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If you've caught Cartoon Network's show, Craig of the Creek recently then you probably caught a little bit of a Filipino reference. In one of the episodes, Eileen the "Sewer Queen," a Fil-Am girl brings Craig to her house for dinner. She explains to her friend that whenever she visits, she has to do the "bless" aka mano po. Craig learns the Filipino gesture and greets an impressed Lola.

We're seeing more and more Filipino representation in media, so it's time to normalize seeing diversity on TV, film, and media in general. On the series, Eileen is the leader of the Sewer Kids who found comfort at the water park-like sewer system of Kerleston. She also represents her friend group in the Creek Council.

In the snippet, Eileen explains she may not always understand what Lola tells her, but that she always has to greet her with a "bless." While Lola sits on the couch watching her telenovela, Craig is a little confused at first. However he honors the tradition which leaves Lola smiling and saying that Craig is guapo. Lola then teases Eileen asking if Craig is her boyfriend. The scene ends as Eileen and Craig get ready for dinner and make a new batch of rice. I think this kind of interaction has happened to all of us at some point.

Cover Photo Credit: Craig of the Creek

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