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After the Noon Records proudly presents their  newest single entitled “Meet Me at Sunrise,” written  by Arthur Tan and Lesha, with music by Tan and vocals by Lesha. The track delivers a new take on a breakup song and by channeling an upbeat banger and that brings the singular crucial realization, “You are not the  same no more.” 

Once you press play, there’s no stopping the groove. Listeners will know they’re in for a treat. “Meet Me at Sunrise” starts on an introspective note as Lesha laments, “I  thought about all the times we used to get along.”  As the track progresses and the instrumental grows,  she becomes more confident in herself, concluding:  “Now I’m just thankful that I never even tried to stay.” 

It’s rare to find breakup songs that sound warm and enlightening, and that’s exactly what Tan achieves with his charismatic music production. He brings buoyancy to the concept with his light snare rhythm and simple piano-synth track. Along with Lesha’s  seductive vocals, the uplifting rave tune balances out  its heart wrenching message. 

“Meet Me at Sunrise” successfully conveys that feeling of post-separation consolation. Whether or not you've experienced that feeling, the song’s overall hopeful energy will have you rooting for anyone going through that similar situation.  

It’s safe to say that Arthur Tan and Lesha will bring their own novelty to the table in this instant DJ classic; a sure bet to get everyone (including those with broken hearts) back up on their feet. 

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“Meet Me At Sunrise” will be available for streaming  on November 25, 2022, on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and Amazon Music.

Cover Photo Credit: After The Noon Records

The Aussie-Filipina artist, Jess Connelly is back with the dreamy tunes in this new track, "2AM." We all know when we're up late, we tend to overthink and our thoughts are racing. In this new song, she shares her own 2 AM thoughts and explores that "what-if" relationship.

The R&B and soul singer has been dropping singles this year and the track marks her 7th release of the year. There's still more to come from Jess as she drops brand new music again soon with "Bittersweet" by the end of the week.

"2AM" was produced by Ervin Garcia and DreEazy.

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"Find You” is a neo-soul, R&B track by singer, songwriter daze. This is the lead track from her debut EP, Metanoia. Inspired by her own experiences, “Find You” talks about making a connection with that special someone even through the darkest of times.

“I’ve always been a small circle kind of girl, and so all my relationships are incredible important to me. And growing up in a small town, I’ve always understood the value of loyalty. And for me, this song is about choosing to be with someone even if it’s not easy.”

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Her debut EP, Metanoia is inspired by her own journey of self discovery and transformation through love. It’s a collective work where she allows us to journey with her as she navigates life and love. Daze showcases her versatility as an artist through the various styles she presents in her songs.

"I would say that the inspiration behind Metanoia is my love for story-telling. I love writing music that feels true to me and my life, even if it puts me in a very vulnerable place. Each song brings me back to a certain point in my journey—who I was with, what was important to me at that time, and who I was then compared to who I am now. And that’s why I feel like this EP has been a true transformation of my heart from the time I started it to when I release it."

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Need a midweek pick me up, the recently new collaboration between Darren Espanto and AC Bonifacio is sure to give you the energy. The pop track has the catchy lyrics and beat that will get you dancing along with "First Day Vibes." Incorporating the vibes from Lyric and the Beat, catch the two show off their talents during class with help from their friends.

So time to put your hands up in the hair and jam along with Darren and AC!

Cover Photo Credit: Darren Espanto Instagram

This women-empowering track, "1Nightwitu" by Singaporean-Filipina Ysa Yaneza is ready to take the music scene by storm. The track is an island-tinged, dance-pop track that celebrates women empowerment and encourages young ladies from varying cultures and upbringing to embrace their sexuality and value their self-worth. It's also the lead single from her upcoming self-titled EP, YSA.

A music video was also released at the same time with the song's premiere, which was shot by filmmaker Jaig D. Guzman. Shot in Metro Manila, the visuals showcased the singer having the time of her life with friends and some she met in a club. “For this music video, I was drawn to earthy tones, giving those late Y2K vibes,” says the indie pop star. “What the director brought was kind of a modern twist to all of these nostalgic inspo that I had. I wanted the music video to really convey female empowerment.”

Co-written and produced with LA-based artist, Shubu and arranged with Stuart Hawkes helped give the track a fuller, more intricate musical direction. They'll be more music coming soon leading up to the release of the EP so stay tuned!

Cover Photo Credit: NYOU

Get ready to groove into the weekend with James Reid's new track, "u & i." His latest song shows off his new dance-pop sound he's been teasing. We can expect more new music as James is set to release an album soon!

While we wait for the album to drop, James blesses us also with a new video featuring model, Kelsey Merritt. The steamy music video shows the two contrasting personalities in this epic love story where opposites attract. The two have a night long adventure that includes a stretch limo, dancing, and colorful lights. We're definitely here for this new era of James.

To celebrate, James and his Careless Music team went live on the Careless Music Tiktok account to debut the track, tease his upcoming album, and answer a few fan questions.

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The alternative band Nameless Kids' returns with a brand track with “Hotel Runs.” The pop song that talks about an ex that you couldn’t seem to resist, and always end up in a complicated situation with.

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It takes inspiration from The 1975 and flor and showcases a darker side of Nameless Kids, adding a little bit of 80’s grunge to the sound with live drums, guitar solos, synths and more rhythmic and percussive vocal melodies. 

