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Filipino-American singer Lyn Lapid is back with a new single! “Detached” features emotionally charged vocals over glimmering piano and cinematic production. In the song, the singer poses the question: “How are you so detached?” in her verses.

When discussing the track, Lyn said: “A lot of the time when I find it difficult to pull inspiration from my own experiences, I tend to write about my friends and their experiences. I remember talking with my friend who was unsure about the guy she had been talking with. When they were together, he’d make her feel so special and say the sweetest things to her, but the moment she had to leave his side, he acted like she didn’t even exist to him. It turns out he had been doing this with multiple girls all at once, my friend being one of them. It made us both wonder how someone could make you feel like the most important person in the world, and then turn around and get with somebody else the next evening. That’s why I wrote detached, it’s about believing that you are ‘the one’ for a person, only to find out that they can and will replace you like you’re nothing.”

Lyn Lapid is a social media sensation who grew her fan base off of viral covers. She currently boasts over 5M followers on TikTok and has over 428 million global streams to date. Check out her latest song “Detached” below.

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