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Congratulations are in order for Belle Mariano as she was named the first SHEIN-Philippines Brand Ambassador! The company, SHEIN is known for affordable pricing clothes and fashion with it being the world's largest fashion retailer. Belle joins the Philippines regional division as their only ambassador at the moment.

With this huge news, catch her at the SHEIN Pop-Up Showroom on October 20th at the Ayala Mall Manila Bay Activity Center. Make sure to come dressed in your best SHEIN outfit. RSVP here!

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Ever wonder how the creative minds behind Careless Music create the content we see and hear? Well the label founder and artist, James Reid takes us on a tour of the complex and a behind-the-scenes look of a day in the life of the culture-changing company. Starting from a small group of people, see how Careless Music has expanded into a full-size operation changing the music culture not only in the Philippines but worldwide.

First off, the tour was recording on James' birthday and the crew surprised him with birthday greetings, cake, and a miniature figure of himself and TikTok name, @jamsred. The coolest part of the complex is seeing how all the facility spaces have their own unique personalities to help the artists and those who work for the label freely create. James explains how it may be an office, but it's a comfortable working environment to collaborate and being one's own world. Check it all out below!

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As Bella Poarch continues to conquer content creation and venture into music, she sits down with Rolling Stone to talk about defying the odds in life, her career, and becoming a content creator. She co-covers the Rolling Stone’s Inaugural Creator Issue alongside MrBeast for the peelable bonus cover. The interactive edition features a 3D AR makeup where fans can unlock the filter by scanning the QR code. This issue is right up Bella's alley as she's been breaking the interwebs with her online content, check out the interview here.

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Rolling Stone highlights how Bella overcame life struggles, but never gave up. The magazine said, "Bella accumulated tens of millions of followers across social platforms thanks to her bubbly, charming online personality. In 2021, the Navy vet parlayed her social success into a burgeoning music career, debuting with songs like the body-positive, “Build a B****,” and her Sub Urban-assisted single, “INFERNO,” about overcoming trauma."

Bella gets raw in the interview by also openly talking about her panic attacks. Meeting new people especially in her growing career can take its toll. Naturally, she's a shy person who like many of us get nervous meeting new people. However, like everything in her life, Bella continues push through the anxiety and fear to reach her goals.

Cover Photo Credit: Bella Poarch Instagram

Model turned vlogger, LA Aguinaldo has been taking the social media scene by storm branching from travel video to now gracing the cover of magazines. The 29-year-old sensation keeps us up to date in the latest streetwear trends, styles, and all things fashion. In the latest anniversary issue of L'Officiel Hommes PH, LA shows us BVLGARI's newest Serpenti jewelry pieces that's sure to spice up any outfit.

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LA models many pieces from the collection like bracelets, rings, and necklaces all while having a real-life snake hanging around. He's definitely one brave soul as he literally channels his inner serpent.

ABOUT LA Aguinaldo
Nicknamed Boy Wonder, LA Aguinaldo gained popularity through his vlogs, #TheLAtravels where we catch him traveling around the world. He's also interviewed many names in entertainment like the cast of Netflix's You, Troye Sivan, the cast of Avengers, and more. Between his Youtube channel and other projects, LA is back to focusing on modeling. LA's journey started after winning Mr. Southville in highschool which opened opportunities in modeling and commercial gigs. Catch his latest adventures on his channel, @LAAguinaldo.

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As we dive in and celebrate Women's History Month, we've compiled a list of a few Filipinas who are making an impact in the YouTube space. They've been creating content we all enjoy and showing us just how capable and strong females are. Here are some of our favorite accounts, from Kim Chiu to Megan Batoon, and Liane V. These are only a few of the amazing women within this space. We would love to hear who some of your favorites are so tweet, comment, and share some of your faves on our social accounts @myxglobal.

Kim Chiu - Whether she's traveling, showing us her latest workout, or her latest outfit, she's sure to always bring the positive energy.

Andrea Brillantes - From make up tutorials to showing us a tour of her newly built home or doing the latest social media challenge, Andrea is one of your favorite Gen Z artists who brings a smile to your day.

Kathryn Bernardo - She may be new to the Youtube space, Kathryn is giving us prime digital content. Everyday Kath is full of special guests visiting her studio and taking us on a food trip of some of her favorite Filipino foods.

Megan Batoon - From initially creating dance and choreography videos, we're now obsessed with her DIY videos and thrifting her latest fits. She inspires us to take on a renovation on our own. Who says women couldn't handle power tools?

