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Markus Paterson visits MYX Global again but this time with his co-star Vivoree to talk about the movie, Hello Stranger: The Movie now streaming on Amazon. The movie based on the BL (Boys Love) web series of the same name, follows the characters Xavier played by Tony Labrusca and Mico played by JC Alcantara. These two characters cross paths and form an unlikely bond that develops into more than a friendship. While the series takes place entirely through their online interactions, the film brings Xavier and Mico face to face.

Vivoree Esclito reprises her role as Kookai and Markus Paterson plays the newcomer who might stir up trouble. DJ Marlino hosts the interview and gets the details about the film, what it was like shooting during the pandemic, and why the series and film is groundbreaking.

1. Markus' character, Simon makes things a little complicated between Xavier and Mico
The film brings Xavier, Mico, and friends to a beach resort where they get to know each other a little bit more. From the series, Xavier hurt Mico so they're back to square one. Markus says it explores the question if Xavier and Mico are or aren't going to be strangers. Simon makes the situation complicated as Xavier gets jealous of them growing closer.

2. The cast got to really bond together while filming
Because the series was shot mostly by the actors during the height of the pandemic, the film allowed them bond. They had their own lock in at a beach resort in Batangas, Philippines where they had it all to themselves. In between filming, the cast enjoyed the beach, campfires, and forming a friendship. Vivoree says, "it was really fun because we were able to bond together and then you were really able to connect".

3. Markus and Vivoree says the film is breaking ground in the Philippine industry
As the film is first of it's kind in the Philippines, Markus jumped at the opportunity to be a part of it. He wanted to be part of the ship that could steer opportunities for similar stories. Overall, he says it brings a message about friendships and relationships with one another.

"The movie is all about love. And that love is for everyone, it doesn't limit what gender preference you have."

The Cast of Hello Stranger

4. Vivoree along with the cast adopted to the new normal of filming
She explains that the work schedule was better and easy to adapt to. "The work ethics is quite better than before. We were able to have more rest days." With being on an isolated beach, she appreciated getting to know her cast better outside of work. Working with friends on a beach, sign us up!

5. It's 2021 and Markus and Vivoree wants the whole industry to vibe along
With the film being on a platform like Amazon, it's surreal for them to be part of the lineup. Markus says, "I have watched some movies from Amazon and it feels so surreal to know that we are part of the movie that's already showing on Amazon." Vivoree feels grateful to have the opportunity. "I feel so blessed to be a part of the show and I hope people would love the movie." They both hope that viewers appreciate the message the movie is actually trying to convey.

6. Vivoree was able to step out of her comfort zone with her role as Kookai
She describes herself as an introvert while Kookai contrastingly brought the energy. Being an introvert, she easily gets drained when interacting with many people. Something she learned from her character is to be friendlier to others and courageous. She's learned to manage her energy and balance between an introvert.

7. Markus was able to bring another level of maturity to the role of Simon
He explains being a new dad, he's just learning how to grow with maturity. Being a dad and partner, it's about time management and doing everything to the best of his abilities. It brought another level of maturity that he used with Simon. "I just I kind of implemented a lot of myself into the character because he was a new character. So I just kind of played with it and had fun."

"Everybody's being more open. Love is love and it's just a journey that we should all just vibe with."

Markus Paterson

8. They both hope for another chapter to the Hello Stranger story
Manifesting into existence, they'd both like to see either another season to the series or part two of the film. DJ Marlino asks where they'd like to take it, they said Japan! With the aesthetics of both Tony and JC, Japan would be the perfect backdrop. We have our fingers crossed!

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