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San Francisco is in for a treat with the return of some of your favorite Filipino artists coming together for a special outdoor concert at "Bring it Back" on April 1 at District Six. Sing along to your favorite R&B classics by Drop n Harmony, Errol & Rey of Kai, Pinay, Elmer Abapo & Dags while dining & shopping with local vendors in the unique concert space. Music by Shortkut, hosted by Franboogie & Anthony Presents. We are hoping for more shows to come, who would you like to see at an upcoming "Bring it Back" series? Let us know on @myxglobal twitter tagging #BringItBackMYX.

Tickets are selling fast, get your $5 discounted tix HERE using the code MYX.

See highlight video from the past event here:


6:30 PM – 10:00 PM PDT


District Six

428 11th Street

San Francisco, CA 94103


In the year 2000, vocal group DnH burst onto the music scene with their debut effort, “Drop N Harmony”. The album spawned several notable songs including “My Friend” which was featured in the movie “The Debut”, the timeless love ballad “Because I Love You”, “Baby Go Bye Bye”, “Say That”, and of course the anthem, “Never No Never”.

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Since that album, the group has stayed busy, continuing on with other musical endeavors: Dags (aka Darrel Seegmiller) recently released his solo debut, “Nu Ar Det Dags (Now Is The Time)”, leading off with the single “Cherry Blossom”. Sway (aka Sway Penala) followed up a successful run on American Idol with a solo album of his own in 2010, titled “My Story”. The album went on to make #1 on the iTunes charts in Japan, and top 100 in the United States.


Kai are an Asian-American R&B musical group from the San Francisco Bay Area, formed in 1992.

The group was formed when Anthony "AC" Lorenzo invited Andrew "Dru" Gapuz, Geoffrey "Geof" Lintao, Quincy "Q" Victoria and Leo Chan to perform at a San Francisco benefit concert. Following a group split, AC, Dru and Leo began working as a trio and in 1995, added Errol Viray and AC's cousin Andrey "Drey" Silva.

Originally named APEX, the group changed its name to Kai, an abbreviated version of the Tagalog word "kaibigan", which means "friend". They were signed to HB Records, a local studio and began working on an album. Their debut single, "Say You'll Stay" was released shortly after and received strong radio play. This helped them get signed by Geffen in 1997. In 1998, they released their self-titled debut album on Geffen, making them the second Filipino American recording artists to release an album on a major record label (Jocelyn Enriquez was the first, releasing Jocelyn on Tommy Boy Records in 1997). Their only charting single was the previously mentioned "Say You'll Stay" which reached #59 on the Billboard Hot 100. In that same year, they were also featured in an issue of Vibe Magazine alongside rap group The Mountain Brothers in an article promoting up-and-coming Asian American talent in the music industry.

In a similar fashion to other Filipino American recording artists, both of Kai's albums were recorded in English and also featured many covers of songs which were prominent in the 1970s and 1980s. Also in similar fashion to their peers, they were known to sing Tagalog covers at their live performances, as well as other popular English covers that were more recent.

Throughout their career, Kai also released exclusive songs not featured on their albums on various compilation albums. In 1998, "Last to Know" was featured on Serenade Volume 1, a compilation released by Filipino American record label Classified Records. Kai also contributed to two compilations (error) released by popular social networking website A version of "The Promise", which would later be modified before it became the title track of their second album, was released on Plugged In Volume 1 in 1999 and a cover of Shai's "Come With Me" featuring Deviation was released on Plugged In Volume 3 in 2001.

The members of Kai reunited on December 9, 2017, to perform at AC Kaibigan, a tribute to late founder AC Lorenzo, which took place at Lorenzo's alma mater, James Logan High School. Other performing groups included HoneyLuv (Premiere), Pinay, Drop N Harmony, One Vo1ce, and other Filipino-American R&B groups.


Each bringing a distinct sound and dimension to the group, Loredie, Angelica, and Irma can all deliver impressive solo vocals, but the essence of Pinay's talent lies in the power and versatility of their sound together as a harmony based group. Angelica, with her perfect pitch, sings high soprano in a pure and clear vocal tone. Loredie sings the midrange harmonies with her in-your-face funk and gospel influenced vocals. Irma carries the alto parts with her agile vocal control and powerful low notes. Together, they cover a huge vocal range and deliver clean, smooth unisons and dynamic harmonies.

Pinay started out in 1993 as a primarily a cappella group, bringing together the talents of four women with backgrounds in classical, pop, soul, and gospel music. (Original member, Maylene Briones, has since left the group to pursue medical school.) Initially, Pinay focused on a cappella music, building their vocal skills and the strength of their sound as well as refining the blend and interaction of their voices for three years before signing with Classified Records in 1996. Through their years of singing together, creating and promoting their debut album "Inevitable," Pinay has developed a distinctively mature, yet versatile sound.

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From their soulful and emotive voices to their alluring but refined looks, Pinay has what it takes. Audiences from all over have witnessed this fact every time Pinay takes to the stage. What is undeniable is that these ladies put on an unparalleled live performance, proving that their skill and talent is not studio made, but the real thing. "These girls are the real deal, on track and live," says KDON on air radio personality Picazzo.

And what does Pinay have to say about performing? "It's an amazing feeling being up on stage and feeding off of the energy of the crowd. It makes you want to give even more," says Irma. "Performing makes our music complete," Angelica adds, "You appreciate your efforts so much more when you sing live and people give you instant positive feedback."

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