Liane V - She just slays in everything she does. Liane V helps us decide what to wear, how to do our hair, and how to strut to have a good day. She shows us self-care 101 and how possible it is to take care of ourselves every day.

Hannah Kathleen - If you're looking for an inspirational creator with loads of insight about life, career, and relationships then she's your gal. She may still be young, but her vlogs, podcasts, and 1-1 chats with her audience all say she's wise behind her years.

Heart Defensor Telagaarta - The beauty and fashion content creator has been giving us some of the best tips since 2010. Now, she's ventured to vlogs about cooking Filipino foods to ideas for decorating your space and showing her favorite hauls.

Niana Guerreror - Get your groove on with Niana as she shows you the latest dance crazes and moves. Also, get adventurous with her as she tries different foods from her travels.

Pamela Swing - Need a good lifestyle vlog and just an easy channel to binge? Pamela is your gal! Get to know her and her aesthetic through her videos.

Nisa Nuggets - Initially, she takes us through her life as a nursing student but now we get to follow her on her adventures throughout the Philippines. We may not know her real name, but we do know she knows the best food spots on the islands.

Drag queen and personality Manila Luzon or Karl Philip Michael is ready to teach you everything you need to know about drag with Manila's School of Drag. The RuPaul's Drag Race alumni who appeared on the show in Seasons 1 and 4 of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars and Season 3 of the original series now adds teacher and mentor to their list of accolades. Manila Luzon joins Nas Academy Creators, which is the first creator academy for the skills of the future to teach you all you need to know to feel "fabulously confident in your own skin."

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Sign up now for the course, which start on April 8th for $129. No prerequisites needed and all skill levels are welcomed. The 7-day course only will take 2 hours per day and you'll have the full-on drag experience. Learn the basics of drag makeup, how to pose like a pro, develop a stage presence and more from Manila Luzon herself, other drag queens, and video tutorials. Students will transform themselves by learning how to revamp their looks while being confident in their personalities. Find the schedule on the convenient syllabus provided in the course description. Don't wait last minute and save your spot now!

Cover Photo Credit: Manila Luzon Twitter

The newest Fashion Director of Interview Magazine, the Fil-Am and California native Dara Allen has been breaking barriers in fashion. The gender non-conforming model turned fashion director began their career as a fashion journalist before landing their debut runway show in 2017. Let's get to know a little bit more about the person breaking the fashion mold, Dara Allen.

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1. Before becoming a runway model, Dara started as a fashion journalist.
Dara entered fashion through journalism and never thought about being on the other side of it. She told Vogue Magazine back in 2017, "Fashion writing was what I was doing beforehand, but then I realized I loved the visual aspect of things."

2. Her first official runway show was for the Marc Jacobs Fall ’17 show.
It is rare, but not impossible to take part in a runway show as an unsigned model and Dara did just that. She was one out of four non-gender conforming models who strut their way into fashion week. Since then, she's walked multiple shows for brands like Prabal, Kenzo, and Erdem and attended fashion week events all over NYC.

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3. Dara was named Interview Magazine's latest Fashion Director.
Just recently, the fashion magazine broke the news that Dara is joining the Interview team as Fashion Director. The magazine was established in 1969 by Andy Warhol. This is a huge accomplishment for her as she paved her way up to Director from starting out as a fashion editor, journalist, stylist, and model.

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4. Fashion designer, Erdem Moralıoğlu told Vogue Magazine Dara has the best walk.
For her first fashion show at 23 years old, Dara caught the eye of fashion designer, Erdem Moralıoğlu. “Dara has the best walk. She reminds me of how I imagine an Avedon model would move in the 1950s—she has a transformative quality.” Her recent strut down NYC streets shows how elegant and dramatic her walk is, perfect for the runway.

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5. Fashion is Dara's form of self expression.
Dara used to play dress up with her friend as a child and now she does it for a living. She gained confidence through fashion as it allowed her to be unique and evolve to her own. Dara told i-D in 2019, “Fashion gave me a language. Fashion saved my life. It allowed me a way into other people that I have come to love—my friends and the people I hold dear. It was this thing that we all had in common.”

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What happens when Bretman Rock can't make it to New York Fashion Week? Well, he'll bring the fashion himself. Bretman shared different looks this week just as if he was strutting on the runway. Who needs a runway when you can make just as iconic fits at home like Bretman for Bretman Rock Fashion Week #BRFW. Take a look at what Bretman rocked this week to get into the fashion week spirit!

