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Singer/Songwriter Cedrice performs her exclusive unreleased track “Let Me Dream” live for the first time at the MXY Global studios in Los Angeles. "Let Me Dream" is a sneak peek into what Cedrice has been working on lately, so get ready to be blown away. Check out her MYX Traks performance below.

About MYX Traks:

MYX Traks is a part of MYX Global’s new Youtube content line-up. The show features a live in-studio performance from up-and-coming and established artists co-produced with Traklife Media Group.

About Cedrice:

A native of San Diego, Cedrice embodies what it means to find your passion, follow your soul, and lead with faith. She started out as the main alto/soprano for ensemble performances and her initial band, Abstrack. Her debut as a solo artist began shortly after releasing her single woman and joined Nationwide tour with Jameson whiskey. Most recently, She was a semi-finalist on NBC‘s hit show, The Voice. Since then, she’s been delighting audiences in a solo career with her majestic vocals and impassioned lyrics. Her music explores the continuum of life as she comes into her own and faces the challenges of love, life, and growth. Cedrice is an artist with something to say and a voice to share it.

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The 35th Annual Friendship Games is presented by myx, Kollective Hustle & KUMU featuring amazing headlining performers like Kolohe Kai, JR Aquino, Cedrice & Nieman. It is the largest student-run Pilipinx American annual event in the nation, hosted by @pasakaibigan of Cal State Fullerton, October 23-24, 2020 at 5 P.M LIVE on CSUFPASA on the KUMU live-streaming app & YouTube. Last year myx & Kollective Hustle helped bring social media superstars Ceraadi & Jeremy Passion to perform for the 5,000+ crowd and the tradition will continue with the best in Filipino talent.

Headlining Artist Schedule: 10/23: Kolohe Kai & Cedrice 8P PDT | 10/24: JR Aquino & Nieman 8P PDT


Friendship Games began in 1985 and features over 40 Pilipinx American student organizations from college campuses representing California, Nevada, and Arizona that participate in a day of friendly, but competitive picnic games, performances and to celebrate “S.P.U.F” - Spirit, Pride, Unity, and Friendship. Schools compete for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies. The school that shows the most S.P.U.F is awarded an 8-foot tall trophy!

The very first champion of the picnic games, Kasama, hailed from Mt. San Antonio College.

Thirty-five years later, Friendship Games has become the highlight event of the Pilipinx-American college experience.

Is your organization going to take home the 8-foot trophy this year?


The purpose of Friendship Games is to dedicate a time and place where people of different backgrounds can come together to celebrate and learn about Pilipinx culture. Along with that, many of those who are already a part of the Pilipinx culture can come together to share their own experiences with the rest of the Pilipinx-American community. This is achieved by using many modern ways to integrate as many people possible such as visual arts, vendors, exhibitors, and special performances.


  1. Spirit, Pride, Unity, and Friendship (S.P.U.F) is a form of celebration derived from many indigenous tribes that are a part of the Philippines. Such tribes would use chant-like expressions to communicate with one another. Schools compete to have the most S.P.U.F and they are mimicking the expressions of these tribes by creating their own cheers. A special tradition that comes along with that is the exchange of gifts so that they can share their spirit, pride, unity, and friendship with everyone.
  2. On the day of Friendship Games, the attendees will be able to enjoy and learn about the many aspects of Pilipinx culture. One of the main sources is the different vendors and exhibitors that are present at the event. Attendees will be able to enjoy food as they learn about the Pilipinx-American community at Friendship Games. Through this, attendees will have the option to learn more about Pilipinx culture both at a local and global level.
  3. One of the main values in Pilipinx culture is being family-orientated. In our history, laborers were forced to work together to reach one common goal at the end of the day. All the organizations that come to participate help showcase this aspect since they uphold the family value of respecting one another and working together. Everyone is encouraged to participate or learn about the different family values surrounded by Pilipinx culture. This value is demonstrated by competing in S.P.U.F and the five unique picnic games we created.
  4. Music and dance play a prominent role in Pilipinx culture. Dancing is a way to tell the story of our culture through various styles; however, at FG, we mostly focus on modern dance. Through roll call and Infinite PASAbilities, FG celebrates the modern style of dance through upbeat performances in a positive environment. In 2019, a cultural aspect was required for all roll call performances. For the halftime show, we do our best to select performances that are relevant to our community. Halftime performers are required to explain their cultural significance in their performer application. American culture has influenced traditional music and it is constantly evolving - just like how Friendship Games is evolving every year.

CSUF PASA Kaibigan’s Mission Statement

The Pilipinx-American Student Association at California State University, Fullerton, is a student based group set out on promoting Pilipinx unity through education, responsibility, and character. This is accomplished with good communication, organization, leadership, recruitment and retention. By teaching Pilipinx culture among the youth, we aim to build Integrity & Friendship, so that one day they themselves can make a difference.

Visit for more information.

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