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It's time to add alternative rock band ST. WOLF to your radar, if you haven’t yet. With rousing lyricism and the ability to pull their fans into their sonic worlds, ST. WOLF continues to assemble a thoroughly emotive discography. Through their new single TLKDN, the band carries the same technicalities they're known for over to a new sound.

Lyricism for TLKDN is a method of relief and ST. WOLF is demanding to be heard on their latest single. Frontman KL Dela Cruz and the rest of ST. WOLF credit the power of expression set in their songwriting, making space for connection between them and their fans. On the song title and inspiration, the band explained, "KL came up with the title TLKDN (Talikdan) which means talikuran in Tagalog or to leave, abandon or renounce in English. He was inspired by a practice called "Disemvoweling'' which is a kind of internet punishment, where comments, posts, or even articles are stripped of all vowels. It's designed to make arguments hard to read, without resorting to outright censorship or deletion. This also embodies what the song is all about, which is a battle from captivity. It is about letting go of things that are not good for you. He believes that sometimes it’s much better to let go when things don’t work out the way they should, regardless of how painful it is."

The accompanying music video underlines the message through symbols that tread between light and gloom, emphasizing the theme that longing for hope will take us closer to being free. The TLKDN music video is the journey of the band searching for Amala (Arabic for Hope), which was connected to Luhang Umaapaw's music video. There are also scenes where you see the band doing a set of rituals (meditation scenes) called “Arrival” - an awakening that connects people. When someone arrives, they’re not considered Faceless anymore, freeing them from captivity. But before having the urge to have freedom, first, we to long for hope. The released MV so far shows that our hope, Amala, is captured by the “The Three Evils' ' who use her energy to create “false hope” and show them through different media like the three TV’s, " ST. WOLF described.

Talking about their creative process on the second year of quarantine, they shared, "Zoom and Discord have been our go-to. Throughout the whole quarantine, we have been working on our songs by passing around files. Since everyone has their own workstations, we’ve been working that way remotely. The music video was a collaborative effort between us and KNYA Collective. The concept we thought of was a sequel to our previous MV release, “Luhang Umaapaw''. In LU, we wanted to portray the prophecy of the world we created where the band was looking for “Amala”, the source of hope. TLKDN, therefore, was the fulfillment of said prophecy."

There is something striking about ST. WOLF's music video, but TLKDN wasn't created without any difficulties. According to the band, "KL wrote the song TLKDN in January 2020 but they haven’t recorded it since October 2020 because of the unpredictable status of the pandemic. Shooting the video, the management, production, and the band went through the protocols like swab tests, social distancing, etc. before the shoot. In terms of songwriting, it all came naturally to us and the way they did it was always a collective idea."

The pandemic’s already taken a huge toll on all of us and looks like we’re gearing up for yet another challenging year. We either strap up or surrender. We have just approached the last quarter of 2021, and like us, the pack of ST. WOLF is showing no sign of giving up. "TLKDN is one piece of the whole story, a part of the whole body. Expect more from the band in late 2021."

You can now watch ST. WOLF's TLKDN on Youtube, and stream the single on your digital music platforms. For the latest updates on your favorite musicians, follow Warner Music Philippines on their social media pages.





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