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Kayla Sanchez is one of those most prominent Filipina-Canadian athletes. She’s represented Canada on the Olympic and World Championship levels. She’s a two-time Olympic Medalist, bringing home a silver and bronze medal from the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. 

Her first major international competition was in 2017 when she competed in the World Junior Swimming Championships in Indianapolis, representing Canada. At that first major international competition, Kayla took home two individual medals and a slew of gold medals with her team. Kayla then went on to compete with Canada’s 2018 Commonwealth Games team, and in 2019 she was a member of the inaugural International Swimming League.

Follow as Kayla, and her parents reminisce on her incredible journey and see how her parent’s sacrifices helped her achieve these dreams on this episode of “Making it in Canada.” You can catch the full episode of Kayla’s story premiering on MYX 1/30/22 at 7 pm PST.

About The “Making It” Series:

The “Making It” series is a new MYX original series that follows the multigenerational, challenging journey of successful Filipino entrepreneurs, artists & community leaders globally. The story documents the sacrifice and immigration of their parents & friends from the Philippines, that worked hard to help raise them and kickstart their careers. 

The comedian Keith Pedro is one of Canada's most known comedians. He has been featured on Kevin Hart's new Laugh Out Loud Network and Russell Peters' Roast Battle Canada. Keith has been headlining legendary Yuk Yuks and touring all across the globe from Montreal's Just For Laughs comedy festival to CBC's Halifax Comedy Festival & the Filipino Kings of Comedy Tour alongside Jo Koy.

Watch his "Making it in Canada" journey that included being featured on the E-Talk Sketch Crew "THE BOOM," acting on Degrassi The Next Generation, being on Sirius XM, and his comedy albums "Grindecology" & "Trillipino." Keith's mom sought a better life in Canada for her children early on as a migrant RN from the Philippines. Although it took some time for her to understand her son's career path, she can now enjoy seeing Keith and her grandchildren grow up with endless opportunities.

About The “Making It” Series:

The “Making It” series is a new MYX original series that follows the multigenerational, challenging journey of successful Filipino entrepreneurs, artists & community leaders globally. The story documents the sacrifice and immigration of their parents & friends from the Philippines, that worked hard to help raise them and kickstart their careers. 

Nelita Villezon is a martial arts expert, weapons specialist & actress She was named after her Lola (grandmother), who immigrated from the Philippines along with her father Erwin, who first settled into America via North Carolina. Erwin studied martial arts and was a student under Dan Inosanto. While in North Carolina, he met Nelita’s mother, Span, and they eventually headed out west to California so Erwin could pursue his dreams to work as a professional martial artist in TV & Film. 

With the apple not falling too far from the tree, Nelita began to train with her father from a very young age. She’s trained in several styles, including Eskrima, Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Wushu, and Northern Shaolin, just to name a few. When Nelita turned 20, her father fell ill, and her life drastically changed, but her gift and passion for martial arts that she learned from her father helped turn the darkest and lowest times in her life around. Nelita is currently acting in commercials, TV & film while being an entrepreneur of her own brand and trailblazer within the industry. Follow along as Nelita, and her parents reminisce on the stories of her family’s sacrifices, all of which helped shape how she is “Making it in America” today.

Watch the full episode below:

About Nelita:

Raised in Los Angeles, CA, a multi-ethnic actress, martial arts expert/ weapons specialist, and lifestyle content creator. Trained by her father Erwin Villezon, a Filipino martial artist and student under Dan Inasanto. She is trained in several styles including Eskrima, Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Wushu, Northern Shaolin, and many more styles.

Nelita was honored to be named one of Ahlan Magazine's 100 most influential people in 2019, Illustrado Magazines 300 Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf 2020 Legendary Edition. Was also featured in Women's Health Magazine Middle East, Gulf News, The National, and more! She has been able to work with top brands like Nike, Puma, Adidas, MAC Cosmetics, Honda, Nissan, and many more.

