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Two R&B queens unite for a track that looks to encourage and uplift listeners. Mary J. Blige's track, "Good Morning Gorgeous" is reimagined in this remix featuring H.E.R. These two artists gives the track a different sounds with their harmonies, riffs, and verses.

H.E.R. co-wrote and co-produced the remix alongside D'Mile, giving the track ad-libs as both female powerhouses take turns singing throughout the track. According to Rated R&B, the studio session for creating this remix showed their professionalism and how dedicated they were to making a great track.

A&R Eddie Fourcell said, “That [studio session] was probably, of my career working, the fastest written record ever...There was a purpose and an intention in that session, and everyone was professionally a great musician. It was no playing around. H.E.R. on the bass, Lucky [Daye] on the melodies, and Tiara [Thomas] helping out. It was just so magical. It came about in literally two hours.”

When you have talent like Mary J. Blige and H.E.R., there could be no bad record. "Good Morning Gorgeous" is now available on all streaming platforms.

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