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After 46M plays in 2 weeks for his "Panalo" performance, Ez Mil returns to the Wish Bus USA to perform "Cultura" with Hbom.

Watch the music video below:

Watch the exclusive interview with Ez Mil & HBom here on MYX with VJ Samm, after his recent "Panalo" performance just reach 40M views in 2 weeks. They answered a MXYer few fan questions here too.

The duo just announced Ez's first virtual concert with full live band and special guests that will be available to watch here on KTX.PH. Early bird tickets are only $5, get them NOW before the price goes up on 3/1. Also stay tuned into MYX as we will be giving them away for the next few weeks.

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Ez Mil "Panalo" performance on Wish Bus USA just reached 40M plays from around the world. Watch international reaction videos here.

NEW "Cultura" music video, Ez Mil featuring Hbom:


With Ez’s biggest influences as Chris Brown and Eminem; The music that he writes and releases usually hit closer to his real life and are less theatrical than his heavy and destruction-driven metal music, but he doesn't let that get in the way of his passion to deliver a solid experience to whomever takes a listen.

Hailing from the 2200; at the 27th of July, 1998, EZ was born a Filipino, half Caucasian in Olongapo City, Philippines. Born into parents that were tearing it up in the nation's local Rock & Roll scene, that city was his place of birth and where he was raised. As the norm of rebellion from over-exposure, instead of Rock, Hip-Hop / Rap was the first musical genre he fell in love with. Then as he grew up, being exposed to the peek of R&B / Pop infused with Hip-Hop.

Chris Brown & Eminem’s music and dancing became the first obsession for Ez's childhood self-expression, with there being a point where it was only Chris Brown songs and videos as his choice of entertainment. But from that obsession, brew his practice on the basics of vocal athleticism because of Brown's songs, and led to the love for dancing; which led him to another obsession for the Jabbawockeez. Having him diversify his dancing style from Krump, Michael Jackson, Pop n' Lock, Isolation (robotic dance subgenre), and a little bit of B-Boy.

But as any child who grows out of certain obsession phases, Ez was far unlike those children. For anything he falls in love with and obsesses over, he will for the rest of his life. Up to now, Ez Mil keeps stacking up on things that he loves to do, and no one has, or ever will keep him in one box. From musical genres in his music, producing, dancing, skateboarding, illustrative art, and many more.

Ez Mil & Hbom Reaction & Translation Video for "Panalo"


Philippine pop-rapper H-Bom first appeared in 1995 with the self titled album self titled Hbom with the smash hit Babaeng Misteryoza, in 1996 he alao cane out with his second album called Buhay, which included Miss Tindera which captured the hearts of a lot of filipinos. Despite his ominous moniker, H-Bom was rather tame. Rapping predominantly in English, his music recalled such American pop-rap crossovers as Will Smith, Young MC, or Shaggy without the reggae influence. H-Bom's sophomore release, Pwede Ba?, appeared in 1998; D' Real Side followed in 1999. The album continued in the same vein established by H-Bom's earlier material, with the rapper spinning non-threatening rhymes and occasionally singing. Like many Philippine pop stars, H-Bom avoided any hard edges on his material in order to cater to the largest audience possible.

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