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Before the start of Season 2 of He's Into Her, the series stars Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano who play Deib and Max get personal in these BTS videos. Want to know more and get personal with DonBelle? Here's your chance to know about their music tastes, favorite travel spot, go-to meals, and more.

Donny answers questions about his favorite foods, what motivates him, and the biggest risk he taken so far like entering showbiz. One fun fact, Donny likes the song, "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" and would make it the track to play every time he entered a room if he could and this shouldn't be a surprise but he'd love to live like a Jedi. Want to know what kind of friend he is, he's the type who's always down to eat, designated DJ, and planner...well sometimes. Donny would blend right in with our barkada (friend group).

Belle gets personal with answering questions about relationships like the qualities she looks for in a partner and turn-offs. One thing we find out is her love for food from baked sushi, popcorn, and coffee. Girl loves her food and we all can relate. What does Belle hope to accomplish? She wants to win an award for Best Actress one day and work on an international film. Belle is definitely on her way there! Find out more about here likes, dislikes, and quirks below!

He's Into Her Season 2 premieres on April 20 on iWantTFC for Premium users outside of the Philippines, April 22 in the Philippines and Indonesia. New episodes drop Wednesdays for international premium users or Fridays for users in Philippines and Indonesia.

Cover Photo Credit: He's Into Her Instagram

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