Rising young stars, Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin enter the next steps to their careers with this team up for Ace Banzuelo's newest music video for the song, "Muli." This marks one of their first official projects as a tandem pair, which is known by fans as FranSeth. The video hit 1 million views on its first day after the release on July 3rd. The long time friendship and connection the two actors have shined through in their portrayal of lovers. Their chemistry is off the charts that matches the tone of the track.

Ace Banzuelo's pop ballad shows the ups and downs of a relationship from the good moments all the way up to its falling out. The break-up track hits the heartstrings with its hard-hitting lyrics of longing, regret, and hope. The aesthetic of the video with its darker gradients and muted colors portrays the sadness of the melody and the lyrics. Francine and Seth's acting skills were top notch making audience believe and feel the hurt of a break-up.

There will be more FranSeth coming soon as they will be staring in a new ABS-CBN and Dreamscape Entertainment series, Dirty Linen with Janine Guiterrez and Zanjoe Marudo. "Muli" gives us a taste of the potential of this tandem and we're excited to see more!

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Chris Brown just dropped his 10th full-length album! The highly anticipated “Breezy” features 24 songs in the standard edition and a whopping 34 songs in the deluxe edition. As expected from a project from CB, the entire release is full of r&b hits just in time for the summer!

Two of these songs feature writing credits from Filipino singer/songwriter John Concepcion. John took to his Instagram to announce the news last week:

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“Show It” has social media raving and is clearly one of the standout records off of “Breezy.” Congratulations to John Concepcion! You can pre-save the singer's upcoming single here.

Singer-songwriter Zack Tabudlo takes a different tone with his latest single, "Anghel" by emphasizing a more blues and soul sound with the track. "Anghel" continues to take on the theme of love and relationships where Zack took inspiration from a quote by Thomas Aquinas, "Love is willing the good of the other." The soulful song is sure to inspire its listeners and is now available to stream!

The song is a reminder that those of us who love others, regardless of what our relationships are with them, sometimes need to self-reassurance. According to Zack, the song "came out of nowhere" but still follows the basis of his style. The track was produced and recorded by himself, which really shows off his versatility.

Zack shared his thoughts on the meaning behind the track, “It’s about someone who doesn’t realize their worth and [my song makes] them realize [that] they deserve more than they think.” In writing this surprise for his many devoted listeners, he turns his attention this time to something that is real for many people in this uncertain age, which is self-doubt. The lyrics urge the beloved to be better than their wounds and see themselves as the angelic figure they could really be.

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The indie-alternative duo of Dilaw broke into the music scene with their debut single, "3019," a song about “speaking up for the oppressed and standing up to our oppressors" have now released their second single, "Kaloy."

Dilaw fuses multiple genres with thought-provoking lyrics and music that reminds you of rock but with a twist. Starting out initially as a solo rapper, he joined forces with Vie Dela Rosa to officially create the duo Dilaw. They aim to make their mark in music through their sound, message, and creating relationships. Listen to their latest track on all streaming platforms!

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Check out the talented Kyle Echarri's newest track, "Cupid's Arm" that's sure to bring the feels. Fall in love with the melody and groove along with the lyrics. For this, he collaborated with Tarsier Records producer, Moophs who's also worked with Inigo Pascual and Markus Paterson for their latest music.

The lyric video shows us a photo roll of Kyle through his many phases. Like in the song, an important person can help express yourself in many ways. Who's with us when we say it's going to be on repeat! Also, check out some of the BTS on making the music from Moophs and the Tarsier Records studio!

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It's almost been a year since we heard something new from Fil-Aussie artist Jess Connelly and now on her birthday, she drops a new song, "Better" to celebrate! The lo-fi and R&B track stays true to her mellow roots with sultry vocals and lyrics speaking on a strong relationship where that one person knows you better than anyone else.

We first saw something cooking when the R&B singer made changes to her Instagram account and left us hanging with a fresh feed and post saying new music is on the way. There's no other way to celebrate a birthday other than dropping a new single! We hope more music is brewing or a video is on the way, but until then check out the snippet below or listen to the full version on most streaming platforms.

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Jonn Walter, former frontman of the band Down by 18, is now embarking on a solo career. The Leyte-native vocalist has just released a new single entitled “Ikaw,” one of the many songs he wrote during the pandemic, and is now ready to release in 2022.

He detailed the song in a statement via press release below:

“The song is about a very interesting individual that captured my heart. It was a very special time in my life — so in short, that song is a real-life experience of mine. Hoping she’s out there and she’ll hear it once it's out. I owe it to her to do good in what I do. I pray that she is well too. I want her to know that I constantly think of her. What we shared was special enough that I wrote this song.”

Watch the music video for “Ikaw” below.

The SB19 member who's been venturing as a solo artist under the name, FELIP has released his latest single, "Bulan." The follow up track is accompanied by a music video that highlights Filipino deities and mythology of pre-colonial times.

The lyrics play off this theme by mentioning figures like the moon goddess Haliya, serpent-like dragon Bakunawa, and FELIP as Bulan. The disclaimer on the video explains the reason behind choosing this theme. It's a “creative interpretation of our nation’s collective memory of Filipino ancient deities. Definitive resources for this aspect of our culture have been destroyed during the colonial period, hence, the goal for this release is to encourage the youth to dig deep, discuss, and to keep this aspect of our memory alive for generations to come."

The release of “Bulan” was initially targeted for mid-May but was postponed in light of the recent presidential elections happening during that time. This was a decision by FELIP and his team as the song's goal is to “encourage discussions around our ancient culture and revisit this aspect of our collective memory as Filipinos.” This is his second solo single after the debut of "Palayo."

