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BGYO had a fantastic debut year in 2021, thanks to all their training as the Star Hunt Academy Boys in 2018. If you haven't seen their documented journey alongside their sibling group BINI, we recommend checking it out. One Dream: The BINI-BGYO Journey can be binged here.

During their journey to becoming BGYO, the boys had a handful of performances, both dancing and or showcasing their vocals, and we've gathered some favorites below. Check out these Pre-Debut performances as the Star Hunt Academy Boys, and let us know your favorite performance by voting down below!

Happy Hallyu Day 4 I Star Hunt Academy Boy Trainees (BGYO)

BGYO Full Dance Performance at PhilKor Fest 2020 | (Trainee Days)

Star Hunt Academy Boys performs Tala | It's Showtime

Star Hunt Academy Boys performs on Asap Natin 'To stage | ASAP Natin 'To

Star Hunt Academy Trainees take on Sarah G’s hit songs! | ASAP Natin 'To

Star Hunt Academy Trainees set the dance floor on fire with their power moves | ASAP Natin 'To

BGYO Pre-Debut

BGYO is ready to hit the world by storm!

Formerly known as Star Hunt Academy Boys, the group is set to launch as a P-Pop group named BGYO.

Star Hunt Academy's official Twitter account posted a teaser of what appears to be the group's official logo with "012921" on its caption. We're definitely taking that as a hint!

The all-male group is composed of 5 members; JL, Gelo, Nate, Mikki, and Akira.

These boys mastered several K-Pop and Pinoy hits by adapting their own styles. To mention, their performance of Seventeen’s “Let Me Hear You Say” captured the interest of many.

Before their anticipated launch, BGYO went on a series of rigorous training under both Pinoy and Korean mentors and has garnered praises ever since.

The previously SHA Rookies also appeared on numerous ABS-CBN shows including ASAP Natin 'To and events such as KPopCONPH.

Know more about this group! Follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

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