m feeling divine

To accompany the new track is also a new visualizer. This dream-esque vibes in the visualizer really focuses on Jolianne's artistry as we get to focus on her voice and her style. She may be young, but Jolianne knows what direction she wants to take her music.

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