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Multitalented artist MAX has been doing it all from performing on Broadway, acting in TV shows and movies, and most importantly sharing great music. Whether you’ve been a longtime Schneider monkey or just joining the fandom, MAX’s music has been about telling his story and connecting with his supporters. He joins us for this myxCLUSIVE to talk about his hits Blueberry Eyes and Lights Down Low, the direction he’s taken as a musician, and answer myxer questions! Here are highlights from his chat with Dannie:

1. Bringing spark and joy through music
MAX says it’s a surreal feeling to have hit a song in another country, but “that’s the reason why we do music. It’s about being a part of the soundtrack of someone’s life.” He explains further that it’s the human connection that makes music universal and makes people happy.

2. MAX doesn’t let negative or positive comments affect the work
Dannie asks how MAX handles compliments since GQ called him, “young pop god” and Artist to Watch by MTV. He’s like all of us where compliments make us feel good, but he goes on to say good or bad feedback shouldn’t affect the work.

“Whatever comes in, I take it. I don’t let it kill my own energy.”

3. Lights Down Low brought a lot of firsts to his career
Looking back at the song, MAX explains that there’s always something we can learn about our early selves. He gained more confidence in showing others his vision and making it work not for others, but for him. With Lights Down Low, he wanted to be transparent with the fans as it’s a personal story about him and his wife. Now, Blueberry Eyes still has the same texture of magic and continues to bring unique experiences.

4. He wants to keep the music authentic
Music is about connecting with people and keeping true to yourself as an artist. “If the story is fully out there, people will connect with it,” MAX explains. When he meets people who related with the music and to the message, he feels that they’re like family.

5. It’s okay to take a pause every once in a while
He talks about the surgery on his vocal cords and how he appreciated music more after taking a pause. He gives advice on “taking a moment to look around while you’re on the rollercoaster.” The grind never stops, but we have to take care of ourselves too. MAX adds, “I wasn’t taking care of myself, only the dream but they go together.”

6. Blueberry Eyes is encouraging him to learn the Korean language
We all love Suga’s rap in the song and probably have it memorized too. MAX knows a few basic words and phrases, but he’s interested learning Korean through music. He’s working on doing a full Korean version of the song and has been getting different translations. “This song is making me learn Korean slowly via music. I might get a Korean teacher, I’m really into it. Lets see how far I go.”

7. There’s a possible collaboration with a Filipino artist
Although not a lot of details were spilled, MAX said there’s something in the works. “Give a little love there and see when it comes. I’ve been talking with a Filipino artist about doing a little something.” Who would you love to see MAX collaborate with?

8. He had a crazy first experience in Manila
He shares with Dannie that he rode on a jeepney when he visited and even brought back a jeepney model as a souvenir. However, the wildest part is when he a fan broke into his hotel room and wrote him a message on his mirror. Nonetheless, he’s excited to visit again as it’s been around 6 years since the last time, and sure to add Manila to the top of list.

We can’t wait for MAX to bring Colour Vision to Manila! Blueberry Eyes is still on the top of the charts and he’s happy with the journey its taken. “The story with Blueberry Eyes is incredible and the experience I’ll carry with me forever.” Catch MAX in “Colour Vision Reimagined,” a livestream show where he’ll be performing different renditions to songs in the album. Keep up to date with MAX on social (@maxmusic) and download/stream Blueberry Eyes.

Author's Note:
I've also been a Schneider monkey for a while and love both his original music and covers. Here's a photo of my ukulele that he signed back in 2013 during The Resolution Tour. Who else misses going to live shows?

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