She uses her platform to share her passion for life, movement & diversity around the world. Nelita is living out her goals and sharing her passion for overall wellness, arts, and wellbeing through her signature branded VIEBRANT lifestyle. She is the winner of the 2021 “Lola Appreciation Day” contest created by Guapdad 4000 & MYX to share stories and give flowers to the matriarchs on social media. 

Photo by Ja Tecson

A special screening of the full episode was held for her closest family & friends. Watch the highlight video below that included special Ube-infused cocktails provided by Don Papa Philippine rum.

Nelita V Making it in America Screening 11/2 in Los Angeles

Making it in America Nelita V Episode Credits:

Executive Producer: @roslynnc

Producer / Writer: @ninollanera 

Director / Editor: @JonSantos 

Production Assistant: @KylePetrulio 

Anthony Schlander of "Anthony Presents" has thrown arguably the best parties in San Francisco for the past 20 years. That is until the coronavirus pandemic stopped everything in 2020. With covid-19 restrictions in place, Anthony maneuvered from the boredom of shelter-in-place to assisting fellow workers within the nightlife industry, to evolving his business model to become successful in the new world. Check out the trailer for Anthony's story on "Surviving the Pandemic" below.

SAN FRANCISCO - Anthony Schlander has built a reputation for throwing the most sought-after parties in the San Francisco Bay Area for the last 20 years.

But when the pandemic hit...the party stopped.

And with a business that thrived on large gatherings, this entrepreneur tried to be optimistic about the then proposed two-week shut down.

“I really thought the lockdown was really going to be short, short, short term,” said Anthony. “I don’t know where that idea came from or that time frame came from but it was definitely confusing, terrifying, upsetting. There were so many different emotions when that news came about.” 

After spending the first few weeks in his apartment cooking endless amounts of waffles, watching the entire Harry Potter series, and even reliving his party days through recap videos on YouTube, Anthony needed to do something.

And so Anthony began to reach out to his colleagues in the entertainment industry: bartenders, security guards, hostesses, and more.

With the help of the Bay Area Red Bull team and other brands, Anthony created “Feed the Industry” which was an initiative to provide meals to these workers who thrived off in-person events.

“We were able to feed maybe 600, 700 people in a matter of three months,” said Anthony. “It was very rewarding because at the same time I was actually delivering the food, as well, all over the Bay Area. I was actually meeting up with the industry folks. And you know what’s crazy? Half the people we were able to connect with, I actually didn’t know them.”

And as Summer 2020 approached, the nation saw some progress with the pandemic.

It was an opening Anthony took and made the move to bring his iconic day party Sundaze back at the iconic San Francisco venue The Endup. 

But it was met with some resistance. 

“That was kind of a special time or not a special time because it was a time because I actually had the industry divided as well,” said Anthony. “Because half of them were upset that I was opening and the other half were excited that I was opening. At that point in time I just wanted to lead the way on how to reopen. It wasn’t about putting people in danger or trying to make a quick dollar. It’s really just, we’ve been in the house for three months talking to ourselves or with your significant other. I put myself in everyone’s shoes. If there's a safe way to come back out, let me try.”

Even after getting approval from the City’s health department and the entertainment commission and putting the word out that “parties” were back, the results were not pleasing.

But even in this loss, Anthony said he was happy to bring some sense of normalcy to people.

“The 30 people that came had the best times of their lives,” said Anthony. “Because at the same time they were stuck at home and had no one to talk to. And those 30 people that I talked to that day were so grateful for the opportunity to be out with their friends.” 

As one idea flamed out, there came another.

Spark Social SF is an outdoor food truck park, beer & sangria garden, and event space located in the heart of San Francisco's Mission Bay neighborhood.

This is where Anthony was able to combine his love for fitness and event planning -- all while covid restrictions allowed activities to function outdoors.

“Outdoor fitness was deemed essential,” said Anthony. “All the coaches that I was working with is out of work right now. I want to work out. I think other people want to work out. We could work out outdoors. Spark Social is 100,000 square feet. You could put 15 people in there. I think I’m on to something.”

