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Just like Zack Tabudlo, we were all ready to say BYE 2021 and hello new year! The singer-songwriter and producer collabed with two artists, James Reid and Thai artist, Bilkin for his year end performances. Missed it, we got you with a recap of his performance for the songs "Hatdog" and "Give Me Your Forever."

"Hatdog" ft. James Reid - The newly released Tagalog track for 2022, Zack Tabudlo brings in James Reid for a soulful ballad. The "kick-back and listen" track starts off slow then changes tempo that matches each artists' vocals. According to Tabudlo, the first draft of the song was written in half an hour. Reid and Tabudlo first worked together for the music video ‘Para Sa Mga Ex’.

"Give Me Your Forever" ft. Billkin - The 2021 English song from Tabudlo’s debut album ‘Episode,’ is also a pop ballad. The track will totally get you simping and in your feels with lyrics like:

"I want you to know
I love you the most
I'll always be there right by your side"

Billkin was named named Thailand's most-streamed local artist on Spotify in 2021. For the event, each other performed separately in their own countries.

Tabudlo is set to go on the road for an eight-stop tour in the U.S. with Filipino rock band December Avenue. Stops include LA, San Diego, Seattle, Virginia, New York, more! Check below for details!

Cover Photo Credit: Zack Tabudlo Twitter

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