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We all want that kind of love that knows no bounds and the trio band, of Mercury looks to bring us that feeling through their newest single, "ENOUGH." The track written collectively by the band members themselves, the song acknowledges how relationships grow stronger over time.

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In collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment, “ENOUGH was all about the doubt you had in your relationship. It’s a whole cloud of questions in your head where you wonder if you’re worth it to someone knowing the kind of things that you go through as a human. You mess up, you make mistakes, and all the insecurities you have sort of manifests and affect your relationship. But in this bombardment of doubt and struggle, you realize that that person would love you regardless of the mistakes you made, regardless of the things you’ve done. With that kind of love in your life, that is something that you can never get enough of,” says of Mercury.

As relationships grow stronger over time when partners are able to create compromises and weather storms both together and as individuals. "ENOUGH" marks the band's return to their rock-leaning roots, incorporating a brooding, bass- heavy sound with edgier sensibilities. The darker atmospherics and trademark cross-genre approach has morphed their production into a modified sound. This also marks the band's second single from an upcoming EP, CHANGING VOL 3.

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