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EZ Mil is gearing up for his first-ever Philippines tour. The Olongapo City native’s newest single, "Dalawampu't Dalawang OO (2200)" is an ode to his hometown. With lyrics primarily in Tagalog, the lyricist’s latest track aims to speak to Filipinos as a whole.

“It's my own narration of a story filled with struggle. With this song, I hope listeners can feel the angst, and my pride, mixed with orchestral instruments fused with nerve wracking-beats. It's a song about the citizens of Olongapo first and foremost, the bad and the beauty - but it doesn't just stick to one city but can speak to all Filipinos as a whole. I've always been proud of representing my hometown, 2200, so anyone who is proud of their city will definitely feel this."

"Dalawampu't Dalawang OO (2200)" is the second single off of Ez Mil’s upcoming sophomore release entitled DU4LI7Y, (Duality) which is expected to release this summer. Check out “2200” below!

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