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Yeek a multitalented artist, filmmaker, and musician originally from New Jersey, but calls South Florida home. Now LA-based, he still looks to bring the southwest flavor to the West Coast. With an imaginative sound and influences from 90s culture, the album, Valencia pulls out all the stops.

First off, the track MH passes the SoundCloud vibe check. The contemporary R&B track with the catchy line will have you hooked:
Te extrano quando te vas no
She hit me with mahal kita

According to The Parté.com, the album looks at topics like relationships and family. There's the Filipino influence in his lyrics which blends so easily in the song. However, you also hear it in his sound. We know Filipinos love their ballads, but with that comes the love for R&B. Yeek gravitated towards this sound because of the karaoke family parties that blasted classic R&B records. "R&B music is a deeply-rooted part of Filipino-American culture."

A creative of his own from mixing, to producing, and mastering music himself, Yeek a one stop shop artist. However collaboration is still important to Yeek whether working with other artists or taking inspiration from places he traveled. Last year, he worked with London-based artist Bakar. Eager to put out music, in a recent Complex Interview he talked about not wanting to wait and rely on others to produce final cuts. So he that's how he became his own producer, mixer, and director. The accompanying short film for the album, h.a.w.a.i.i. is a self reflection of his hopeful younger days.

Also, Yeek talks about being a Filipino-American living in South Florida. Going from a community with a heavy Filipino population to being the only Asian in Naples, Florida was a culture shock.

"I was the only Filipino-American in my school. Anywhere I went in the whole town, I felt like I was the only Asian. It was crazy moving from Jersey where there were a lot, it was a big transition. I moved when I was nine or ten."

But Yeek still calls Florida home and he's ready to put it on the map. Check out the rest of the tracks on Valencia below!

Valencia Tracklisting:
1. Lumbago
2. Overthinking
3. 3000 Miles (Baby, Baby)
4. Back N Forth
5. M.H
6. ETA
7. Valencia
8. This Time
9. Watch Me
10. Dirty Pillow

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