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Disney+ has officially launched in the Philippines! In addition to collaborating with Morissette to announce the streaming platform, Disney Philippines has another awesome surprise for Filipino music fans. Disney just dropped six Filipino versions of songs from its critically acclaimed animated musical film Encanto.

Disney Music Asia shared the new renditions of the tracks on their official YouTube channel. The songs include: “Ang Pamilya Madrigal” (“The Family Madrigal”), “Wag Ikuwento Si Bruno” (“We Don’t Talk About Bruno”), “Ano Pang Kaya Ko?” (“What Else Can I Do?”), “Nas’an Ang Milagro Ko” (‘Waiting On A Miracle’), “Pag Nagigipit” (“Surface Pressure”), and “Kayo” (“All Of You”). Special shout out to the Filipino vocalists involved with this project: Leia, Owen Caling, Cornelius Bascara, Kenz Ancero, Andrei Ayson, Chi Dato Bocobo, Rowena Raganit, Cathy Go and more!

Disney+ subscriptions are available now in the Philippines for PHP 159 (monthly) or PHP 1,150 (annually.) Check out the Filipino Encanto songs below!

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