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Run, don't walk because P-pop group, SB19 just launched dope merch after their EP, Pagsibol. The official merchandise has something for everyone! The line features unique designs that references songs from the album, videos, and artwork. It'll provide the full "fan experience" and just like you, we can't decide what to get.

There's three main collections available: What? Collection, MAPA Collection, and Pagsibol Collection. We have the breakdown of each for you!

What? Collection: Includes iron-On Patch and Enamel Pin inspired by the their first single
MAPA Collection: Bundle that includes a T-shirt, collectable photo card, handmade resin keychain, along with its own Iron-On Patch and Enamel Pin
Pagsibol Collection: Another bundle that includes a poster and photobook

If you're into keepsakes, then the photobook is perfect. It includes so many goodies that any fan would love. The bundle has a collectible streaming plaque, SB19 poster, postcard, sticker sheet, and member photocards. We chose our players and they're SB19!

“It was curated by fans for fans, and we wanted to make sure that it would live up to expectations especially with it being the first of its kind for P-pop." - Sony Music Philippines

The team behind this exclusive line was SB19, Sony Music Philippines, and ShowBT. Externally, they also collaborated with Filipino artists Irmay Ledesma and Bea Zaragoza to come up with top-notch designs. The designs reflect the SB19 brand, what their music stands for, and matches with the group's vision. SB19 member, Justin De Dios served as co-creative director for the project and liaison for the rest of the group, providing input on creative decisions.

"We made sure to involve SB19 members and ShowBT in every step of the way - from concept, design, down to execution and production. We presented our own ideas in the beginning, and from there, the ideas evolved as to what the whole team envisioned for the project."

Fans everywhere are loving the merchandise as it's been receiving positive feedback. Pre-orders skyrocketed when it was announced and the momentum continues for SB19.

The official Pagsibol merchandise is available on the following channels:

For local online purchases:

For international purchases (ships worldwide):

Cover Photo Credit: Sony Music Philippines

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