Girl group, G22 returns not only with a new aesthetic but also a new sound for their second single, "Babalik." The track looks to highlight the female alphas of the world and show just how powerful ladies can be just like themselves.

This sound is so different from anything they've done previously as they stepped out of their comfort zone. G22 can do it all from being fierce with the debut track, "BANG!" to also showcasing their softer side with "Babalik." It's currently featured on Spotify's playlists P-Pop On The Rise and New Music Friday Philippines! Also, check out the released lyric video!

Cover Photo Credit: G22 Twitter

To prepare for his debut album, Manila Killa releases a brand new track with Lights called, "Dusk." The new song is also the name of the album that's ready to drop this summer. The collaboration between the two artists brings out a project with multitudes of flow and feelings, pushing the sound of electronic music.

The track colors vivid imagery, which brings the lyrics to life that matches Manila Killa's refined sound design. "Dusk" delivers an ideal scenario of being the soundtrack played while escaping the city to something much quieter.

Manila Killa shares, "'Dusk' is a song that I always imagined to be played on the road leaving the city heading towards the desert. I made sure to encapsulate that feeling through my production, and reaching out to Lights to lay down the vocals was the missing piece to complete the song. This one's special to me because I looked up to Lights and listened to her well before I began my music production journey, so it feels like a full circle moment to have her on the song. I'm hoping people feel a type of yearning emotion when listening to it as that's what I've felt throughout the journey of creating this song over the last year."

Surveying the wonders of cultures from across the globe, Chris Gavino, best known as Manila Killa is a well-traveled producer inspired by his cross-continental upbringing. A now decorated producer with an expansive repertoire of accolades, Manila Killa cut his musical teeth as a high schooler in the Philippines by combining self-taught Ableton lessons with a penchant for electronic music. Guided by emotion-driven soundscapes and the connective nature of melodic dance music, Manila Killa excels at synthesizing the foundations of human passion. In 2014, he formed the successful house duo Hotel Garuda and co-founded his own independent record label Moving Castle which has since housed acts like Robokid, Slow Magic, Khamsin, and many more. 

Since his departure from Hotel Garuda in 2018, Manila Killa refined his solo craft with his 2019 debut EP '1993which garnered praise from media heavyweights like Billboard, Forbes and Ones To Watch, adding to a laundry list of critical-acclaim from tastemakers like Complex, Paper, and NYLON. With official remixes for Chvrches, The Knocks, Tegan and Sara, and performances at festivals like Firefly, Electric Zoo, 88rising's Head in the Clouds, and more, Manila Killa is defined in equal parts as a producer, performer, and in-demand collaborator. Dedicated to the consciousness of contemporary dance music, Manila Killa is distilling years of passionate experience and expertise to unveil his debut album in the summer of 2022.

Currently, Manila's Top 10 Streaming Markets worldwide include Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Singapore.

"Asia's Soul Supreme," KZ Tandingan is back with an empowering pop track, "Winning" that talks about choosing to make oneself better. The Tagalog-English track was produced by GRAMMY-nominated producer DJ Flict, and co-written by GRAMMY-winner TxTHEWAY with multi-hyphenate Filipino producer and songwriter Jonathan Manalo. Check out the track on all streaming platforms and watch the out-of-this-world music video below!

"Winning" embodies the idea of believing in yourself and choosing to fight on. The song carries a futuristic beat with a Filipino rap written by KZ herself. The hard-hitting beats and fierce melodies will draw you in and have you put it on repeat. KZ and the team fuses different styles together for a modern and unique record with a message regarding self-love, growth, and confidence.

"'Winning' is an empowering song that reminds us that instead of just sulking after a bad break up, you can always choose to win in life and fight for yourself - make it something that’s going to push you to make yourself better."


KZ Tandingan burst into the music scene after winning the grand prize at the first season of The X Factor Philippines in 2012. Since then, she has been called “Asia’s Soul Supreme” as she continues to excite the music industry and her supporters. With her exemplary talent, KZ has broken out of the shadow of her win and paved a way for herself. She has evolved to be an artist who dares to be different, edgy and authentic both with her sound, look and style. Now she has her own share of hit songs, shows, highlighted by numerous recognitions. KZ also catapulted into the international scene when she joined a singing contest in China, “Singer 2018,” where she took the top spot, beating UK artist, Jessie J. 

Last 2021, KZ began her journey to conquering more by releasing her first international single, “11:59” under Tarsier Records, from the musical genius of GRAMMY-nominated producer Luigie “Lugo” Gonzalez, Paulino Lorenzo, and Idrise Ward-El. This 2022, on her 10th year in the industry, KZ empowers her listeners to win in life as she releases her second international single, "Winning."

Cover Photo Credit: Tarsier Records

The P-pop sister group to FIRST ONE Entertainment's 1ST.ONE, the label's first female group, DIONE is ready to take center stage. The ladies of DIONE: DK, Clara, Joyden, and Ella promises to set the P-pop world on fire with their captivating singing, rapping, and impeccable dancing skills starting with their newest song, "BLING BLING."

The new track is an upbeat pop banger that will have fans put it on a continuous loop. With the song's inspirational lyrics, "BLING BLING" tells listeners to pursue their dreams despite going through life's problems. Sometimes we hide behind a facade to conceal how we feel, but DIONE tells us to keep pushing.

See the group show us what they can do in the new music video. Joyden, the leader of the group shared, “The beat, the choreo, and the MV! and our hearts, we really prepared a lot for this. ” Fans have been wanting more from DIONE since their performance at the New Frontier Theater and Smart Araneta Coliseum for the 2022 P-POP CONVENTION where they nailed "BLING BLING" live on stage. P-pop fans are excited to see what else is in store for this rising girl group.

Cover Photo Credit: First One Entertainment Philippines

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