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Sin Santos has been making waves in Australia recently thanks to his versatility in his lyrical raps and vibey RnB music.  The Warner Philippines artist’s latest song, “Vibe With Me” has been enjoying success in Spotify editorial playlists,  Australian radio stations, and gaining recognition from other culture shifters in his residence. The rapper/singer, who originally moved from the Philippines, has proven to be one of the global names to look out for in 2022. We sat down with Sin Santos to discuss his sound, how living in Australia and the Philippines has influenced his music, his ideal Filipino collaborations, and more.

Q: First and foremost, let’s have those who are meeting you for the first time get to know you more through your music. Send us three clips, which can be anything from released songs, music videos, live show performances, interviews, etc. for our readers to get a glimpse of who Sin Santos is an artist.

Vibe With Me (Live Performance):

No Games (Live Performance):

Boxing Performance: (Second slide of IG Post)

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Q: Describe your sound in 3 words?

My sound ranges from melodic and chill to aggressive and lyrical rap, so this has always been a tough one for me to answer. If I were to choose 3 words, they would be: vibey, aggressive, hype.

Q: You have a very catchy and unique stage name. What is the inspiration behind Sin Santos?

I used to play Final Fantasy on PS2 growing up and in the game, there was a main boss named Sin. I thought that was dope! As for “Santos,” I was really just thinking of a name that would work well with Sin and Santos is a very common surname in the Philippines. Boom! I took it and ran with it.

Q: Here’s a two-part question. How does being Filipino influence your music and how does being Australian influence your music? 

In my opinion, it gives me an advantage. It's hard to explain. Sometimes I feel like I have lived two separate lives. Both have their own struggles and hardships but in different forms as well as times of happiness and joy. These are what I express through my music.

Q: You’ve been making waves in Australia recently. Your management team mentioned you’ve been getting a lot of love on airplay and on editorial playlists. Tagalog on an Australian radio station is super dope! What does it mean to you to represent Filipinos on a global scale? 

It means absolutely everything. I look at all of it now and it's simply just not enough. Vibe With Me is only the beginning. Phils to the World!

Q: Vibe With Me has some Tagalog in it. Is this something we can expect more of in your upcoming releases?

100%. In the very near future.

Q: Who are some global Filipino artists that you want to collaborate with?

I would love to have a track with Manila Grey. These dudes are fire. Ez Mil. Fire.

Q: What’s next for Sin Santos? What should we be on the lookout for?

More shows and more music. I am looking to put out two projects this year, as well as singles in between.

Q: Where can we follow you on social media? Any parting words for your new and existing fans?

I use Instagram the most: @sinsantos3rd! Hey guys! Thank you for having me. My name is Sin Santos. Check out my new single Vibe With Me, out now on all digital streaming platforms. Enjoy!

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