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Los Angeles' Universal CityWalk Hollywood is an open area plaza for Universal Studios Hollywood. CityWalk LA known for its shops, restaurants, and free shows is a great place to hang out. Different artists have taken the CityWalk stage to perform for fans and casual onlookers. James Reid recently posted that the collab project for Backhouse Ballin' with Fil-Canadian duo Manila Grey is featured on CityWalk. Watch our recent MYX interview with James Reid and Manila Grey below:

From the video, the Backhouse Ballin' music video is playing on the stage's jumbotron. He captions it with "We Out Heeere!" This is a huge step for Filipino artists crossing over globally as our music gains exposure. James and Manila Grey are geographically miles away, but their musical style draws them together.

More about Backhouse Ballin' Dannieboi has both James and Manila Grey on a MYXclusive. It's the first time we've had these artists together as the call in from different locations.

Although James and Manila Grey formally met in 2019, they've been on each other's music before then. The track is a couple years in the making with Manila Grey recording it in 2018 and James' verse added in 2020. Soliven from Manila Grey said "it's a blessing to do that [release music] again... Feels like we lost a year and we're just now playing catch up." James expresses he's also happy to be part of the project and have it help shake off last year.

We hope to see more collaborations between Manila Grey and James or even with Careless Music. James explains that Manila Grey is bringing their music to an international stage and took inspiration from that. It's what he also wants to do, help bring Filipino music to the forefront internationally. The natural camaraderie is set to bring more bangers and a new wave of Filipino music.

If you haven't heard Manila Grey's latest mixtape, you have to check it out! As Neeko said, it's not an official album, but the project that caps off the "No Saints" trilogy. No Saints On Knight Street is out now and features P-Lo, James Reid, and azel north. Check out below to see when you can hear Sometimes from the mixtape.

Cover Photo Credit: Manila Grey Facebook

The Fil-Canadian hip-hop and R&B duo Manila Grey is set to release their upcoming album, No Saints on Knights Street on March 26th. Before the album releases, Manila Grey drops a new single Backhouse Ballin' featuring James Reid.

Nico Blitz of MYX will host the MYX Global premiere of the record Thursday 3/11 & Friday 3/12 with a Twitch raid train featuring DJs from all over the world.

The duo produces songs with a night rider, lo-fi vibe. The music video gives a Tokyo Drift theme with a psychedelic feel that you'd want to cruise along with. James Reid's feature fits perfect with Manila Grey's style as his own R&B sound adds to the track. The artists have been supporting each other's work especially when Manila Grey performed in Manila on their last tour. We're excited to see them perform the track together in the future.

"Roll through the Island City with my tribe.
I got the real 1z with me ride or die"

James Reid on Backhouse Ballin'

Expect to hear tracks they've self-produced to original visuals for their upcoming album. With creative control over their music, Manila Grey are pulling all the stops. You can't make this up, they're definitely playing for keeps.

For another sneak peak of the album check out the visual to 00 Luck (Freestyle) that also released this week.

Manila Grey recently sat down with MYX Host Nico Blitz on The Lunch Table. The duo caught up before the MYX Global premiere. They chat about the upcoming album, having P-Lo feature on Zen Mode, working with James Reid on Backhouse Ballin', and their demo with Manila Killa. One of the things they mentioned was that all collaborations happened super organically.

Getting P-Lo on a track was cool because it was a Manila Grey tune with P-Lo adding his flavor instead adding the familiar Bay Area beat. As for Backhouse Ballin', the track was already produced but during their tour stop to Manila they caught up with James Reid. They asked if he would hop on the track and without hesitation, the Careless founder laid down his vocals.

The duo are particular with how they release their music. A track has to be "perfect" that everyone agrees on sound and what to release. With over a decade of friendships, their team has a right relationship and their core team puts each other in check. They talk about the "Mamba mentality" when it comes to their work ethic. They strive to always step up their game with their next release, their next visual or demo.

No Saints On Knight Street tracklist

1. Knight Street
2. In My Bag
3. Blue Vegeta
4. Zen Mode ft. P-Lo
5. 00 Luck (Freestyle)
6. Long Game (Neeko’s Redemption)
7. Shibuya Interlude ft. Renz Monclare
8. Shibuya ft. azel north
9. Deep Cut (Soliven’s Romance)
10. Sometimes
11. Backhouse Ballin’ ft. James Reid
12. No Mercy
13. Let’s All Get Along (LAGA)

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Cover Photo Credit: Manila Grey Facebook

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