On July 17, 2020, Anthony put together the first outdoor group fitness event at Spark Social SF.

The fitness classes quickly grew in popularity that it prompted the opening of a new location of 4,000 sq. feet of turf. 

Anthony called this newest venture “Social Fit Club”. 

And stemming from the success of Social Fit Club, Anthony’s partnerships with Spark Social SF led him to operate a former street food park he would eventually call “District Six”.

“District 6 is the location of what district we are in San Francisco, which is in the SoMa District, which is historically the Filipino district, which is amazing,” said Anthony. “So that’s where the name came from. And the whole idea of it is it’s created by local guys we’re going to work with the local guys as well.”

Anthony opened District Six based upon careful consideration of the wants and needs of the community. 

“We have a barbershop here,” said Anthony. “We have food here. We have live music here. We have a beer and wine garden here. There’s something for kids. There’s something for adults. There’s something for in between. There’s something for couples. There’s something for singles. But that was the whole idea, too, to be part of the community. To not just do for-profit events. Let’s work with non-profits. Let’s work with the surrounding non-profits and community leaders in San Francisco. And we’ve been able to do that.”

One of Anthony's first big events at District Six was in November 2020.

It was a free family workshop in creating Filipino Christmas colorful star lanterns, called parols.

Back in then Seeing his new business model in motion, Anthony felt it was time to evolve and close the door on his past career of nightlife events.

“I think for me to progress and take those steps forward I need to leave what I used to do behind and take a few steps forward, '' said Anthony. “And this is really what I really want to do. I really want to do community events. I really want to do heritage events. I really want to include families.”

With a brand new venue and clientele, Anthony was back in business by 2021.

And even though he mentioned how his party planning days may be over he decided to merge the concept of arguably the most popular day party in the Bay Area, Sundaze, with his new business District Six.

“We turned Sundaze Day Party into Sundaze Brunch and Marketplace. And so with the brunch aspect, it was bringing people together through food. The marketplace was also an idea to help local businesses and local entrepreneurs with products and services have a place to sell their products and services. We provided another platform for aspiring entrepreneurs or people with storefronts who couldn't open up anymore so that was a whole evolution.”

With families, friends, foodies, and everyone in between visiting District Six, Anthony knew he had to do something for the music lovers.

With a network of beloved artists he developed partnerships through the years, Anthony brought the party back to the City. 

“Music is very powerful,” said Anthony. “Music does heal and especially when you get to see your favorite artists whether it’s Mya that was here. Bow Wow was here and Bow Wow has been such a great host in the Bay Area. Hosts like Jon B was here. One of our biggest shows was with Bryson Tiller. He brought them out. It was such a great show. We had Goaple come by. There’s been a mixture of different types of talent coming and we actually have a ton more coming.”

And just like Michael Jordan and Jay-Z, Anthony came out of retirement and is not only hosting parties again but adding a more inclusive experience through food and services.

“I was done with nightlife specifically at the time because I needed to do this,” said Anthony. “I needed to step into my new challenge which was 20,000 square feet of creative space.” 

While business is back, Anthony is reminded that it was never about the money, but the experience that keeps him going.

And now with this space and renewed motivation, Anthony is trying to lift more people up along the way.

“It's in our mission statement if you are working for me for me next to me whatever it is we need to implement the community at least once a month and donate our time and volunteer our space,” said Anthony.

Looking back to the March 2020 shelter-in-place order of cooking waffle after waffle, to reminiscing the past in his living room, to running and operating an outdoor venue dedicated to the community, Anthony is here to stay.

“Expressing my creative energy through events is what I’ve been doing for 20 years now and the future looks bright,” said Anthony. “I want to open more spaces. I want to get into more community. I want to make more impact. I want to help the city of San Francisco, whether it attracts more tourism, have dope events, work with other entrepreneurs and other small businesses, and just continue to support community here in San Francisco.”

Words By: Rommel Conclara of TFC/ABS-CBN News

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