Starting this song was one of those “I need to write” moments that turned out to be something that the whole band could work on and finish. The song shows a darker version of Nameless Kids, because we’re ready to start our next chapter.



Nameless Kids is Indie/Pop/Alternative band that likes to write about experiences that have happened, are happening, and are bound to happen. There are no walls for the music that they make, having multiple people that write in the group gives them a broader sense of relatability since their songs are like a collective of all of their emotions - may they be negative or positive. Their debut single, “Outlaws” was awarded Best Performance of a New Group Recording Artist at the 34th Awit Awards, and they were a part of the Nylon Big, Bold, Brave Awards, as well as the MYX Music Awards 2021 that was headlined by LANY. This year, they’ve been able to play MYX Live and Araneta Coliseum following the feature of their songs in the official soundtrack of the hit TV series “He’s Into Her.” They are set to perform during the Awit Awards 2022 Nominee Fest this Sep 23 and have a couple of gigs lined up.

Cover Photo Credit: Tarsier Records Instagram

The comeback track "Fiyaah" by VXON is the music the fans have been waiting for. The song is a reminder to embrace your passions and unleash your inner star. The song is a collaboration and co-production among the group members paving way for creativity and expression.

Within hours of its release, the track hit No. 3 on the iTunes chart in the Philippines and hit No. 1 in the UAE. When a new track releases, you know it comes with a brand new music video. The colorful visual begins with a warm tone and switches gears with a dark layout that involves fire. To stand out with such a bright background, VXON keeps it simple all in black or white outfits.

Besides being talented performers, the group also proved their versatility by incorporating three different languages into the track from English to Tagalog, and Spanish. Check it all out below!

Cover Photo Credit: VXON Twitter

The young Fil-Am artist, Ashley Mehta only releases bangers. If you follow her on social media, you've noticed then she's been putting in the work at the studio and now we know what she's been up to. "Weekend" is her latest track that is sure to bring you the good vibes to your weekend.

Vibe along with the catchy chorus and melody that will hook you at the very beginning. To match the sound is the sleek and cool cover art. Listen to "Weekend" available now on streaming platforms.

To celebrate the release of her new single, Ashley also celebrated 50k followers on Instagram! She thanks everyone for their support and that the journey is only getting started.

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Aviators are a hard-hitting rock band from Manila that are heavily influenced by the melodic sheen of British pop music from the 1960’s and grittiness of the post-punk revival. A musical partnership that spans for more than a decade starting with John Roxas and Arvy Zafra. Analogies On Love is their debut album, a collective of eleven different ways to describe the unexplainable feelings of love. It explores themes of the complexity of expressing love and how it’s never black & white.

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This album by Aviators is heavily inspired by synthpop and brit-pop rock. Written in the midst of the hardest months of 2020, it serves as a reminder that we are capable of making the most of what we’ve got. The band shares, "We chose the title ‘Analogies On Love’ because of our innate urge to write songs about the complexity of expressing love. It’s never black and white or a two way street, so we wanted to translate that into indirect songs directly addressing the many feelings of love."

One of the tracks featured on the album is "Warp Speed." It brings listeners to another dimension as it explores themes of
lust and temptation, taking common human emotions and translating it into music. The space-age themed tune was the first track written for the album filled with musical elements the band is known for. Listen now!

Cover Photo Credit: Tarsier Records

It's been a big week for choreography and creative Brian Puspos. He just released his latest track, "Celebrate" just in time to celebrate his own wedding to digital creator, Aja Dang in a beautiful beach view wedding. The pop track speaks on how excited he is to have the time of his life from now until forever. In a way, the track is to celebrate their love and the future they'll have together. Listen to the full track now!

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To also help celebrate with Brian and his new bride, Aja were a couple of familiar faces like his fellow Young Lion, Ian Eastwood and fellow creator Timothy Chantarangsu. It was so nice to see a reunion with these OGs and of course it wouldn't be a party without some insane dance choreography. Luckily for us, Timothy was able to share some of the shenanigans that went on behind the scenes. Cheers to the newly married couple and by the looks of it, they kept the celebration going all night long.

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After releasing the heartfelt track, "Happy You Stayed," SAB now has an official lyric video for fans to sing along to. The track, which is a thank-you note to the people who are still present in her life. The video was perfect timing as it released just as she went on tour in the US with the Star Magic gang just a few weeks ago.

SAB is grateful for the people in her life regardless of the different paths life has taken them. It's also a reminder for everyone that regardless of what you’re struggling with right now, SAB will be here to keep you company.

"I ended up writing Happy You Stayed for my best friends, basically saying everything I wanted to say to them. It was my way of saying that even if we’re having different experiences, I’m happy that they stayed and I’m really proud of everything they’re doing. It was saying if you’re struggling right now, just know that I’m also here to be here for you whenever."

The song was written at the same time as the title track for her first EP, Sunsets and Heaven. SAB was exploring college life as a freshman and realized how much she missed her friends. Not having your close friends by your side is a big change that impacted her new experience, but she knew her friends were still supporting her.

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As SAB explores herself as an artist and grows into her sound, she aims to release songs that highlight the indie, happy vibe that reflect her personality and character.

Cover Photo Credit: Tarsier Records

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