Bretman kicked it off with a clean and sleek suit.

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Then he welcomed the first official look inspired by the Vietnamese traditional costume Ao Dai.

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Bretman takes the runway to the beach in a flowy and loose fitting fit.

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He rides into the end of the week in a matching set with a corset top. Where can we get ours?

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What's your favorite fit from #BRFW and which one are you stealing? #BRFW should definitely be an event that happens every year from now on.

Cover Photo Credit: Bretman Rock Instagram

Fil-Am vlogger and creator Alex Wassabi is gearing up to take the ring against fellow Youtuber Deji. It's a UK vs. U.S. matchup taking place on March 5th at The SSE Arena, Wembley. There's a lot of hype going on among viewers and fans as each fighter boasts between 10-11 million followers on the platform. Purchase tickets for the main event in London here or you can watch worldwide on Showstar TV PPV here.

Alex Wassabi has been taking a break from his channel to figure out a new direction for himself, his brand, and channel. He made the announcement of his hiatus at the beginning of this year and it looks like he's now venturing out to boxing. As he takes on Deji, Youtuber KSI's younger brother, in the ring, the anticipation is rising. Both fighters are new to the boxing world, but they're not taking shortcuts in their training.

Are you Team US or Team UK? Tickets go on-sale to watch the match live starting January 14th on or catch it anywhere your are Showstar TV PPV.

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With the cold and sometimes snowy or rainy weather, we all looking for a comfy outfit. Here comes Patrick Starr with his latest holiday collection, Fierce Comfort in collaboration with Fashion to Figure. The collection includes must-add items for your Christmas list.

Dress down for the holidays with a sherpa-like suit complete with a jacket and sweats, all the way down to a bucket hat. But planning on a night out or need something to wear for a Friends-mas party? Dress up your fit with tons of sweater, cardigans, and long coats. The collection even has you covered if you're feeling fancy with sequence gowns, pant suits, and blazers. You'll be dressed for any occasion.

Patrick Starrr wants everyone looking stunning for the holidays so there's no excuse now. "I am so excited to share with you my new collection with Fashion to Figure titled 'Fierce Comfort...'My ultimate favorites are the blue and white teddy hoodie and highwaisted jogger pants! I've also included beautiful sparkly formal pieces, perfect for stuntin' before the family relatives too." The collection is only available for a limited time so don't wait until it's too late to grab your fit!

Cover Photo Credit: Patrick Starr Twitter

Asia Jackson has been breaking barriers in media for women of color. She's pioneered for activism pertaining to individualism and being proud of one's culture and background. Her collaboration with UPRISERS, a community-driven streetwear brand dedicated to amplifying impactful and authentic stories, marks another accomplishment for Asia. The brand teams up with activists, trendsetters, and warriors of change to mobilize and transform communities and Asia Jackson is a perfect fit.

The collaboration collection is exclusively available for Pacsun starting December 2nd and includes university-esque apparel like shirts, long sleeves, and sweaters that were co-designed by Asia. She mentions that this collaboration is more than creating apparel as it's an opportunity to show the importance of representation. This is Asia's next step to continue sharing her-story and building empathy among each other.

"Anyone who works in this industry knows that opportunities like these don't come by very often for women, let alone women of color. So i'm super grateful to pacsun for giving me and @weareuprisers this incredible opportunity, as well as to YOU guys for your overwhelming + continued support!"

Cover Photo Credit: UPRISERS Website

Singer, Songwriter, Actress, and Influencer Jules Aurora is hopping into the MYXed Bag hot seat and is excited to answer your Fan Questions. So, submit away to the form below, and let's see which fan questions make it into Jules's MYXed Bag episode. The deadline for submissions is 11/16/21.

Jules Aurora MYXed Bag

About MYXed Bag:

MYXed Bag takes your favorite celebrity and puts them in the hot seat, answering your fan-generated questions from our MYXed Bag. The new MYX digital show gives the fans the opportunity to submit questions for the show via the MYX Global website.

Watch. Listen. Experience.

MYX gives you access to music centric content and entertainment by Filipino and Asian artists through a multi-platform experience. MYX is the best place to discover new artists alongside internationally renowned artists, and watch live TV, stream original shows, listen to online radio stations, and be front and center at events trending in America, Canada, Philippines and the world.
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